8 Spring Vegetable Bowls for a Healthy Week

When spring comes, everything comes to life. For us, it is also a time to celebrate and enjoy seasonal vegetables. The food-in-a-bowl revolution has redefined the way we eat and now it is time for you to try out and enjoy spring veggie bowls. These can be easily prepared and will allow you to savor an incredible array of flavors. Are you ready to start cooking? Let’s get to it!

1 Super Food Buddha Bowl with Mint Pesto

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • cooked quinoa (1/2 cup),
  • peas (200g),
  • radishes (10, sliced),
  • avocado (1/2, sliced),
  • cucumber (1/2, chopped),
  • spring onion (1, sliced),
  • turnip (1, grated),
  • sprouts (2 handfuls),
  • salt and pepper (to taste).

For the mint pesto, these are the ingredients:

  • mint leaves (5 sprigs, chopped),
  • garlic clove (1),
  • lemon juice (1 tbsp.),
  • almonds (10, chopped),
  • coarse salt (1 pinch),
  • pepper (to taste),
  • olive oil (4 tbsp.).

Add all of the ingredients into two bowls, then prepare the mint pesto and add it to the bowls as well. This is an easy meal to prepare and include in a healthy diet plan.

2 Spring Roll Bowl

This delicious spring bowl is easy to prepare, requiring the following ingredients:

  • vermicelli noodles (1 ½ cups, cooked),
  • carrots (1/2 cup, shredded),
  • red pepper (1, sliced),
  • Napa cabbage (2 cups, shredded),
  • cucumber (1/2, sliced),
  • cilantro (1/4 cup),
  • mint (1/4 cup),
  • basil (1/4 cup),
  • peanuts (1/2 cup),
  • green onions (4, sliced).

For the peanut sauce, you will require:

  • fresh ginger (2 tsp., grated),
  • garlic clove (1, minced),
  • rice vinegar (3 tbsp.),
  • peanut butter (1/4 cup),
  • lime juice (1 lime),
  • water (2 tbsp.),
  • agave (1 tsp.).

Combine all the ingredients into a large bowl, then transfer them into two bowls. Prepare the peanut sauce and add it to the bowls. Serve and enjoy!

3 Spring Gratitude Bowl

For anyone interested in health and fitness, this bowl is an absolute must. These are the ingredients:

  • romaine lettuce (1 ½ heads, chopped),
  • green lentils (1/2 cup),
  • millet (1/2 cup),
  • asparagus (1 bunch),
  • bay leaf (1),
  • hemp seeds (1 tbsp.),
  • radishes (2-3),
  • ghee,
  • sea salt and pepper (to taste).

You will also have to cook chestnut mushrooms, using thyme, rapeseed oil, sea salt and pepper. You can also add croutons into the bowl and prepare a honey/maple mustard dressing (olive oil, Dijon mustard, raw honey/maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, sea salt). Add everything into a bowl, then garnish it with mushrooms, croutons and dressing.

4 Quinoa Bowl with Quick-Pickled Veggies and Humus

If you are looking for a yummy meal, consider this quinoa bowl. These are the ingredients necessary:

  • quinoa (2 cups, cooked),
  • carrots (2, shredded),
  • beetroot (1, shredded),
  • apple cider vinegar (5 tbsp.),
  • unrefined raw sugar (2 tsp.),
  • sesame oil (few drops),
  • fennel bulb (1, shaved),
  • parsley (1 handful, chopped),
  • cilantro (1 handful, chopped),
  • butter (to taste),
  • garlic clove (1, chopped),
  • asparagus (1 bunch),
  • hummus (to serve).

You can also prepare a delicious herbed yogurt dressing:

  • plain natural yogurt (1/2 cup),
  • parsley (1 handful, chopped),
  • cilantro (1 handful, chopped),
  • lemon zest (1/2 lemon),
  • lemon juice (to taste),
  • olive oil (to taste).

Add the dressing, serve and enjoy!

5 Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

This strawberry smoothie bowl represents the perfect choice for breakfast. These are the ingredients you will require:

  • frozen strawberries (2 cups),
  • raw cashews (1/4 cup),
  • chia seeds (1 tbsp.),
  • dates (4, pitted),
  • almond milk (1 cup, unsweetened),
  • shredded flake coconuts (toasted, to taste),
  • cacao nibs (to taste).

Use a blender to mix the frozen strawberries with cashews, chia seeds and pitted dates. Add almond milk to the blender and process everything until you obtain the desired consistency. Garnish the smoothie bowl with chia seeds, coconut flakes and cacao nibs. Serve and enjoy!

6 Spring Pea Salad

The spring pea salad is delicious to taste, requiring the following ingredients:

  • lettuce (3-4 cups),
  • cucumbers (3-4, sliced),
  • avocado (2, cubed),
  • radishes (2-3, sliced),
  • fresh peas (1 cup, blanched),
  • feta (1, cubes),
  • salt and pepper (to taste).

Prepare the basil vinaigrette by mixing fresh basil leaves, olive oil and vinegar with the help of a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients into two serving bowls, then pour the dressing over the salad. Serve and enjoy!

7 Wild Rice Bowl with Asparagus and Snap Peas

The wild rice bowl with asparagus and snap peas represents an excellent choice for lunch. These are the ingredients you will require:

  • wild rice (1 cup, uncooked),
  • snap peas (1 cup),
  • asparagus (1/2 bunch),
  • wild ramps (1 bunch),
  • almonds (1/2 cup, slivered),
  • butter (2 tbsp., divided),
  • salt and pepper (to taste).

Cook the wild rice, then set aside. Chop the asparagus and sauté it in a pan. Cook the snap peas with butter as well. Add the rest of the ingredients into the pan, toss to combine and serve into bowls. Enjoy!

8 Chia Seed Yogurt Pudding

This breakfast bowl is full of color and flavors, allowing you to enjoying a satisfying meal. For the pudding you will need:

  • plain yogurt (1/4 cup),
  • chia seeds (2 tbsp.),
  • whole milk (3/4 cup).

You can also prepare champagne roasted rhubarb to add to the bowl, using:

  • rhubarb (1 pound),
  • granulated sugar (1/2 cup),
  • champagne (1/4 cup),
  • vanilla bean (1).

When you serve the pudding, adding the roasted rhubarb, sliced kumquats and pistachios. Enjoy!

These are 8 delicious spring bowls to try out in your own kitchen. Have fun while preparing them and make sure to try new combinations as well. These bowls are meant to bring your inner health nut, as they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

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