Editorial Policy

The philosophy, character and information of news shared by JBH News have been shaped by the objective and editorial guidelines stated below. All the guidelines listed below have been reviewed and adopted by all our shareholders at JBH News. It comprises of the extensive rules that govern all the editorial content published in our media-based platform.

The policies consist of comprehensive as well as specific issues with regards to professional, administrative, operational along with the journalistic code of conduct. This includes the documentation and compilation with the concentrated focus on features, news, editorials as well as commentaries.

The policy stated below states the methods used by our team to review the content available at our website along with the proper use of specific tools. It also includes the distinguishable pattern for sponsored and advertising content in context with the editorial content. The editorial policy provided for reference below also includes the external influences on the website which includes financial aspects as well. It includes the policies with regards to establishing a contact with us related to an enquiry or posting a comment on the JBH News website.

About Editorial Policy

Reference to “JBH News” or “We” or “jbhnews.com” means JBH News, which includes any other company held by us (involves any subsidiary owned by us). The word “website” referred below means the website representing us on the internet platform which is jbhnews.com. We also have a section named “about us” which comprises all our motives and tasks where one can find the various methods to get in touch with us.

The following Editorial Policy is only applicable to jbhnews.com. Our company and representatives are only responsible for the editorials handled by us at our website. We cannot be held responsible for the methods of execution and operation by other website. So, it is advised to the readers to go through each website’s privacy policy after you exit our website.

Changes in Editorial Policy

In the course of time, the Editorial might see minor changes with regards to the policy which does not affect our prime goals designed to achieve via the policies listed by us. In any case that the policy is changed in a significant way that affects the manner with which we handle the editorials, we shall maintain a communication with the audience and users with regards to the change. Any minute change in the policy shall be duly notified to the users in a prompt manner.

Editorial Policy

JBH News and the team comprises of dedicated journalistic word artists that brings to you information that is relevant, accurate and balanced in a non-biased form. JBH News ensures a rigorous screening process to employ the best brains in the industry that shall be responsible for all the content based research, curation and maintenance of the same.

We understand the need to maintain a clear distinction between the independent content provided by us and the materials that have been sponsored or clearly stand as advertising. We also ensure that all our promotion and education related operations do not find any conjunction with the editorial perspective.

Our Information Sources

All the materials listed on JBH News that we provide to the readers are either our independent creations or curated with context to content provided by websites that have acceptable editorial policies for the process of jotting down editorial content. The content material we provide has either been written by our own staff or the freelance journalists who are provided with accurate commissions from our behalf for their contribution.

All the content present in our website is carefully studied and evaluated by the editors employed by our company. The content is also evaluated to ensure the same isn’t biased journalism with focus on the clear mention of related learning objectives. Any kind of third-party content for editorial includes sources such as NGOs, Government Agencies, Key Stakeholders as well as Universities that provide us with the trending information and news that come under the subject we cover as a team of journalists.

All the content at our website available for the readers undergoes careful scrutiny by our own editorial staff that ensures accuracy, completeness, and balance along with timeliness of the content by crosschecking the facts and figures with sources available outside our website. In certain cases when complete review isn’t a feasible option, we ensure the perfection of content with spot-checking along with past evaluation by the sources for information and any kind of editorial based procedures that has been used by our information provider.

Most of times, the content obtained by our team from others also undergoes thorough review by our editorial staff as well the ones present on the provider’s end. The same is also subjected to be reviewed by the independent authorities employed in field. Some sections of our websites are dedicated to the content provided by our conference organizers and corporate partners. We ensure that there is a clear mention with regards to these sections which is devoid of any kind of editorial process.

JBH News ensures regular content review to provide relevant content to the users. Any incorrect information like date, name or similar elements are updated or sent to archive for proper editing by the staff.

Linking with other sites

We dispense company logos and links that take the user to other websites via our website. However, it is to be noted that these links and logos do not suggest that JBH News or team approves the website or even recommends the users to check through the website or use its services if required. If there are cases where we make recommendations, we clearly mention the fact that we are in connection with owner of the relevant link or logo present in our website.

We have designed our website with an aim to make it clear that as you leave for another website through our won, we do not hold any relevance with the other party’s editorial policy, advertising, terms and conditions of use or privacy policy. We shall not be responsible for any glitch in the same.

Outside Influence and Financial Information

Presently, JBH News, like any other information based site on the WWW (World Wide Web) Platform, relies on the sponsorship and advertising which includes native advertising, banner advertising, sponsored posts and video advertising. With regards to the sponsorships as well as other finance based relationships, the principles observed by JBH News have been listed below, which include:

  • All our sponsored contents are well separated from non-sponsored ones.
  • We might extract revenues from third party sources with regards to advertising that has been sponsored by companies and organizations different from ours on the JBH News website. This includes commissions on any kind of consumer purchase, advertising revenues, along with the relevant fees for any use of links listed in our website by our users.
  • We follow strict rules with regards to recommendations. Any link or logo that hasn’t been specified by us as a recommendation, the user is to understand that the same doesn’t constitute our recommendations.
  • For any content that has been generated via research and uploaded at our website comes with a clear disclosure with regards to the author and relevant source material followed by date and last update. In cases that our content carries information derived from case studies, we clearly mention the identity of the author along with the ones that hold substantial position in the curation of the writing, assessing or preparation of the content material.
  • Any author who contribute to our content must fill a form for “Conflict of Interest” that requires full disclosure from the author’s part with regards to any kind of financial interest along with affiliations that might influence or have visible appearance of impact on the content provided by the authors. If any conflict is noticed by us that might have significant hold over our website’s content, then we would require a public disclosure from the author’s behalf with regards to all the influenced content on JBH News. The same is required to be practiced by the members who are a part of our diverse editorial boards.


JBH News welcomes any kind of questions, comments as well as complaints with regards to our editorial policy or website content. You can contact us with all your queries and issues by sending us an email to our official email address provided below.