Training At Home: Yes, You Can Do It (and do it well!)

Training at home – This is something I commonly hear. “You can’t train at home and get big” I’ve often found this to be quite silly and downright stupid. There are multiple ways of getting bigger, larger, and more muscular at home, along with burning fat.

Take for example, my home. I have a double garage. Inside is a full squat stand, several Olympic bars, over 2000lbs of weights, a bench press, a pull up machine, a dip station, a treadmill, an exercise bike, 2 punch bags, and numerous other boxing and Martial Arts equipment. I also have quite a few other bits of equipment for cardio, mobility, and other assisted exercises. The excellent part about it is that I paid less than a grand for all of this (I highly recommend home gyms to anyone who can afford it, it’s much better than training in the gym, and a good investment in the long run. Physically and financially.)

But here’s the thing: You don’t have much money? So what!? I’m going to tell you how to do weight training at home with some basic equipment! In fact, I will do a full run through on how to maximize your training at home with body weight exercises alone. Below you will find two routines with recommended products and supplements you can take, along with 2 great training routines.

The first one we’ll discuss is training with minimal equipment. I.E. basic dumbbell and barbell. (I don’t expect Olympic weights for this for obvious reasons. I expect the cheap ones that you can buy anywhere)

Let’s talk goals. What is your primary goal? Is it A.) Fat loss or B.) Building muscle? If you want to “tone up” per say, look at the one which suits you the most. Skinny arms and a bit of a belly? Try building muscle! Big belly, chubby arms, or love-handles? Do the fat loss regime.

First we’ll discuss the muscle building aspect.

It’s time to get bigger!

Supplements certainly worth taking notice of:

I highly recommend Dianabol. As it is debatable on “is a Dianabol only cycle worth it”, personally, I do believe you should always add Testosterone Enanthate to it. However, I have seen Dianabol only cycles give good results– Not fantastic results… But if you want 10/12lbs of muscle gains, it is beneficial. For a lot of people that will do. This is why it’s recommended.

I recommend if you purchase Dianabol Buy Dianabol Here, you do so straight away. Start the routine while you are waiting for it to arrive, but you want to have it IN, I’d do the first 3 months or so without it. Then after 3 months I’d start the Dianabol. But as I said, I’d order it now– The last thing you want to do is order it at the last push-up and not have it there on time.

Another supplement I HIGHLY recommend is Testosterone Enthanate. If you aren’t afraid of injecting and want some serious results, definitely add this one. Gains of up to 20/30lbs are realistically possible. Along with incredible strength gains (Purchase Testosterone Enanthate.) Again, I’d start this 3 months into the routine. You want to milk as much as you can naturally, then add the supplements, steroids, etc., whatever you want to call it, to continue improving.

A lot of people will say “wait 2 to 4 years before anabolic steroid use.” But, these routines aren’t geared towards someone who wants to be the next Arnold or competitive bodybuilder. It is for someone who wants to look and feel sexy, who wants a nice amount of muscle, and to show off those 6 pack abs that all the ladies love (As can be viewed here, read How To Get Six Pack Abs )
Alright, let’s get on to the routine and how to preform the exercises. I’m going to assume your diet and nutrition is in check. If not, please help yourself to a look at some of our articles on training and nutrition.
The routine is as follows: For the first 4 weeks you are going to do a 10X10 program. You will do TWO exercises per session. Trust me, this is demanding on your body parts. Please do not change them, and also follow these to the core.

There is a reason I’ve picked these exercises. In short, it’s to activate as many muscle fibres as possible to lead to the most weight loss and muscle being built. Add that, along with the steroids you’ll be taking after the first 3 months, and you will see a complete transformation after 6 months.

For the first 3 months expect to see and hear compliments about how you’ve lost weight, gained muscle, look better, etc. Expect to look better than your friends. The last 3 months when you add the steroids; expect to be the center of attention and change your life (for the better!) I’d be surprised if you even recognize the new, stronger , sexier, confident, you.

Without further ado, here is the routine:

Day 1 Shoulders and biceps

Military press. You can use either dumbbells or a barbell for this excercise.

First, we start with the shoulders. We are going to do a basic military press, or dumbbell press. Whichever you prefer and whichever equipment you have. (I.e. if you only have dumbbells, do dumbbells. If you only have a barbell, do military press.
You will do 10 reps, and I mean real reps. No forced reps, no push pressing. 10 good form reps.
After the ten reps, you will drop the bar down, walk over to your timer (stopwatch, IPhone, IPod, pick your poison) and add 1 minute to the timer.

During this time, get water down yourself and more importantly: Prep yourself. Prepare to lift some big weights. Push yourself. Remember. This is your time. This is your time to make yourself LARGER, bigger, and more muscular than ever before! Get rid of that horrible belly fat and put on some lean mass.

