Are Steroids Taken in MMA?

Ah, steroids in mixed martial arts is one of the hottest topics in the world of sports. While you will get all the beer-drinking little teenagers at home claiming “they don’t use steroids they just train real, real hard!” Or funny things about how they themselves are capable of being in the UFC or fighting inside a cage, we know the truth, don’t we? We are a bit more educated since we are athletes ourselves. We’ve also seen all the news on the amount of guys now failing anabolic steroid tests and it’s not really a surprise to me nor should it be to you.

MMA is full of steroids, fact. I remember when I first got involved in the industry and began competing steroids were passed around like chocolate bars. Half of them were not even using the correct anabolic steroids that would benefit them in their sport. I mean I saw guys using Deca. What? Deca! What is that going to do to help a martial artist or MMA fighter? If you are going to use Steroids for MMA performance, at least take ones that make sense!

Anabolic steroids such as Anavar greatly increase endurance and muscle mass, which makes perfect sense to me. It improves LEAN muscle mass, won’t make you “huge,” and has fat-burning properties. It greatly increases endurance and recovery time. It makes sense to me that obviously, guys in MMA would use this. Testosterone is another one in the world of MMA Steroids that makes perfect sense. You want to recover as quickly as possible, be as strong as possible, etc.

But anabolic steroids such as Deca or TREN even just don’t make sense at all to me. Tren makes it hard on the cardiovascular system! Why would you use this if you were an MMA fighter? I really just don’t know!

Don’t believe me when I say that the UFC is full of steroids? Let’s take a quick look at guys who obviously are or were on them:

Tim Sylvia

Maine-Iac has in fact tested positive for steroids in the past. Back when he first came into the UFC. His third fight in the Zuffa Organization actually. It was after defeating Ricco Rodriguez for the belt. He was defending his belt against Gan McGee and won in devastating fashion.

After the fight, he tested positive for steroids and was not only stripped of the belt and fined but suspended as well. Tim has gone on the record as saying “it was for shedding excess body fat.”

So. That’s just one guy, right? I mean Overeem hasn’t failed an anabolic steroid test or anything has he… Oh, wait… Alistair Overeem Fails A Steroid Test!

Royce Gracie

The Original UFC Champion. The man who brought Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the rest of the world. Yes, he has in fact tested positive for steroids. It was after he avenged his loss to Kazushi Sakuraba in 2007.

Royce Gracie what a surprise and shock is that to all of you? I remember him being the poster boy for natural fighting, especially as he doesn’t even look like he’s used steroids but alas he had.

MMA Steroids

My point is there is a mass amount of anabolic steroid use in the MMA world today and it annoys me how many people say things such as weight lifters, bodybuilders, wrestlers, even football players all do steroids. But MMA fighters don’t? MMA fighters, while entertaining, are no way near the best fighters in the world either. I know guys who could get the best in the UFC bend him over and slap their ass I’m sorry but it’s true.

There are so many better REAL-LIFE fighting defenses out there. MMA is what it is– a great professional SPORT. But that’s it. Get over it.

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