What is Dbol Pills?

Dbol pills (or Anabol) with the scientific name of Methandrostenolone, is one of the oldest and most favored anabolic steroids.

In the 1960s, it became popular in the United States with muscle builders and athletes starting to appreciate its uses.

Up till today, it remain one of the most effective and more widely used muscle-gaining enhancer.

Anabol and the bodybuilder

By its nature, Anabol works directly in men’s androgen receptors.

It balances the body’s calcium levels, prevents muscle weakening and degeneration, and its original use is still popular to this day.

In short, it really does what it claims…

It’s a regular cycle for many body builders, chiefly for its fast acting nutrients with lesser side effects to their bodies.

A lot of benefits a bodybuilder can get will be discussed below.

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Why is Dbol Pill Better Than Injections?

Dbol oral pill is said to be better than injections (other term: injectable steroids, liquid dianabol) because aside from the obvious fact that you do not have to inject fluid to your body, it also has greater and faster body building benefits.

Better Than Injection

It also gives no (or less – compared to injectable steroids) side effects to your body…

You just have to make sure that the pill’s intake is not abused.

Use carefully (follow the dosage)to achieve a better and successful muscle building. Remember: CAREFULLY.

The Dbol Cycle and Dosages For Men & Women

There is such a thing called “Dbol pill cycle” that bodybuilders or athletes can make use as their guide for taking the pill.

It goes through the liver and then to your body’s bloodstream.

For men:Dbol tabletis taken every day in a dosage of 25 mg up to 50 mg…

For Women: On the other hand, female users take 10 mg to 20 mg of dbol tablet per day.

It is said to be most effective if users take a minimum of 15 milligrams and a maximum of 40 milligrams each day .

Beginners Please Take Notice

Please take note that these dosages are not applicable to all, especially for the beginners…

.. for first time users, start with a low dosage (25 mg is okay) of pill intake. Observe what it does to your body, and then adjust accordingly.

Usually, most users see result from 2-3 weeks. But more improvements are visible after 8 to 12 weeks. Wait for the developments before increasing the dosage.

Keep in mind that the maximum increase of the pill intake is up to 50 milligrams only.

Take Precautions

The pill has less severe side effects (sometimes none at all) compared to other steroids just as long as the correct dosage is taken.

Like any medicine or supplement, when abused, it might lead to health problems such as liver malfunction.

Don’t take Dbol Tablet if…

The pill is not advisable for people who have a history of high blood pressure.

Do not use if you are under 18 years of age. (There are many lads below 18 who;re taking it successfully though!)

Also, do not drink alcohol when in the middle of dbol cycle. It might damage your body organs.

Remember that with the wrong intake of dianabol pill may lead to Gynecomastia (or breast enlargement in men), high blood pressure, and excess water retention.

Proper Dosage; Guarantee Success

However, you do not have to worry as long as you take Dianabol in the right amount.

Do not restrain yourself from taking Dbol because there are a lot of benefits you can get from taking them such as…

BENEFIT : Dbol Helps Protein Synthesis

Proteins are essential to your body’s muscles. These are the building blocks of the muscles. Dbol naturally helps the human body to produce more protein, known as protein synthesis, which in turn promotes fast muscle growth and strength.

Your body needs amino acids, too, which are organic compounds that form proteins.

There are amino acids that are produced by the body, but there are others that need to be taken as supplements…

Take a look at the figure below:

Amino Acids that the body produces Amino acids the body needs
Asparagine Valine
Proline Lysine
Tyrosine Methionine
Alanine Threonine
Cysteine Histidine
Glutamic Acid Tryptophan
Serine Phenylalanine
Aspartic Acid Isoleucine
Glycine Arginine

BENEFIT : Nitrogen Retention
Another benefit you can get from dbol pill is nitrogen retention. More nitrogen retained means greater anabolic activity.

This lets you stay in a healthy anabolic condition.

BENEFIT : Glycogenosis

Finally, Dianabol attracts a lot of the athletes and bodybuilders’ attention because of its third benefit: the Glycogenosis; or the process in which the body breaks down glycogen and turns it into glucose to meet the carbohydrate needs of the body.

Carbohydrate is known as the energy source of the body, which makes it significant to the whole process.

Introducing D-bal – Methandrotenolone Replica

Among the many Dbol brands available worldwide, one has actually the safest formula of them all: D-BAL (an alternative for Methandrostenolone.)

It imitates its effects (of Methandrostenolone) that made the retention of Nitrogen tissues increase with the same growth of protein synthesized – without the bad side effects!

D-BAL promotes fast results

It is safe and extremely effective. It’s known as legal anabolic dbol steroid.

It enhances the body’s performance and stamina rapidly.

Unique Dbal Dosage

A bottle contains 90 tablets good for 30 days, which you must take one tablet thrice a day after each meal (1 tablet is equivalent to 25 mg).

If you are on a workout regimen, take a pill 30 up to 45 minutes before stretching your body to workout. You should at least use it for 60-days (8 weeks) for the desired outcome to happen.

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You may purchase it from the official site: and then enjoymouth wateringcost saving discount…

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Remember that whatever product you are using, achieving a successful body buildup goes with self-discipline.

With the correct way of consuming your food, and with consistency in your gym workouts, you will soon find a “better you”.

Do not forget the right intake of dianabol pills, too, and success will surely follow!

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