After the minute is up, grab the bar and once again, hit out another ten reps. You will continue this all the way through the routine, until you’ve done 10 sets of 10.
(If you end up dropping to 9 reps or even 8, that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t go any lower, or you need to lower the weight.)
Now, let’s look what you’ve just done. After the 10th set, you’ve just done 100 reps. That’s right! 100 reps in 10 minutes, or so!
Impressive, isn’t it? If you do 100 reps, how can your body do anything but grow and get bigger? How can it not burn extra fat for energy?

If you are like many and lack energy, be sure to purchase some Clen. Purchase Clen Here

Not only does it have amazing energy effects, it’s also a great fat burner! (It’s not unrealistic to see fat loss of up to 15lbs in only a couple of weeks!)

Now, after the first part is done, you have the second part of your session. It’s time for some bicep work.

Bicep Curl. You can use either dumbbells or a barbell for this excercise.

You have the option of dumbbell bicep curl, in which case you’ll do 1 hand at a time, or you can do hammer curls if you have the equipment/capability. Just a barbell? Once again, do barbell curls.

You’ll do the exact same formula: GOOD technique, don’t worry about the weight. Worry about hitting the biceps. Once again, we’re not aiming to create the next Arnold or the next John Cena. It’s about making you as muscular, and lean as possible. When you are out on the town and getting compliments, do you think the girl cares about how much you curl… Or is it how good you look with or without that shirt?

Blast out another 10 sets of 10, and you’ve done it!

You completed the first session! I’ll bet that was a lot harder than you thought it would be, no?
But at the same time, I bet you’re surprised at how well it went. The pump you got, I’m sure, is the best you’ve ever had.

These are exciting times, as due to the amount of volume, you’ll see fabulous results, and by the time it slows down? You purchase what I’ve recommended above and BOOM! You’ll see the best results of your life, and reach your goals.

As this routine will last you a solid 6 months, this blog will be part of series. This is Part 1 of the Series. Part 2 will focus on Day 2 and how to hit the Chest and Back, and will also contain cycles for Dianabol and Testosterone.

Now, the aforementioned routine is mainly focused on muscle gain. What if your primary goal is to burn fat? Well, this is the part that gets exciting for you.
Products needed: Winstrol – Oral, or injectable it’s up to you.
Clen is also needed.

Once again, I stress the importance of the products above. Clen will allow you to drop an extra 15-20lbs with ease. It’s especially needed if you are stuck needing to lose that really annoying, stubborn belly fat. Clen will get rid of it. Winstrol?

Winstrol will tone up those arms, build up some nice muscle… Around 10lbs, or so. Winstrol will give you that V taper with the 6 pack abs you want, and also you will get the hardening effect that all girls and guys love.

Now, on with the routine!

You are going to focus on three exercises, and you are going to limit yourself to a 30 second break! I know 30 seconds sounds short and exasperating, but trust me, if the results are worth it, will you be crying then?

Before you start, it’s important to note: You will do 5 minutes of star jumps at the beginning of every session to get you into the fat burning zone. If 5 minutes is too much, feel free to pause your timer, get your breath back, then put the timer back on and finish the 5 minutes.

For day 1- You will do floor press. (For those of you who don’t know, floor press is a basic press off the floor, similar to the bench press, however you do not need a bench to do it. This exercise is loved by power lifters, and anyone with big triceps alike!

Lunges can be done with a barbell or dumbbells, which ever you have or prefer.

For your second exercise you will be doing lunges. You will either hold the dumbbells in your hands, or if you are using a barbell you’ll put it behind your neck. Side note: You can also do reverse lunges if you prefer, as either can be done with a dumbbell or barbell.

Bent over rows, can be done with a barbell or dumbbells.

For your final exercise? None other than bent over rows! Again, you can use a dumbbell or barbell, your choice!

So your routine will look like this
Floor press – 15 reps
30 second break
Lunges – 15 reps (15 with each leg!) 30 total
30 second break
Bent over rows – 15 reps
30 seconds break.

You will repeat this for a total of 6. (Yes, 6. Seems taxing but it’s over faster than you know, as long as you stick to your breaks, which I must stress the importance of. Remember the faster you preform your sets, the faster you’ll burn fat.) You will then end this with another 5 minutes of star jumps. Like I said before, if you need a break during any of this, pause your timer and then restart it. As long as you finish 5 minutes of star jumps , that’s fine.
This will be a very challenging routine, but you will see nothing short of fabulous results. Expect to see a lot of fat loss and even muscle gain with this routine.
Like I said in the top half, this blog will be a series, so Day 2 of this routine will be posted in the next blog.

Again, I VERY highly suggest that you purchase the following to get great results from these routines.

Winstrol (Tablet or Injectable)
Testosterone Enanthate

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