Batista On Steroids – How To Get A Body Like A WWE SuperStar

We’ve done Randy Orton, John Cena, “The game” Triple H, Hell, we’ve covered the ass kicking machine known as Brock Lesnar.

But it would be completely unfair if we didn’t do an article that discussed the body of WWE Superstar Batista.

How To Get A Body Like A WWE SuperStar: Week 6: Batista

Besides being a multimillionaire, a world champion in the WWE and also training to compete in MMA, he has without a doubt, one of the best bodies in the whole WWE universe.

But I’m sure the reason your here is to discuss how to get a body as good as him.

Batista has gone through two very dramatic changes. As can be seen in the photo to the side, Batista has gone from being absolutely huge with bulging biceps, and triceps, as well as good leg and chest development, and an amazing back. One of the things I love about Batista is that he has a great OVERALL body. How many guys do we see in the WWE with huge, shoulders, biceps, etc. small legs, or vice versa. But not Batista. He actually carries the muscle mass evenly around his entire body.

His arms are large, yes, but so are his chest and back, as well as shoulders and traps. He doesn’t really have a weak point to look at. Unfortunately, for his size, he really isn’t that strong. A lot of power lifters or strong guys would be quick to notice this. Compared to someone like John cena, well, you simply just can’t compare it, as Cena is, without a doubt, noticeably stronger.

Batista is a bodybuilder in every way. He doesn’t care about being the strongest. He cares about looking the strongest and the biggest.

So without further ado, we’ll actually discuss how to get a body like Batista and what steroid cycles I believe him to have used.

As you can note, He never really has a “bloated” look (Even when he isn’t super lean, he never looks bloated.) First we’ll discuss his “mass” cycle and what I believe he will have used.

What you will need to do the Batista mass cycle?

What is the best way to maximize muscle growth with legal steroids?

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Why Turanabol? Turanabol is a fantastic steroid. While it gives you GREAT strength gains. Some may claim the muscle gained on this drug is not overly dramatic. While this is true, the muscle gained on this steroid is A.) Not only very easy to keep. It is B.) ALL LEAN MASS. No bloat, no fat, it is 100% real muscle. Want another positive? It actually improves the use of other steroids and makes them more effective, especially Testosterone! It’s also great for keeping a lot of the estrogen related side effects at bay. It’s obvious when reading this to understand why Batista (source) would love this steroid.

The next steroid on the list you will need is, of course, a testosterone base.

Testosterone Enthanate

Testosterone enthanate. All good cycles consist of this, and this cycle is no different. To be ran at a dose of 700MG weekly. The 50mg of Turanabol you will be taking will only help to increase the results you see from the test.

The next steroid? Well, we need to keep the fat off while ingesting a HELL of a lot of calories, and we also need to build as much muscle as possible, of course. So what steroid would we use? Tren Acetate, of course!

Tren acetate

Tren acetate is capable of adding 10 to 30lbs of muscle in a matter of weeks. But it’s also equally as effective at “melting” the fat off to put it bluntly. I’ve seen fat loss from between 8 to 20lbs in just 5 weeks, and this is while bulking! We will do 100mg EOD (every other day) for 8 weeks.

So the Batista cycle will look like this:

Turanabol ran at 8 weeks 50MG daily.
Testosterone enthanate 700MG weekly Can be done in 2 separate injections, but from experience, one injection a week doesn’t offer any noticeable difference.
Tren Acetate to be ran at 100mg every other day for 6 weeks.

A good PCT should of course follow. This cycle is certainly not for the weak of heart, as can be seen from the picture of Batista here. He isn’t a small guy, and the nickname “the animal” certainly does suit him.

Now, you may have thought that was it, but there’s more.

Batista, unlike many other wrestlers, has, as I mentioned earlier, had 2 very drastic changes. He no longer sports the super hero like build of the past, but a much more lean Batista has recently come out.

As you can see in the photo, Batista, while still very large, is nowhere near as large as he once was.

Instead, he’s sporting a very lean body. This was due to him cutting fat and even muscle for his MMA training. Yes, Batista was going to join the world of mixed martial arts. Once this didn’t work out, he decided it was time to get into movies and new roles. Instead of sporting the larger than life look, he went for a more lean, fighter look.

The reason behind this was, of course, to get the kind of movie roles he desired, I.e. more action orientated.

But enough with that, how do I get body like the one Batista has here?

Well, as you can see, he has VERY little water retention—Even less than when he bulked up before.

We’ve been lead to believe through recent sources that the steroid primobolan is highly used by Batista.

Here is a list of the steroids we believed he used while cutting

Testosterone Enthanate
cjc-1295 without dac

While this sounds like a quite a lot to use at once, it’s actually not. The GHRP-2 and cjc-1295 work together in union, along with allowing you to LEAN out very nicely, and through my own experience, quite quickly. (I’ve actually lost fat on these while on a bulk, and I’m talking about 6000+ calories a day, these really do work.)

