Will Brink’s “Bodybuilding Revealed” Book Review

Will Brink and friends have created a powerful tool for people with their sights set on gaining muscle mass. It is without question the most complete look at intelligent bodybuilding training presented anywhere. In a market dominated by short, “fluff-filled” ebooks, Brink responds with a 632-page ebook that is fluff-free. If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for an intelligent muscle gain strategy, a member’s area is easily the best online resource for learning bodybuilding available.

No one is more qualified to provide you with on-target bodybuilding advice than Will Brink. He is well-respected in all corners of the bodybuilding world, from pro bodybuilders down to weekend warriors. But what really makes Will such an asset to those of us pursuing physique-changing goals is his ability to communicate what he knows. It is one thing to be a smart guy, it is completely another thing to be able to quickly and effectively communicate what you know to those who need to know it.

Will has an incredible ability to take the complicated and confusing aspects of bodybuilding, correctly sort the good from the bad and then simplify that into understandable and usable language. With his help, those of us without nutrition degrees and who haven’t spent the last 25 years in the gym along with all our spare time examining trade journals can make smart training decisions just like we had. This is an extremely well-written and organized program. From motivation and goal-setting to tracking to keeping organized, from dieting to supplementing to training, it is complete in every sense of the word.

Muscle Building Diet Section

This program isn’t a regurgitation of stale information. It isn’t the RDA and it doesn’t just present an “x grams of protein per pound of bodyweight” formula and call it a nutrition plan. Instead, Bodybuilding Revealed is a COMPLETE look at how to fuel your body for the maximum amount of muscle gain. The unique value that Will presents is that he looks at the relevant research, studies, and known nutrition facts and then evaluates them from the perspective of the bodybuilder.

This section teaches you how to optimize your body’s anabolic environment. You are taught the roles of macro-nutrients in the muscle-building process and how they affect your metabolism. You learn where the food goes after you eat it and what it does within the body. You learn how much and what you need to eat to give your body the best opportunity to gain the quality lean body mass you desire. Here Will provides you the option of using complicated (but maybe more accurate) formulas or simpler, less calculator-intense formulas. In the member’s area, you will find a diet planner that will do the work for you.

Of particular note is Will’s food pyramid for bodybuilders and athletes. He takes some well-deserved shots at the USDA’s standard pyramid and comes up with a brand new pyramid based on some more logical thinking. This is a “must-see” for all active people. Will does take you deep into the complex world of nutrition, getting into the particulars of things such as the Glycemic Index and the thermic effect of food. But don’t get scared, Will isn’t going to leave you lost in a maze of scientific terms and fuzzy concepts. He will bring you around and he will leave you with a much greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of nutrition.

Ask any veteran weight lifter when they start seeing their best results and more time than not you are going to hear a similar story: it was when they started understanding and appreciating just what a major impact proper nutrition could have on their muscle-building efforts. Will gets you to this level quickly, to a level where your diet will start positively impacting your program rather than hindering its progress. He leaves nothing to chance, providing guides on shopping, cooking, eating out, and more.

Bodybuilding Supplements Section

This is a real gem. An amazing resource. Absolutely amazing. Sometimes you see marketing hype like, “What the supplement companies don’t want you to know!” Most of the time, statements like that are just hype. But in this case, the information in Will’s supplement section really is EXACTLY what the supplement companies don’t want you to know. Because once you know it, you won’t ever again play the sucker for their misrepresentations. If everyone had a copy of Will’s supplement reviews, you’d see the majority of bodybuilding supplements disappear from store shelves overnight.

Will Brink mixes up the recipe for muscle gain in Bodybuilding Revealed. Will takes every supplement that is being sold today as an aid to muscle building, from arginine to ZMA, and tells you the unbiased truth about them. He tells you what that supplement does and what it doesn’t do. He looks at how that supplement is being marketed and the legitimacy of the claims being made.

Here’s a hint: Many worthless supplements stick around because the supplement companies trumpet studies whose results have since been disproved, studies that simply aren’t credible and/or myths, and just plain bad nutrition theory.

Will tells you about the misrepresentations. He exposes the less than ethical ways some supplement companies use to try and make you think their products are more than they really are. He quickly turns you into an educated consumer. He also gives credit where credit is due, identifying those supplements which can in fact help you build more muscle. And he not only identifies them, he tells you how to best use them. The instructions that come on the container labels aren’t always the best source of information.

Again, it bears repeating, Will’s supplement section is an AMAZING resource. And if you have questions about specific brand-name supplements, you can simply venture into the forums and ask about that new supplement that has caught your eye. Do that in most forums and you’ll get a mix of idiots offering advice on what they don’t understand. Do it in the Bodybuilding Revealed forums and you’ll quickly get either Will himself or one of his highly qualified moderators breaking down the ingredients and giving you an accurate appraisal of that supplement’s true ability to help you towards your goals. How cool is that?

