Forma Stanzol Review – Does It Work?

What is Forma Stanzol?

Looking for a way to build more muscle mass and lose weight without developing any weakness in your muscles? Forma Stanzol from Mr. Supps offers these benefits and some others as well. Available in a liquid form, it comes in a bottle with a pump attached to the top, which makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount each and every time. Though some think that it is best for cutting and getting rid of fat to expose healthier muscles, it is also a great addition to a bulking routine. Find out more about Forma Stanzol before you place your order.

Manufacturer Behind Forma Stanzol

Mr. Supps is the company behind Forma Stanzol, but this wasn’t the original company that introduced the topical spray. In its earliest formula, Forma Stanzol was a prescription drug used in the treatment of weight loss and for those trying to build stronger muscles. After the Food and Drug Administration did research on the product, it determined that people could legally use it over the counter. Mr. Supps now holds a patent on the topical drug, and no matter where you buy it from, you’ll find that this is the only company that manufactures it.

How It Works?

Forma Stanzol is safe to use on your abdomen, shoulders, back, arms, legs and anywhere else where you need to improve muscles. You typically use a minimum of three pumps up to a maximum of 10 pumps, and you can use either the minimum or the maximum every day. After dispensing the liquid into your hands, you apply it right to the muscle groups and rub in the liquid. Those hoping to take advantage of its fat burning properties should use the maximum amount every day for no more than 10 weeks. After taking two or more weeks off, you can go right back into another cycle.

Forma Stanzol Ingredients

Formestane is a type of former prescription drug that prevents the body from turning testosterone into estrogen. When using other types of drugs and supplements, you might find that your body goes through a conversion process. This causes your body to take the excess testosterone that you produce and break it down into estrogen. Formestane specifically blocks this process from occurring. Other ingredients include:

  • DIM
  • Horse Chestnut Seed
  • Chrysin
  • DIM
  • Benzoflavone

Advantages of Forma Stanzol

The biggest advantage of Forma Stanzol is its convenience. One bottle can last regular users several months, which makes the higher price well worthwhile. As it has a pump on the top, you’ll find that you can easily dispense a smaller or larger amount of the liquid before applying it to your skin. Once your skin absorbs the liquid, it finds its way to the nearby muscle groups. Many people use it during a cutting cycle to lose the fat that blocks and hides muscles. It also works well when you use it during a bulking routine to develop thicker and more dependable muscles. Some of the other big advantages include:

  1. It increases testosterone and keeps that testosterone from becoming estrogen.
  2. Clinical studies done by the manufacturer prove it is one of the most effective products of its type.
  3. Users can stack it with other products when bulking or cutting.

User Reviews

The main complaint that was registered by users of Forma Stanzol deals with the pump on the bottle. As the liquid is quite thick, the pump can develop a clog that makes dispensing the liquid difficult. Cleaning the pump and tube with warm water can reduce this problem. Most reviewers of Forma Stanzol focus more on its positive benefits. They found that regular use of the topical product helps them burn away more fat, get the testosterone boost that bodybuilding requires, and develops strong and tight muscles.

Media Coverage of Forma Stanzol

Forma Stanzol is a highly unique topical spray used by bodybuilders. When it first became available in the United States, it required a doctor’s prescription. Athletes and others interested in using the product met with a doctor, went over the benefits, and took their prescriptions to a pharmacy. The product has made headlines in recent years after the FDA ruled that it was safe for use as an over-the-counter product. You can now purchase a full-strength product without needing to meet with a doctor first.

Money-Back Guarantee

Though Mr. Supps, the manufacturer behind Forma Stanzol, does not offer a money-back guarantee, it does offer refunds and exchanges. If you have a problem with your topical spray, contact the manufacturer directly and follow the required steps to exchange or return your product.


Free shipping is available on all items purchased from the Mr. Supps website and shipped to a local address in the United States. Those living in foreign countries will need to pay extra for shipping.

Customer Support

Get answers to any questions that you have online. Customer service representatives are available throughout the day to assist you. After entering your name and a brief description of your question, the website will assign a CS rep to talk with you online.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Mr. Supps is part of the GoDaddy chain of websites, which means that when you place an order, you know your information is secure. In addition to working with GoDaddy, the manufacturer also works with Trustwave to add an extra layer of protection to its safe and secure checkout.


The retail price for one bottle of Forma Stanzol is $59.99.

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