Sustanon Cycle for Muscle Building, Lean Mass & Amazing Strength

A Sustanon cycle can take different forms, but which ones do you take?

If you’re a first time user, there’s no need to be confused, as this guide will cover all the basics as well as the advanced cycles so you can progress in a natural manner.

But first let us examine the reasons why it is crucial for bodybuilding, and then we’re going to take an in-depth look at the cycles and dosages.

Why Sustanon is Important for Bodybuilding

Whether it’s a deca and Sustanon cycle, a dbol Sustanon cycle or something different, there is no question that Sustanon offers a lot of benefits.

The most important of these are putting on mass and gaining muscles, and it’s also effective for cutting and burning fat.

Overall this is one of the most effective ways to boost strength, muscles and performance, not to mention boost recovery.

Another reason why Sustanon is preferred by a lot of fitness buffs is you can use it standalone or in combination with a wide range of anabolic steroids.

Using incompatible steroids can cause all kinds of complications, so if you want results without issues, Sustanon is a good choice.

Sustanon Cycle for Beginner

Sustanon cycle results are effective even for beginners, and the ideal way to progress is by increasing the amount by 250 mg for each new cycle.

The increase should only be performed if there is a need, i.e. you’re not getting the results you want and have not felt any side effects.

With regards to the length, start with 10 weeks and go for 12 or 16 weeks in the advanced cycles.

A Sustanon cycle stack is not recommended at this point, and instead it is better to go with 250 mg a week.

This is a very low dose and unlikely to cause any side effects. However you are not likely to feel any of the major benefits mentioned, but that’s all right because at this point your only concern is to make sure your body can adapt to the formula.

It is tempting for a beginner to want to try multiple stacks; the more powerful steroids you use, the greater the effects.

However, using multiple compounds can take its toll on your body especially if you’re not used to these.

500 mg/week is what we may call the intermediate level and should suit most users.

At this point you can be confident your body can handle this Sustanon, and 500 mg is just the right amount to experience the benefits.

A 10 week cycle will produce good results and result in changes that you can see and feel, and this is also a good time to think about stacking (more on this later), though Sustanon works fine on its own.

Just like with the newbie cycle, there is no need to take the dosage any higher unless there is a pressing need for it.

Most fitness buffs will be happy with the 500 mg and the results, but if you’re after maximum performance and physical gains, then consider the following.

This table display highly recommended Testosterone boosters and stacks designed to burn fat, retain lean muscle, build big body and strength.


  • Burn Fat,
  • Gain Lean Mass
  • Cutting & Bulking,
  • Al round Bodybuilding
    Take for 2-3 mth


  • Reduce Fat,
  • Retain Lean Mass
  • Amazing Strength
  • Improve Libido
    Take for 2-5 months

Bulking Stack

  • More Crazy Gains
  • More Pumps
  • Bigger Muscles Mass
    -Strength through the roof
    Take for 30-60 days (or more)

Cutting Stack

  • More Crazy Gains
  • Gain Competition LEAN Physique
  • Shred Bodyfat
    Take for 30-60 days (or more)

Sustanon Cycle for Pro

A winstrol and Sustanon cycle can produce good results similar to the stack cycles discussed in the next section, but for now we will focus on the solo Sustanon advanced cycle.

The lowest dosage for the advanced level is 750 mg/week. There is currently an ongoing debate as to which should be the optimum level, 500 mg or 750 mg.

At 750 mg you’re going to notice the improvements much more quickly, and that is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer it.

The only possible drawback with the 750 mg dose is the side effects, but if you use an aromatase inhibitor the side effects will be minimized.

At the high end of the dosage would be 1000 mg or 2000 mg. This dosage can be taken during your first cycle but only if you’re a bodybuilder who knows the potential effects.

The only reason to take this amount over the 750 mg level is to really bulk up and gain mass and strength.

If that is your goal, make certain the cycle does not exceed 16 weeks and there is a sufficient length of time for your off season.

Now we come to the 2000 mg a week dosage, and while there are weightlifters that are known to take this much, there is usually no need for this unless you’ve been taking 1000 mg for a while now and no longer seeing any improvements.

No matter the dosage level and the cycle length, the ideal injection is still two or three days a week, increasing the dosage as is necessary.

Best Stack with Sustanon and Results

The versatility of Sustanon means it’s compatible with a wide range of anabolic steroids and supplements that can enhance your performance.

Here are a couple of examples, both of which are 12 week cycles for intermediate and advanced users:

  • 500mg/week Sustanon
  • 400mg/week Nandrolone Decanoate or Deca Durabolin
  • 25mg/day dianabol (to be taken only during the first four weeks)

This cycle can be classified as normal or intermediate, but it’s very effective as the test, dbol and deca combo is well-known and used throughout the bodybuilding world.

There are some who suggest that this is mild enough for beginners, but as we have noted earlier, it is better to commence with Sustanon only.

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Sustanon and Trenbolone

  • 100 to 200 mg a week Sustanon
  • 600 mg a week Trenbolone

This is another well-known cycle and shows how Sustanon and trenbolone can work together.

One of the things you will notice in this cycle is the low Sustanon dosage, only 100 mg per week.

While that is extremely low, it is compensated for by the presence of tren: in this particular cycle, Sustanon acts as a supporter or complement of trenbolone and will still deliver the results you are looking for.

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid and not meant for beginners: only include this in your cycle if you’ve reached the intermediate or advanced level.

Even if you are at the advanced level, it’s still a good idea to keep the Sustanon dose at TRT levels so you don’t have to worry about aromatization.

Assuming your cycle uses the dosage as given above, estrogen levels won’t go up too much even if you do not use an aromatase inhibitor.

This also means you no longer have to be concerned about common side effects like man boobs and water retention.

It also helps that tren does not lead to estrogen aromatization unlike other anabolic steroids.

Another advantage of the Sustanon and tren combination is they are flexible enough to be used in different cycles such as cutting or bulking.

One of the major issues with other stacks is they can only be used in a cutting or bulking cycle: you need to come up with another combination if you want to bulk or cut up.

However with Sustanon and tren you can use it for both cycles.

A tren and Sustanon cycle can be a potent combination, but as the information above shows, there are other stacks you can use, and even as a standalone supplement, Sustanon is as powerful as they come.

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