Does John Cena Use Steroids?

We have John Cena Bodybuilding. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked this question or seen things on the forum such as “How does John Cena have such big arms” or John Cena Bodybuilding or “I wish I looked like John Cena” or my favorite one yet “JOHN CENA IS SEXY I WANT TO LOOK SEXY TOO!!!”

But whatever you say we need to look at things logically. Do you have the dedication John Cena has? No matter what we say about this guy he trains his ass off on a daily basis, and works extremely hard. Love him or hate him, he is one of the hardest working guys in the WWE today: Fact.

When you look at John Cena Bodybuilding what is the first thing we see? Is it his incredibly large triceps? And arms? Yes, it is. John Cena has good biceps, but he has AMAZING, INCREDIBLE TRICEPS.

John Cena is known for being very American except for one thing, where most American guys focus their efforts on the bench press, John Cena ignores the bench press. He focuses instead on CLOSE GRIP bench presses to really work his triceps, he believes in close-grip bench presses and of course, heavy weighted tricep dips to build a very good and muscular body this is something he does often and is the reason his huge arms look so good.

Remember, the triceps are 70% of your arm muscle, so if he has LARGE triceps, even if he just has “good” biceps he will look fantastic, and yes, he does.

Does John Cena use steroids?

In my opinion, yes, he does 100%. Of course, when discussing John Cena Bodybuilding it’s important to remember not only is he a fantastic wrestler and bodybuilder, he genuinely loves bodybuilding it is his other “passion” it is the other goal he loves being strong and loves to train in the gym, he trains very old fashion, IE no fancy stupid equipment, he just lifts big heavy and hard and I love this about him the way he trains is very similar to how I do in this sense and how I wish many other people would train. No bull shitting about, no acting stupid, nothing sill just pure hard work and lifting heavy.

Yes, I do believe he’s taken steroids. Despite this, you need to remember there is only so much you can do naturally, and to get a body as good as this is you do need to train 100% all out even if you are on steroids it will NOT be easy for you. Think of his schedule, he has to pre-plan all his meals, take them with him there is NOTHING easy about the life of a WWE superstar.

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