Mass Gaining Training Section

Will starts his extensive mass gain training information by providing you with a quick beginner’s guide. He takes you through the relevant research on the subject and then the principles that absolutely must be present for effective training. From progressive resistance to detailed record keeping, he aims you straight for significant and immediate gains. Some sample starter routines are provided based on 3 and 4-day splits. Exercise descriptions and tips are provided, supplemented by videos demonstrating the correct form back in the member’s area.

The above will give the beginner a solid start but Will isn’t even close to being done with you yet. He also details an interesting advanced approach to training for mass gain, which he terms “Brink’s Hybrid Training System.” And although traditional cardio can hinder mass gain, Will takes you through interval-training techniques which may just be able to help with your gain goals.

Charles Polyquin of Bodybuilding Revealed

Further down in the ebook, Will gives way to Charles Polyquin in a bonus section called “Individualization of Mass Gaining Programs.” With a well-earned reputation based on the results he’s helped world-class athletes attain, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-qualified trainer to help mold your training program. Charles takes great care throughout his training section to explain the need to tailor your training to your body type.

He provides many tips and tests to help you determine what will likely work best for you. He emphasizes the importance of tracking what you are doing and using your training log to make appropriate adjustments. Charles takes you through his 21 principles for mass gain. Follow each and every one of these principles religiously and you are eating the recipe for major mass gain. Charles effectively explains these principles and carefully guides you to the design of a routine that will get your muscles growing.

After Charles arms you with some advanced sample routines, Dr. Evan R. Peck appears with bonus in-depth training reports on what might be characterized as three of the more pressing problems that the experienced trainer faces: overcoming plateaus, dealing with muscle soreness, and dealing with injuries. These are excellent reports that cover what you need to know to best avoid (if possible) or deal with these training annoyances. All in all, the training material provided can take a pure beginner from first rep to an advanced state in the shortest amount of time possible. Good stuff.

Notable Bonus

There is an impressive array of bonus training reports mentioned above… But the main bonus is a spectacular bonus It is the member’s area consisting of forums and other tools. THIS IS AN AMAZING PLACE. There simply isn’t a better place on the web to get accurate answers to all your bodybuilding questions. The forums are tightly monitored so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of ignorants typing out B.S. answers just to fill a void in their lives.

There is great value in being able to ask some obscure nutrition questions that may only be relevant to you and having Will Brink himself give you an answer. It’s a little more reliable than relying on your gym’s resident “know-it-all.” There is an “Ask the Gurus” section with a pretty impressive lineup of bodybuilding and fitness experts: Charles Staley, John Berardi and Tom Venuto just to name a few. If you can’t take something of value from these people and use it to increase your results, then you’re probably busy fielding posing requests from world-famous sculptors.

In addition, there are exercise instruction videos, a diet planner, sample diets, more sample routines, printable workouts, progress charts, and more. The member’s area is truly well put together and a great resource. Again, it’s rare when you see the marketing hype of “this bonus alone is worth the purchase price” that you actually find such a claim to be accurate. And again, in Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed’s case, it just may be.

If I Had to Complain

Putting forth a complete sample plan, adding a suggested route line to what is an excellent map, an optional “do this now and that then without deviation” approach would be a valuable addition to Bodybuilding Revealed. It is this sort of approach which often works best to get the beginner going strong right from day one.

That said, if you put forth some effort, you have all the tools to come up with a personalized mass gain program that will be a better fit for you than any sample programs you come across. My concern is for those eager beginners who won’t put forth this effort, who will skip past important points and end up running around in circles. It is very easy to make a wrong turn right out of the gate and waste time and confidence.


For the reasons mentioned above, I tend to think this program is best suited for intermediate and advanced trainers. Or a patient beginner. Learning all Brink, Polyquin and others can teach is definitely a feather in your cap, but you don’t necessarily need to become a bodybuilding expert in order to gain significant mass. However, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, this is definitely the champion information source for all bodybuilding information. I can’t remember a week going by when I didn’t refer to some lesson learned from Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed. It is that good.

From nutrition to supplements to training, all the pieces are there for you. If you’re looking to quickly turn a so-so diet into a muscle-building masterpiece, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking to spend less at the supplement store but get better results, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for training advice to get you to that next level, you won’t be disappointed. Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed is a resource that all bodybuilders would be blessed to have in their corner. You will find yourself regularly using all the tools and information you get in this package to consistently move your body towards ever-increasing heights.

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