The other thing they give that’s very positive is the fact they improve anabolic steroids. How do they do this exactly? Well they are peptides that stimulate your body to produce more growth hormone. When mixed with testosterone, for example, not only is your test higher, but so is your growth hormone. Basically, say testosterone raises our ability to put muscle on by 30%, and GHRP-2 by 5 to 6%. Putting the two together can actually lead to a 60/70% increase. It also helps you POST cycle. Not only do you KEEP your gains, BUT it will speed up the PCT process (post cycle therapy). Another must.

The reason for the turanabol, besides the fact it’s a very, very powerful drug to kick start a cycle, is it does not lead to water weight and it lowers sexual binding globulin hormone. aka SBGH.

In short, not only does it give you lean muscle gains and make you stronger, it actually IMPROVES testosterone and allows it to work better another!

Notice how all the products so far have worked together to give you the best results possible, rather than having 5 products that give you different results? You have a bunch of products that work together to prevent side effects, and improve what the other does, along with giving you dramatic muscle and strength gains. These will allow you to almost melt off the fat. Of course, a good eating plan is required. But I should assume if you are thinking of using anabolics you will already know this.

This cycle is designed for the athlete who wants to rip off fat, while having a large amount of muscle mass. Whether competing in MMA, Boxing, wanting to be a professional bodybuilder, or just wanting to look as damn good as possible, this cycle WILL WORK.

Here is how it will be run

Ghrp-2 and cjc-1295 without dac Will both be run at 100MCG 3 TIMES a day. (Yes, 3 times a day each) Total duration will be 6 months. And before you scream out, “How can I afford this?!” They are cheap. A 6 month’s supply isn’t really much more than 100 USD. And guess what? There’s nothing really safer on the market than these, especially that gives you results like this.

The next thing you will do is a 18 week cycle of testosterone enthanate, at 600mg weekly. Anymore will lead to a bloat and we don’t want that.

Turanabol will be ran for 8 weeks. at 50MG daily.

Primobolan run at 400mg a week for 10 weeks. (Will aid in the fat loss and a bit of muscle gains)

And finally masteron at 600mg weekly for 16 weeks.

In total, the cycle will look like this

Ghrp-2 300MCG Daily. 100MCG taken 3 times throughout the day. Duration: 6 MONTHS!
cjc-1295 without dac 300MCG Daily. 100MCG taken 3 times throughout the day. Duration: 6 MONTHS!
Testosterone Enthanate 600mg weekly. Duration: 18 weeks.
masteron 600mg weekly duration: 16 weeks
primobolan 400MG weekly duration 10 weeks
Turanabol 50mg Daily 8 weeks.

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  1. Do WWE superstars use steroids?

    Steroid usage in professional wrestling, including WWE, has long been a point of contention. Although some wrestlers have tested positive for banned substances in the past, not all WWE superstars use steroids; therefore, WWE has implemented drug testing policies and wellness programs designed to discourage use of performance-enhancing substances.

  2. How tall is Baptista?

    Dave Bautista, popularly known by his nickname Batista, stands approximately 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm).

  3. What does Dave Bautista eat?

    Dave Bautista emphasizes lean proteins, complex carbs, and vegetables in his daily diet. These include chicken, fish, lean beef, brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, broccoli, and spinach as well as other nutritious food sources. Bautista emphasizes clean eating over processed and sugary snacks while taking multiple smaller meals throughout his day to maintain energy levels and reach his fitness goals.

  4. How much can Batista deadlift?

    Batista, the former professional wrestler and actor, is well known for his incredible physical strength. While no exact figures on his deadlift capacity exist, reports state that Batista consistently displayed impressive strength and athleticism throughout his career as an accomplished professional wrestler who excelled in performing physically demanding feats with great power – yet with no specific data or reliable sources that mention Batista’s deadlift capacity available it remains difficult to provide an exact figure.

  5. How rich is Batista?

    Dave Bautista has found tremendous success as a professional wrestler, actor and mixed martial artist. Though its impossible to provide an exact figure for his net worth, various sources estimate his fortune is in the tens of millions. Batista has achieved great financial success through his involvement in the entertainment industry, playing key roles in blockbuster films such as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Important to keep in mind is the fluctuation of celebrity net worths over time due to investments, business ventures, and market conditions. For the latest and most accurate updates regarding Batista’s wealth, refer to reports or financial publications for an update.

  6. How do you get a Batista body?

    To develop the physique of Batista, it’s key to take an organized and disciplined approach to fitness and nutrition. Here are some general guidelines that can help you work towards building an enviable physique:Resistance Training: Integrate weightlifting or strength training exercises into your fitness routine for maximum muscle growth and to build your strength. Target compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and rows. These moves target multiple muscle groups at the same time while building overall muscle.Progressive Overload: Gradually increase both intensity and weight during each workout to help stimulate muscle growth and strength gains. Make sure each session challenges you by increasing weight sets or repetitions gradually.Balanced Diet: Be aware of your nutrition by maintaining a diet rich in proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Protein plays an essential role in muscle repair and growth – include lean sources like chicken, fish, tofu and legumes in your meals for maximum effect.Caloric Surplus or Deficit: Adjust your caloric intake accordingly depending on your goals, whether that means increasing muscle mass through caloric surplus consumption, or cutting body fat to reveal muscle definition with caloric deficit intake. Consult a nutritionist or dietitian for personalized advice.Consistency and Rest: Consistency is key when setting fitness goals, so stick to your workout regimen while giving yourself enough rest between sessions to recover fully from each one. Aim for at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night to help repair muscle tissues and promote overall well-being.Keep in mind, every body is different and individual results may vary. Listening to and setting realistic goals for yourself are essential in making gradual progress. Working with a fitness professional may offer personalized guidance tailored specifically to meet your specific needs while developing an exercise and nutrition plan to address them.

