Testosterone Beginner’s Guide: Tips for Your First Testosterone Enanthate Cycle

First Cycle Test E

It doesn’t matter if this is your very first cycle or if you are an experienced bodybuilder. If it is administered correctly, you’ll feel the benefits. Test Enanthate when taken correctly will help you build and maintain muscle mass faster than ever before. We will be covering the basics of using Test Enanthate to get maximum results with minimal time.

What Is Testosterone Enanthate, and What Are Its Benefits?

Testosterone Enanthate can be used as an injectable drug steroid in medical hormone substitute therapy (TRT), or for muscle-building. It is commonly used by bodybuilders to assist in the bulking or cutting phase of their training. It is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes for this reason. However, some men may use it as Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It can either be prescribed as injections, gels, patches, or both.

These are typically men over 35 who have had pituitary dysfunction or lower testosterone levels as a result of aging. They find it difficult to produce natural testosterone in the same way that they did before. However, improper use can cause serious side effects. It is crucial that you are fully informed before jumping on this train.

Testosterone Enanthate Benefits

Boost libido. Get more confidence in your appearance. There are additional benefits to Test E. They provide excellent effects on increasing red blood cells, nitrogen retention (which can cause muscle catabolism), protein synthesis, and stress hormones (which may lead to the loss of muscle).

It’s great at increasing IGF-1 levels, which are very anabolic. These and other benefits are what give you incredible results with Test E. Testosterone Enanthate offers a number of benefits. Also, it can be used for multiple purposes (e.g., for bulking or cutting). There are many other versatile steroids, but Test Enanthate tends to be the one that men first turn to.

It makes a huge difference how much you consume each week and what your stack is with it. Enanthate can only be effective if your diet, exercise routine, and weight loss are well-managed. Your sexual health and confidence levels will both improve dramatically.

First Cycle for Beginners

A 12-week plan is sufficient to give an overview of Test E’s effects for a beginner. This would be 200mg-500mg twice a week. This dose will allow beginners to have a better understanding of the side effects.

8-Week Testing Cycle

A week of injections can be made with the following weekly amounts. After eight weeks it’s time for you to start your post-cycle medicine. Take 50mgs Clomid for three complete months.

10-Week Test cycle

Each week, inject 2x10ml Cypionate/Estee for 10 weeks. Intermediate test cycles allow you to step up to a higher level. In most cases, that means adding Test now and other steroids. Here is an example stack for 10 weeks.

  • Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg for 10 weeks.
  • Dianabol 25 mg. per week for Weeks 1-6.

This will provide a powerful boost to your bulking, strength, and endurance levels. You’ll feel like you are working almost instantly.

12-Week Enanthate/Dianabol/Deca Cycle

  • Dianabol (DBOL), 25mg. per week for weeks 1-4.
  • Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg each week for 12 weeks.
  • Deca-Durabolin 400mg for 12 weeks.

15-Week Enanthate/Dianabol/Deca Cycle

To have the best chance of success you will need 3x10ml (525mg/ml) Testosterone Enanthate or even Cypionate. Also, Dianabol tabs in total 100x10mg (202x5mg) with Deca-Durabolin bottles of 3x10ml (101.5mg/ml).

After you’ve completed your ten weeks of injections and are satisfied with the results, you can start PCT a few days after your last injection. Clomid may take place at 100mgs. Take 50mg once a day for 10 days. You can take Clomid once a day for 10 days.

Advanced Test E (12 weeks)

  • Dianabol 40mg for weeks 1-6. Take 2 doses.
  • Test E 250mg per week.

Once your 10 weeks of injections are complete, you can begin PCT days following your last injection. Clomid may take place at 100mgs. Take 50mg once a day for 10 days. You can take Clomid once a day for 10 days.

Use of Test Enanthate for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced Doses

Test Enanthate for beginners should be administered from 100 to 200mg per day. Test Enanthate can be administered once a week as it is slow-chain testosterone. Intermediate users should take Test Enanthate daily at doses from mg to 1,000 mg. Advanced users may need weekly injections totaling 700 to 1,000 mg.

Dosage of Female Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate cannot be used in women. This is due it lacks the Ester added Testosterone Propionate Cypionate. It allows for reduced virilization side effects in female users. Women who take this drug will experience severe virilization. They may experience clitoral enlargement, body baldness, deeper vocal cords, and more muscle mass.

Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Cycle

Testosterone Enanthate is not without its side effects, just like any other anabolic drug steroid. These side effects are not uncommon and should be expected. But, when used responsibly (i.e. You can avoid side effects by cycling responsibly and following the correct protocols. This will allow you to minimize or even eliminate any side effects that may occur during your cycle.

