Steroids For Strength

This is a great question, especially for those athletes where muscle mass is not the key but either pure strength such as a strong man or when being as strong as humanly possible while staying in a certain weight class. Either way, we’ll discuss below the best Steroids for Strength.

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Let’s start off with one of the best steroids for building pure strength Anadrol

Anadrol is a great steroid if your goal is to build pure strength. On a high calorie diet a simple cycle of Testosterone and Anadrol will lead to some of the most rapid strength gains you can get. I’ve seen guys add over 130lbs on to their squat in just over 10 weeks! I’ve seen the bench press go up by 80lbs on some occasions as well!

The down side is you will put 1-2lbs of weight per DAY for the first 2-3 weeks with the anadrol. Now if you are a strong man or bodybuilder this is FANTASTIC and not a down side. However for Olympic lifters, power lifters, wrestlers, martial artists, or anyone having to stay in a certain weight class this is not ideal. So decide wisely.

Another one of the great Steroids for Strength is Anavar. Anavar unlike Anadrol does not add much weight gain. Don’t get me wrong it’s still capable of adding a nice amount of muscle on a high calorie diet I’ve seen 10lbs or so gained over the course of 10 weeks, but it’s also capable of burning fat. It’s ideal for wrestlers, martial artists, Bodybuilders, power lifters, Olympic lifters etc. Basically anyone wanting to stay LEAN and in a certain weight class while getting as strong as possible.

I love anavar and its ability to build strength. I’ve seen girls add 80lbs to their squat on this in 12 weeks, which is quite phenomenal. You can see why I’m such a BIG, BIG fan of this.

It is also great for increasing endurance and helping to heal with some old injuries you may have.

Overall I’m a huge farn of anavar and give it 10 out of 10

Then theres also good OLD testosterone.

The basic staple of almost any steroid cycle.

It is great for increasing strength, lowering body fat. It can be used on a cut or a bulk. It can be used to build or preserve strength. While a lot claim it will make you “huge,” this is only true, as if with all steroids, if you are in a calorie surplus. If you are in a calorie defect you will simply not gain any weight.

It’s great for strength, and increasing endurance, great for all athletes from power lifters to Olympic lifters to boxers.

Overall it’s a great steroid and should be used in almost all of your cycles!

Another great steroid for strength is of course Tren

Tren can build strength faster than anything on this list, including anadrol! Not only this, but it will melt the fat off you.

It’s common to see fat loss of up to 20lbs while muscle gains of 30lbs on this drug. A common stack of testosterone, anavar, and tren leads to some of the most dramatic strength results known to man and it is a great overall steroid

The down side? It can be harsh on your cardio vascular system. Meaning that while using it cardio will be almost impossible for a MMA athlete, martial artist, boxer, sprinter etc. to use this anabolic steroid so I warn you there.

Overall there’s so many different steroids for strength it’s hard to just pick one. What I’d do is take a good look at my goals what am I wanting to do. Do I just care about pure strength? Do I want to look good and be as big as strong as possible? Am I a competitive athlete that needs an edge in my weight class? You need to take all of these things under consideration before you use them. Once this is done you’ll be able to know which the best are for you and your own goals.

Until next time I hope you found this article helpful.

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