  7. Can anyone deadlift 500 kg?

    Hafthor Bjornsson holds the current world record for deadlifting with an incredible lift of 501 kilograms (1,104 pounds), set in 2020. However, this accomplishment represents an extraordinary feat of strength; to lift such an enormous weight requires extraordinary genetics, years of dedicated training and specialist techniques; to attempt lifting such a load can be both difficult and potentially hazardous for most individuals; it is always wise to prioritize safety first by practicing correct form before undertaking heavy lifting attempts on your own. Consult an experienced trainer or coach before engaging any attempt on heavy lifting ventures.

  8. How much should a wrestler eat?

    Dietary needs of wrestlers vary depending on factors like their weight class, training intensity and individual metabolism. In general, wrestlers need a healthy, well-balanced diet that satisfies physical demands while supporting optimal performance – here are some considerations when setting eating habits:Caloric Intake: Wrestlers must consume enough calories to meet their energy requirements, with exact figures depending on factors like age, weight and activity level. It is key that wrestlers find a healthy balance between fueling their workouts and maintaining a healthy weight.Macronutrients: Wrestlers should aim for a balanced intake of macronutrients. This includes carbohydrates for energy, lean proteins for muscle repair and growth, and healthy fats to support overall wellness – though the specific ratios will depend on each wrestler’s needs and goals.Hydration: Staying properly hydrated is vitally important to wrestlers. Be sure to consume ample amounts of water each day, particularly during training and competition sessions, for optimal performance and recovery. Proper hydration ensures optimal performance and aids in recovery.Nutrient Density: Focus on eating food rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure adequate vitamin absorption. Include fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables alongside whole grains, lean meats, fish and dairy products into your meals for optimal nutrient density.Meal Timing: Meals should be scheduled throughout the day to maintain steady energy levels. Avoid skipping meals, such as breakfast which helps kick-start metabolism. Pre and post workout nutrition is also a vital consideration to help support performance and recovery.Weight Management: If weight management is one of your goals, consult with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian who can advise on safe and healthy strategies to lose or gain weight. Crash diets or extreme measures should not be pursued as these could have negative impacts on performance and overall health.Wrestlers must partner with an experienced nutrition professional who can evaluate their individual requirements, provide personalized guidance and ensure they meet them all. Everyone’s dietary requirements vary; therefore, getting personalized advice to optimize performance and ensure good health is key to long-term success in competition.

  9. How did John Cena diet?

    John Cena, an esteemed professional wrestler and actor, is known for his disciplined diet. While exact details about his exact diet plan may not be publicly available, Cena has shared general guidelines that guide his eating habits. Here are some key aspects of John Cena’s approach to nutrition:Balanced Macronutrients: Cena was dedicated to eating a diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to obtain all of the required nutrition for training and recovery. This approach ensured he received all of his needed vitamins and minerals.Cena emphasized the significance of protein in his diet. Protein plays an essential role in muscle repair and growth. His meals included lean sources of protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef and eggs for maximum muscle repair and growth.Cena maintained his energy levels through regular, frequent meals throughout the day to fuel his rigorous training regimen and prevent energy slumps. This approach kept energy at optimal levels and provided fuel for his intensive regimen of athleticism.Portion Control: Cena, in his pursuit to maintain his muscular physique, paid close attention to portion control to manage his caloric intake and thus maintain the desired weight and physique. By controlling portions he could reach his ideal weight without going beyond it.Hydration: Hydration was an integral component of Cena’s diet. Drinking enough water throughout the day is vital for overall health and optimal performance, and was an integral component of Cena’s nutrition plan.Customization: John Cena’s diet could have been tailored specifically to his goals and requirements as a professional athlete. Dietary needs may differ, so it is wise to assess individual preferences, goals, and speak to an accredited nutritionist or dietitian for personalized guidance.Note that diets change with time; John Cena’s may have changed since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. For accurate and up-to-date information about his dietary practices, refer to reliable sources or interviews where he discussed them.

  10. How much money did Batista steal?

    Batista, a former professional wrestler and actor, has not been linked with any criminal activities that would include theft of funds. Given his long career in wrestling and entertainment, any claims that he might be engaging in such activity would be baseless and baseless; any such speculations should only ever be discussed using accurate sources and facts so as to avoid spreading misinformed or inaccurate statements about individuals or allegations made against them.

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