These side effects include acne, hair fall, anger, hypertension, high blood sugar (high BP), and rage. These are just some side effects of Testosterone Enanthate.  Testosterone’s natural production means that side effects can only occur when it is taken in higher amounts. This is most often done for the purpose of bodybuilding or athletic performance. It is obvious that any action to increase a hormone above the level your body naturally produces will cause a response.

Keep in mind that as testosterone levels rise, estrogen levels also increase. Testosterone Enanthate can be used by beginners in their first cycle. However, stacking it will make it difficult to discern which side effects are coming with which steroid. High blood pressure is a more serious side effect that results from higher water retention. Water retention, an estrogenic side effect, is a common one. The greater your testosterone dose, the more estrogenic side effects you will experience (such as water retention). This is a great example of something you should remember when deciding how many weekly doses you should give.

You can lose as much of your gains if the water retention is too high. This will cause you to lose your gains more quickly once the cycle has ended. It is vital to control your estrogen levels. This will result in better long-term results as well as better overall health. Test E, which is a more irritating option than Test Cypionate, has been linked to some injection-site irritation. It is likely that certain people are more sensitive to injections than others.

How Much Test E Is Injected to Build Muscles?

400mg. A good place to start is 400mg. This will allow you to see some positive effects without going too far. Or you could try lower doses of 125 mg. at various times over the weeks to see if it has any positive effects.

Does Testosterone E Cause Gynecomastia?

Yes. All testosterone esters are aromatized. Aromatization can be described as the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This means your body will experience an increase in estrogen levels. This can result in water retention or Gyno. You can avoid this problem by using an “anti-e” drug following your cycles. One of the most commonly used is an Aromatase Inhibitor(AI) or an SEM. AI’s have been widely regarded as the best to use in Test Enanthate cycles.

How Long Does Testosterone Enanthate Need to Kick in Before It Starts Working?

It depends on who you are. The effects will be noticeable within 3 to 6 weeks of eating a healthy diet and training regularly.

Is Testosterone Enanthate a Danger to the Liver?

No, even in extremely high doses. Studies showed that testosterone did not cause liver stress. Many side effects are dose-related. For instance, acne or hair loss can occur more often when you take higher levels of testosterone.

What Is the Effect of Testosterone Enanthate on Your Body? 

Testosterone enanthate’s many benefits can be found in its ability to maintain normal levels of red cells (making oxygen more efficiently through your body). This allows bones to grow and muscles to grow while also controlling mood swings.

Does Testosterone E Cause Hair Loss?

Testosterone Enanthate, one of the most popular anabolic-androgenic medications for the symptomatic treatment of male hypogonadism, has been extensively examined. Test Enanthate, a compound with a higher level of orogenic activity, is more likely to have androgenic properties.

Test E may result in decreased hair growth for patients who are treated. You should keep in mind that Test E will only be effective in cases where there is a genetic predisposition to hair fall. The majority of anabolic steroids can cause hair loss. You may be interested in the nonsteroidal anabolic antiandrogens if you have concerns about hair loss.

Can Testosterone Enanthate Also Be Injected Once Weekly?

Yes. Testosterone Enanthate can be injected once per week.

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Enanthate?

At your local pharmacy, you can find real and genuine Testosterone Enanthate.

How Much Testosterone Do I Need to Build Muscle?

Testosterone enanthates benefits include its ability to help maintain normal blood levels (making oxygen travel better through your body), bone strength, muscle growth, weight control, and relief from issues like mood swings/low sex drive related to aging.

First Cycle Test: Side Effects?

Testosterone Enanthate is not without its side effects, just as any other anabolic drug steroid. These side effects are expected as it is with all injectable steroids. Side effects can be avoided if taken with care (i.e. you cycle properly). This allows you to minimize, if not eliminate, any side effects that may occur during your cycling.

How Long Does Testosterone Enanthate Take Before It Kicks in?

It all depends on the person. The effects will be noticeable within 3 to 6 weeks of regular training and good nutrition.

Is Testosterone Enanthate a Liver Toxic?

Testosterone enanthate’s many benefits can be found in its ability to maintain normal levels of red cells (making oxygen more efficiently through your body), keeping bones strong, muscle growth controlled, and weight control while also providing relief from issues like mood swings (lower estrogen) or low sex driving associated with aging.

Can Testosterone Enanthate Cause Hair Loss?

The prescription drug testosterone enanthate is the most frequently used anabolic androgenic drug to treat hypogonadism. It has been thoroughly studied. Test Emay was shown to decrease hair growth in patients, although the results were not related to therapeutic levels. Hair loss is almost always associated to men who have been predisposed to hair loss.


Testosterone Enanthate – This powerful anabolic stimulant can help you to gain muscle mass, improve athletic performance, and recover from injury. You should not take it at too high of a dosage. This can lead to increased aggression. This article aims to provide information on how you can get the most out of testosterone while avoiding side effects.

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