How to Build Muscle Fast at Home

So you want to know how to build muscle fast at home, do you? You want to add large slabs of muscle mass and look sexy, you know you need to train the legs because guys and girls love big sexy legs, but the problem is! You don’t know how to build muscle mass at home.

So below I’m going to give you a list of exercises you can use to build muscle fast at home. Alright? Alright! Let’s go!

Build muscle fast at home

First off, we have push-ups, an extremely basic exercise, but it works, there are so many versions of these but I’m assuming by now you can blast out 20 or so push-ups with ease, hence why you are looking for other exercises sweat.

Do you have a bunch of books you can stack? Stack 3 large books on top of each other and do full push-ups all the way till your chest touches the floor between them this will make the exercise much harder, it activates and recruits more muscle fibers which of course leads to adding MUCH more strength!

But this isn’t the only way to do it, are you using close grip push-ups to build your triceps? If you are and can master 15, try the same thing as above, go down as far as you can between chairs, and really work those tricep muscles!

You’ll be surprised at exactly how strong you are capable of getting and how good and sexy you can look. I also hate guys who just go UP DOWN, it’s a 3 second eccentric (the down period), and as fast as you can explode upwards making sure you are keeping the muscles under tension and building a great physique! Finally, there are also the “shoulder push-ups” in where you put your hands directly in front of you and begin doing shoulder push ups to force more muscle mass.

Other great exercises include the single-leg squat, this is a great way of training your lower body! And building muscle mass extremely fast, obviously, there are plenty more exercises out there but if training at home a single leg squat is a great way to build some sexy legs on a guy or a girl!

Another great exercise to include is the dip between chairs, you can even add extra weight! Too many people don’t think about this but filling a backpack with just bottles of water or heavy books and putting it onto you while you do this lift will make it much harder and allow you to progress in weight along with reps and sets!

Finally! You can do the same on your push-ups, add a backpack and wear it while doing the push-ups as I told you above!

Another great exercise to build muscle fast at home is to get if you can purchase it, it is one of those attachments for your doors, some of these are brilliant, a little attachment that has a wide grip pull-up bar, a normal pull-up bar, and a DIP, if you can’t get the dip one don’t worry but if possible pay the extra for it, it is much more effective and it allows us to do DIPS and focus on the chest triceps. Pull-ups to build a big large and huge back along with chin-ups! Not bad, eh?

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