Muaythai: the Ups and Downs

Due to its success in MMA, muaythai is becoming more and more popular and is being picked as a “sport” of choice, or at least being picked for its stand-up ability. Fortunately when I competed and began learning Muaythai I had already got 6 months boxing training under my wing. I would commonly break into a muaythai fighter, and punch him with the hardest punches possible and win. I was told I needed to work my “feet” better, which was funny, as in my other training, I was told how “dangerous” my feet were.

My instructor once came with me to watch me perform at another school. He saw me doing tons of Thai kicks to the head, and spinning sidekicks. He asked me why I never used it in his school and I explained. My boxing training allows me to hammer your guys so much that I don’t use the kicks, they are ineffective.

A lot of the guys here come from points karate backgrounds, or tae kwon do, and while they are fast a good strong heavy thai kick is enough to floor them down and prevent them. My point is while muaythai is fantastic for its kicks and teaches some GOOD punches, the punching in boxing is far superior, every martial arts has it’s up and down and there is no real “best style”.

Boxing has been around for many years dating back to ancient Greek times where it was first seen as a formal sport and this was when a set of rules were designed and tournaments were staged. Boxing was first recognized as a sport round about 688 BC and really evolved in Europe. Boxing is known around the world and many countries have their own fighting sport which is set around boxing but may be named differently and have different rules and regulations. There are numerous different styles of boxing practiced around the world such as French boxing in France, or in Burma with Burmese boxing and in Thailand with Thai boxing.

Inside the ring there exists nowhere to conceal from your Thai boxer. The 2 fighters are heading towards each other and hardly ever go again a step. In Thai boxing, it is about courage, recognition, and going ahead, not backward. From the very first spherical of tests the two combatants apart of. For an outsider, it seems as though they do not definitely desire to start, but in fact, these are attempting to go through the other’s movements and attacks.

Inside the second spherical increases the tempo a little, some tough kicks for the physique may be heard all the way through the auditorium as well as the crowd begins to come up along with the unanimous chanting for that favorite. Then explore it all from the third spherical, both equally fighters clincher and send every little thing they’ve of brutal knee and elbow strikes against one another. The audience is now completely up and operating, bet put and settled by state-of-the-art hand signals sent from your third class, behind the fence to bookmakers 20 meters further down. In spherical five it truly is all settled. A knee on the belly complete of an elbow for the experience sends fighter from blue corner within the floor.

I am a big fan of thai boxing, or Muaythai, or whatever you wish to call it, it is an extremely effective sport and I love it. Thankfully it transfers over well to real-life situations which are extremely important to me, I don’t care anymore about winning championships. I care about it being able to cripple and prevent anyone from attacking me outside, I focus entirely on real life self defence situations as I feel these are important, and muaythai has a lot to offer.

The reason I started it off with my story on boxing was to prove despite me talking about it a lot and enjoying it, it still has its weaknesses as do ALL martial arts and fighting styles.

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