How to Use Primobolan Oral Steroid


Active chemical substance: metanolon acetate
Commercial denomination:
Primobolan 5mg/pastilles
Primobolan S 25mg/pastilles
Primobolan (out of market) 50mg/ pastilles

Many odybuilders feel the lack of injectable Primobolan that had 20mg metanolon acetate, dissolved in oil. The pills of 50mg there were withdrawn from the market, remaining only those with 5 and 25mg.

Primobolan is an anabolic product, almost clean with a very small androgenic effect, that has a relatively strong anabolic action, and Primobolan pills have limited actions when it comes to increasing the straightness and muscle. When taking the pill there is no fast increase in weight and also no considerable increase of straight.

This is one of the reasons why the Primobolan is used for a long period of time because this leads to a slow but quality increase of muscle, which is preserved for the most part after stopping using these pills. The active daily dose used by athletes is between 50-150mg, which is why the pill of 25m is more efficient than the one of 5mg.

In the pharmaceutical prospect of Primobolan produced by “Shering” it is mentioned: “In case it isn’t prescribed different, it will be taken like this: 2-3mg/day at a kg of the body”, that means that at a weight of 50 kg it will be taken 4-6pills/day. A bodybuilder with 100 kg should take 200-300mg/day. This means 8-12 pills of 25mg/ day. This kind of dose is high and although this example shows that it is necessary a big dose of oral acetate.

The acetate Primobolan pills have a great quantity of non-17-alfa alchilation substance that destroys the liver and so becomes inactive. This means that in the blood only small quantities of the active principle remain.

If it is used only these tips of a pill, this will lead to an increase of straight and muscle only for people that are at the beginning of steroid treatment and for women. The situation changes when Primobolan is combined with steroids that have a medium or strong androgenic action that doesn’t retain water.

Beginners in steroid treatment and those less developed get a good increase on straight and muscle without retaining water when taken 50-100mg Primobolan a day and 150mg injectable Winstrol/week. The advanced ones talk about quality increasing and decreasing of muscle when using 150mg Primobolan/day Winstrol Depot every 2 days and 76mg Parabolan/day.

Primobolan pills have a basic administration in the period of practice for the competitions, especially for women, because the acetate form doesn’t aromatize into estrogen and doesn’t retain the water in the organism. A special quality of Primobolan is the fact that is useful at burning grease.

Although much better it will be to use the chemical substance straight on the spot where it is needed, this way the substance gets in the blood by the skin. Using Primobolan directly on the skin is combined with dimethyl sulfate which is one of the fewest substances that pass totally through the skin and get to the organism.

Dan Duchaine called the “steroid guru” wrote in his book called Ask the Guru wrote: “My advice is to buy a felting and pistil, pound 4 Primobolan pills of 5 mg each, pour ¼-1/2 teaspoons of dimethylsulfoxide of 99%, mix until it is dissolved completely. Dissolved the composition with water until 55% mixture is dissolved (1:1- dimethylsulfoxide: water) then use this solution on the skin on places where the fat is hard to burn, or even when following a hard diet.

The steroid infiltrates into the skin and passes into the blood. The important thing is just to put the substance on the skin not to rub it. It is enough for one or two applications a day. “Another possibility to avoid the destruction of the Primobolan substance in the liver is to pound the pills and drink them with Vitamin E.

The composition-Vitamin E in oil gets into the blood like Andriol, which means that the absorption takes place immediately through the lymphatic system and the substance avoids the vane that leads to the liver. Because the pill of Primobolan doesn’t contain the 17-alfa but contains the 17-alfa-hydroxy group these are harmless for the liver. Therefore, there is no increase in bilirubin and alcaloidic phosphate, etc.

The product doesn’t create an adverse reaction visible because it doesn’t aromatize, doesn’t retain water, doesn’t contain the 17-afla and it is a weak androgen. Many times, the arterial pressure, liver characteristics, the level of cholesterol doesn’t pass the normal limits, this is why the Primobolan is used successfully both to women and athletes that are preoccupied with their health. Because Primobolan is a hydrotestosterone derived it can increase hair falling.

This masculinity phenomenon is extremely rare and the daily dose for women is 50-100mg/day. The advanced bodybuilders combine 75mg of Primobolan/day with 50mg of Winstrol/ week and 50mg Testosterone Propionate/week. On the Russian market, the Primobolan pills are present in two forms: 30 pills of 5mg/ pill (the medium price in Moscow is 25-30$) and Primobolan S 50 of 25mg/pill (110-120$).

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