Primobolan: How It Works, Benefits, and Side Effects

Primobolan was allegedly one of the steroids Arnold Schwarzenegger used to his greatest success as a bodybuilder. The steroid was also in the news when Alex Rodriguez, a third baseman for New York Yankees, tested positive for it in 2003. He was the Ameri

How to Use Primobolan Oral Steroid

PRIMOBOLAN Oral Steroid Active chemical substance: metanolon acetateCommercial denomination:Primobolan 5mg/pastillesPrimobolan S 25mg/pastillesPrimobolan (out of market) 50mg/ pastilles Many odybuilders feel the lack of injectable Primobolan that...


Primobolan is used as a cutting agents during cutting cycles and for contest prep in bodybuilding! Primobolan is popularly identified as the injectable version of...

Primobolan For Fat Loss

Primobolan is a unique steroid in the sense that some say this is one of the best they’ve ever used, even better than tren...

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