How to Build Leg Muscle Fast

So you want to know how to build leg muscle fast, huh? You want to build as much muscle as humanly possible on those skinny little legs in as quick a time as possible. Well, great! The legs are one of the easiest muscle groups to build muscle for if you work hard and train hard of course! Below I’m going to explain in full detail how to build leg muscle fast and why you should do it.

First off, no one likes chicken legs, do they? The amount of times I’ve seen a guy with a semi-decent to decent upper body on the beach showing off girls have looked complimented but then gone “wow look at his legs” I’ve heard robin legs, chicken legs, sparrow legs, and even freak due to the legs looking so out of proportion.

How to build leg muscle fast

The first thing we need to do is squat and yes squat heavy.

A good squat program, if you are just starting, is a simple 5×5 twice per week, however, if you already have decent legs and are wanting more size there are a few I do one is 5×10 or 10×5 to really punish myself and build some muscle mass.

Why do I list squats so high on my list of how to build leg muscle fast? Well, it’s easy! No other exercise works, activates, or recruits as many muscle fibers as the squat, the squat also works more muscles than any other exercise leading to a bigger hormonal response it doesn’t matter if you are on anabolic steroids or natural either way you will BUILD muscle fast by doing the squat! Not to mention the squat also transfers over to sports very easily.

The next exercise is the deadlift, too many people forget how powerful an exercise the deadlift is for building large big muscles, but the deadlift is one of the best exercises around for doing so. 1 it prevents injury by keeping hamstrings, glutes, and quads all inclined with guys who do heavy squats.

The deadlift like the squat recruits and activates a hell of a lot of muscle fibers, it is also one of the best muscle builders you can get by far the superior exercise to most out there and I am a huge fan of deadlifts. Oh, and despite all the positives for the legs, it can build one of the biggest backs in the world! I won’t go any further on this since it’s an article about legs but if you want a big back, you need a big deadlift.

Other exercises of note, are at the end of a session if you have access to the leg press feel free to blast 2 sets of 25 reps out after a heavy squatting session will get you far

A few other exercises worth noting are:

  • The single-leg squat
  • The sumo deadlift
  • Stiff leg deadlift

All of these are great exercises for how to build leg muscle fast.

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