What is Your Body Type: Ectomorph, Endomorph, or Mesomorph

Although you may not know it, if you find yourself carrying more body fat than other people, and are convinced that you find it more difficult to gain muscle than other individuals, you could very well be correct, which would be due in part to your genetics. Contrary to popular belief, every single body is not the same as the last, as some people are indeed genetically predisposed to gain weight easier than others, just as others may find it easier to lose weight than others. All of this basically comes down to your body type.

Most people probably didn’t realize that they had a specific body type, but by the time they’ve finished reading this piece, they’ll most certainly realize it and will be able to easily identify which type as well. There are basically three types of body type, and they are Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. Here we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at all three types, looking at the characteristics of each, exactly what they are, how individuals with each body type should be trained, and much more besides. So, let’s get started.

Ectomorphs Body Type

This next body type takes us from one end of the spectrum to the other, in the form of ectomorphs. Basically, when it comes to ectomorphs, think of the exact mirror opposite of endomorphs and you’re pretty much there. While endomorphs are typically short, broad, and likely to carry a lot of body fat, ectomorphs tend to be tall, skinny, and likely to carry virtually no muscle at all.

Whereas endomorphs gain weight quite easily, the biggest struggle for an ectomorph is gaining weight of any form at all. They’re light in build and have small joints with very lean muscles. They tend to have very narrow shoulders with little width to them. The main reason why ectos tend to struggle to gain weight is the fact that they have naturally faster metabolisms than average, which, whilst great for keeping body fat under control, is far from ideal when trying to bulk up and build some quality muscle mass.

To gain weight, ectomorphs require a vast amount of calories, not to mention a combination of the right nutrition and training. Ideally, ectomorphs should ensure they eat regularly throughout the day and consume food right before bed to help prevent muscle catabolism. Protein and mass-gaining supplements could prove useful. Biological and physical traits of ectomorphs include:

  • Being tall and skinny
  • Narrow limbs and joints
  • Very lean muscle mass
  • Difficulty gaining weight of any form
  • A fast-burning metabolism
  • Skinny
  • A little abdominal fat on the lower abdomen
  • A flat chest
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Narrow wrists
  • Long legs

Endomorph Body Type

Individuals with an endomorph body type are known as endomorphs and if body fat is a problem for you, there’s a good chance that you yourself are an endomorph. Endomorphs struggle to lose body fat and generally find it much easier to gain it than lose it. Endomorphs have thick and blocky bodies and tend to be shorter than average with especially thick thighs and arms.

The good news is that their muscles are considered stronger than average, and when it comes to certain exercises, especially those which recruit the leg muscles, endomorphs find themselves much stronger than the average individual. As far as physique goals go, endomorphs do tend to gain weight relatively easily, and whilst a good percentage of the weight gained does come in the form of muscle, unfortunately, it also comes in the form of body fat as well.

To help keep body fat at bay, as well as weight training, endomorphs should also do plenty of cardio and aerobic exercise. They should also watch their diet and try to consume plenty of fresh and healthy ingredients. Typical physical and biological traits of endomorphs include:

  • Poor muscular definition
  • A slower than average metabolism
  • Difficulty in losing body fat
  • Thick and blocky body
  • Finding it relatively easy to gain muscle
  • Finding it easy to gain body fat
  • A typical “short and stocky build”
  • Broad shoulders
  • Thick legs, especially the thighs
  • A wide waist

Mesomorph Body Type

Last up we have Mesomorphs, and if you yourself are a mesomorph, you most certainly got the best deal in the genetics department. Mesomorphs have naturally muscular and athletic frames that are much larger than average. For bodybuilding, and in general, having a mesomorph body type is considered very popular. Mesomorphs find it relatively easy to build muscle and burn body fat, they’re naturally stronger than average and have the perfect foundation for building a lean, muscular, and powerful body.

The only real downside is that they do tend to gain fat easier than ectomorphs, but the good news is that they also build muscle much easier, and as they have naturally high metabolisms, the fat can be burned off pretty easily as well. Typical physical and biological traits and characteristics of mesomorphs include:

  • Building muscle relatively easy
  • Burning fat easily
  • Fast-burning metabolism
  • Naturally stronger
  • Big and athletic build
  • A narrow waist
  • More muscle mass than average
  • Decent muscle definition
  • Broad shoulders
  • A good V-taper (narrow waist, wide upper back)
  • Naturally athletic
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