How to Get a Body Like a WWE SuperStar Ryback

We’ve done plenty of articles on WWE Superstars in the past and I decided to do one more and who better than WWE Superstar, Ryback? Perhaps I should call this article “Get your fill of Ryback” or perhaps I should “feed you more” on Ryback? Alright, lame jokes over (and yes, they were extremely lame, but fortunately not as bad as some of the lame PG jokes currently made on WWE television).

He’s one of the most talented guys around right now and as a wrestling fan who watches it often, I really believe in him. My main worry is that the WWE will “mess him up,” which would be a crime given his mass amount of talents. Sure he’s not the best on the mic but by allowing him to build up his talking time slowly it will improve dramatically. in fact giving him a good manager would sort this problem out EASILY.

Anyway I’ll discuss further on why I decided to do an article on Ryback. Let’s look at his body. He has one of the most impressive physiques in the WWE right now, and what impresses me the most is not the fact that he’s as big as he is, but more so that he has the strength to go with it. But he’s not got power lifting strength he’s got “power.” He could easily perform in American football to a high level or rugby.

Unlike many guys who are just big or just strong he actually has a lot of athletic ability which gives him the unique attributes of being able to wrestle and perform to a high level with multiple opponents.

Yes, he can fight CM Punk and throw him across the room or give him the meat hook. Hell, he can even shoulder barge him down and it looks good. But what about if he fights someone bigger like Mark Henry (the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world) or the Big Show– Guys over 400lbs, in fact close to 500lbs.

This is where you see his true skill. Yes, he can lift them up and still throw them about, BUT he’s also capable of jumping off the top rope or running with flying shoulder barges, or doing suplexes. Not to mention the intensity he brings to the ring when he performs. This guy really does have it all and I wish him the best of look in his career.

Now comes the question: Does Ryback use steroids? In my honest opinion, obviously, he does. Not only is the guy huge, athletic, ridiculously strong, but he also loves to eat. Yes, he’s known for eating and I don’t mean eating just a little bit. Al Snow told a funny story about Ryan Reeves AKA Ryback.

He claimed the then trainee wrestler went out with them during his time on Tough Enough, he had a 5-course meal (Despite the fact he’d had his main training meals less than an hour before.) After the 5 course meal he finished some of the other wrestler’s meals, including deserts. Once making his way back to the bus they were traveling on together Al Snow asked him what he had in his hand. His reply? “Protein bars.” He was still hungry. In fact, he said he’d commonly eat 6 to 8 large meals a day and could eat another 6 to 10 protein bars throughout the day.

Get an idea on how much he’s eating now? He made a joke once saying he tried to count calories and saw them go over 8000 and even 11000! Yes… Insane, I know. So do you really doubt he’s not using steroids just to keep the fat gain off? I certainly don’t.

But the question you should be asking is “What kind of anabolic steroids Ryback use?”

Testosterone enthanate: This one is his base and he’d do 24 week cycles with it running at around 1gram to 1.5 per week. This would be used to build up strength and muscle mass dramatically and allowing more creatine, protein, and carbs into the muscles.

Deca (Deca Test stack): This one is obvious one of the best bulkers on the planet taken just below his test dose. I.E., if he does 1 gram of test he’d do 900mg of this weekly. While this doesn’t build dramatic strength, it will give a lot of muscle mass and allow those calories to go to of course increasing his muscle size rather than waist size. This also explains his “Bloated” look around the stomach. he’d run this for 22 weeks.

Tren: One of the best cutters and bulkers on the planet. it’s ability to “melt the fat” off you, as some like to say, even on an unclean diet is still quite amazing. He’d use this one for 8 weeks in total. One of my athletes used this and put on 35lbs of muscle mass at the same time he LOST 25lbs of fat.

Now with his huge eating habits, you can understand why he’d use tren, no? Exactly!

Dianabol: He’d use this for the first 6 weeks of his cycle to give him a dramatic increase in size and strength in very quick succession.

HGH: The reason for using this? The dramatic fat loss that can occur on it and size gains, Add that in with its ability to allow you to recover MUCH faster and you can see he’d be such a big fan of using this.

IGF-1: is another drug if he timed this right with HGH and the other steroids he’s using, it’s no wonder he’s as big and strong as he is and I’m almost certain this will be in his arsenal.

Of course there’s plenty of other anabolic steroids he’d use, these are just a few. I just wanted to give a general idea of the level he’s at.

Now on to his training

He’s spoken about training 4 times per week due to his schedule. He focuses very heavily on “compound” movements such as the deadlift, the bench press, the squat, the overhead press, the power clean, pullups, chinups, etc. He’d also do them at an explosive pace a 1/2 second eccentric movement followed by an extremely fast concentric.

His diet?

I won’t even begin to speculate on this one. Unlike the other WWE Superstars where you can be realistic and make an assumption, his gimmick of “feed me more” is more true to life than most other gimmicks out there.

Overall, Ryback is a great athlete with a tremendous appetite. I only hope his appetite can continue to grow with his success in the ring.

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