Friday, May 7, 2021

Best Steroids Cycle? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Stack!

We decided the best steroid cycle should be the one used by the greatest bodybuilder of all time – Arnold Schwarzenegger. This steroid stack is the best combination for tree-trunk arms and a tiny waist, which the “Austrian Oak” will forever be admired for.

Arnold has discussed steroids briefly several times, one being during the filming of Pumping Iron. We know for a fact that Arnold took D-Bol and Primoblan for many years. Rick Drasin, a fellow bodybuilder publicly revealed in an interview that Arnold used D-Bol and Primo together, which he believed helped him win Mr Olympia. He later hails the combination as “superb” and admits that Arnold even gave it to him to cycle.

Arnold was also believed to use Deca Durabolin alongside D-Bol and Primoblan. We’ll call these trio of steroids “Arnold’s magic mix”.

Arnold’s Steroid Cycle

Here’s a picture of Arnold before steroids, compared to when on D-Bol, Deca and Primoblan. This is proof of just how powerful “Arnold’s magic mix” can be when combined with years of hard work in the gym, and a smart nutritional approach.

Dianabol (D-Bol)

D-Bol is a favourite steroid for many bodybuilders. This is largely due to the rapid gains in strength and size when cycling on this powerful testosterone-derived compound. To get huge like Arnold D-Bol is a must-have steroid.

Deca Durabolin

The best part about Deca is its nitrogen retention ability. Nitrogen retention is a massive factor in determining how much muscle mass you will gain. This’ll allow your body to utilize a lot more protein for the muscle building process. Deca is a nice steroid. It comes with minimal side effects and delivers great results.

The Best Steroid Stack to Look Like Arnold…


Deca Durabolin





This Stack Will Build an Arnold-Like Physique

Bodybuilders of today believe Arnold would have most likely incorporated Clenbuterol, Anadrol, Trenbolone and Testosterone (as well as deca and dbol) into his cycles; if bodybuilders had these steroids and the scientifical knowledge of today.

Clen would have been used for its exceptional ability to burn fat stores (during a cut), likely to have given Arnold even greater muscle definition.

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