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Dbol Trenbolone Cycle: Dosage for best cycle results, Advice for success

Some Vital Facts

There are many types of Trenbolone products on the market that can effectively be used during a period of muscle growth or dieting. You can either use Tren alone or do a tren dbol cycle to get the benefits both can offer you

There is Tren Acetate, Tren Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobencylcarnornate to choose from.

Trenbolone steroid has an amazing performance especially when used as a performance enhancer.

Dbol Trenbolone Cycle give better results than many other steroids available on the market.

Dianabol has been used by bodybuilding community for decades. It is suitable for both the experienced and the novice.

Most champions choose to combine the two steroids ( trenbolone dbol stack ) to get better results.

Dianabol is popular not because of its price but enhanced results in terms of mass gain and increased strength.


Experienced steroid users look at DBol as a first steroid experience that is easy to use.

A beginner can take for a period of 4-6 weeks at a dosage of 25mg – 40mg per day. It yields pleasing outcomes to novice users and has minimum side effects.

Pros and experienced users may require a higher dosage of between 60mg -70 mg per day for better results.

It should be noted that the dbol dose/result ratio may not be uniformly linear.

A more experienced user will stack it with an injectable base steroid such as nandrolone or Testosterone.

Sample Dianabol Dosage

Dianabol Cycle for a Beginner: Basically there’s no fast and hard rule about steroid cycle and dosage for a beginner.

But we recommend you start your Dianabol cycle with minimal dosage to test the waters; observe the results cum the reactions before going for higher dosage and length of cycle

  • 25mg 1-4 weeks. (Many beginners have successfully done higher daily dosage, up to 30-40mg daily for 6-8 weeks without untoward effects)

Dianabol Only Cycle for Intermediate

Side effects of Dianabol

  • It can lead to an increased liver stress due to an increased load. Besides, it can spike blood concentration and lead to a crash.
  • Has an excessive water retentive property thus not ideal for shedding fat,
  • Can result in to painful pumps,
  • Can lead acne, oily skin and body hair growth,
  • Can increases rate of male pattern baldness,
  • Can interact with enzymes aromatase hence result in estrogenic side effects.

Trenbolone Cycle

Many bodybuilders lobe buying trenbolone and it has remains a top rated steroid in terms of raw power and when combined with Dbol they carry with them extremely powerful characteristics.

Trenbolone was developed for the purpose of beefing livestock thus making it an ideal steroid for body builders and can be used either for bulking and cutting.

Tren cycle body fat burning characteristics makes the combination (dianabol Tren) of the two ideal for athletes.

When you combine the two, you will not just increase your strength but you will provide your body with the hardness and the strength it requires.

Trenbolone steroid has unique features. It is 500 times anabolic and 500 times androgenic. This makes it a powerful hormone whose effects are amazing.

As an androgenic steroid, Trenbolone increases the body’s ability to produce IGF1 thus its ability as a reservation.

It binds androgen receptors that promote fat loss and growth at the same time. Because of this, a common Trenbolone results is that it improves the cellular and repair a component that is key to growth and strength preservation.

It has been discovered that Trenbolone increases nutrients efficiency meaning that each nutrient ingested becomes more powerful.

Its worth and efficiency is increased thus, consuming 50g of protein while on Trenbolone cycle becomes more valuable than when you ingest 200g of protein when you are not on Trenbolone.

As a steroid that promotes growth, Trenbolone increases nitrogen retention in the muscles and enhances red blood cell production and mass.

These are the two most important qualities that promote growth and performance.

Another quality Tren results is that it reduces the flow of muscles and destroys hormones including cortisol. This is one of the traits that makes Trenbolone the most efficient and powerful anabolic androgenic steroid.

Benefits of using proper Trenbolone dosage

For most cycle, you get almost same benefits whether you take trenbolone acetate dosage or the more popular trenbolone enanthate dosage…

  • Strength and Size Gain

Among the most talked about benefit of using Trenbolone is the massive gain in strength and size. The compound does not aromatize water retention meaning that the gains will be 100% muscle tissues.

Also, trenbone increases the strength as the muscle tissues built. The strength gained will be more permanent compared to those gained using other types of steroids.

This is what makes it a powerful steroid and why many of the competitive bodybuilders and lifters buy trenbolone or often combine it with dbol cycle + test. It is essential in gaining and bulking.

Just as it is effective for bulking, Trens is perfect for cutting and leaning. Its ability to enhance and hold on mass weight makes it a good substitute to dieting which can result in losing vast amounts of tissue.

The anabolic and androgenic nature makes it a perfect steroid for preservation of tissue making it an important tool for promoting body fat reduction.

  • Hardening and Vascularity

If you are looking forward to hardening and vascularity, Trenbolone has the best features in this respect.

Its effect on appearance that gives the user a well toned physic is what can explain why it is preferred by body builders who use the steroid to create a dryer and a harder look.

The steroid increases vascularity and aids in massive buildup of red blood cell, a thing that increases ones physique and muscle development.

Trenbolone side effects

Just as it is with all steroids, Trenbolone has a number of side effects. It can be harsh to many individuals depending on their sensitivity and response.

Even though, there are plenty of people who have used Trenbolone for years without any problem where as there are those who are very sensitive and will go down as soon as they receive the first injection.

Other common side effects of tren include hair loss, high blood pressure and acne…

Luckily, side effects associated with other steroids such as bloat and water retention is nonexistent because Trens does not aromatase. People who are sensitive may experience Gynecomastia.

All men who supplement with Trenbolone will end up with shrunken testicles and may shut down ones natural production of semen.

Other peripheral side effects that are common include insomnia, rapid heart rate, anxiety and loss of libido.

To reduce or deal with some of these trenbolone side effects, it is recommended that you supplement it with other exogenous roids.

A good stack is test and test cycle which many are using with amazing success. Read about trenbolone alternative (TBAL75) promoting amazing muscle mass and lean physique

Trenbolone Cycle Doses:

As I’d previously stated above, Trenbolone cycle may be more suitable when stacked with testosterone.

I suggest you take for a period of 8-12 weeks depending on how their bodies respond.

Beginners can use a dosage of 50mg for 4-8 weeks. A dosage of 50 mg every other day is ideal for novice users while experienced and professional body builders can stuck up to 100mg every other day even though they can use it every day.

However, this is reserved for the end of contest prep cycle. It is also possible for the real professional to use a dosage of 100mg for 4-16 weeks every other day.

A pro can take a full dose in one sitting but this must be done 30 minutes before workouts. This method of dosing gives the user a sense of vigor and enhances his performance.

Post Cycle Therapy

It is important to have forethought and plan well before you start using any steroid stack.

This will help you to know how to adjust your body to the changes. Similarly, having post cycle knowledge can help a lot.

When one uses ingested protein while at the same time the body retains nitrogen for effective muscle mass, the process may increase the level of androgens in the body.

You must be prepared to deal with negative feedback cycle . An athlete who uses the steroid will have his pituitary gland stop generating and producing testosterone thus when the cycle ends, the pituitary gland will not understand the intake of androgens has been stopped and may delay to signal for internal production.

It may take a longer time for the pituitary glands to generate enough testosterone for the body’s survival.

This leads to a lag time that is extremely catabolic and makes the athlete to lose the gains made while using the steroids.

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