How to Pass a Steroid Drug Test when You’re Using Steroids

I’ve been to several forums with topics like this and I was glad the members were all helpful in providing creative and really good answers. If you’re already panicking because your steroid drug test is just around the corner or because you don’t know exactly when you’re going to take the doping test, there are still a few possible solutions to your dilemma.

Professional athletes, bodybuilders, and people in the military always undergo steroid drug tests and they have discovered a few tricks and techniques on how to look clean while on gear. But before you prepare for that steroid drug test, you first have to learn how the test is done.

The Standard Test

The standard doping test in major sports associations is called the T/E Test. It measures your testosterone levels as compared to your epitestosterone levels. The standard ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in your body is 6:1. However, other sports leagues follow a 4:1 ratio. If your T/E ratio is higher than the acceptable standards, you will fail the test.

Also, you should take into consideration the way they run the steroid drug tests. The test administrators are instructed to “watch urine leave source and enter the container,” which means that they will be in front of you staring at your penis while you piss.

A lot of people complain about this because it’s an invasion of privacy. However, the rules of the standard steroid drug test haven’t been changed up to now, so you might as well assume that your penis will be under close scrutiny when you undergo a doping test.

The Tricks and Techniques

The first thing to know, of course, is when your doping test will take place. If the test is random, you can be royally screwed. But there are lots of ways on how you can discover your steroid drug test schedule, so make sure you get all the information about it.

The most effective way to pass a steroid drug test is to abstain from taking steroids a few weeks before your scheduled exam. You should also know the detection time of the specific steroid you’re using. That way, you’ll know exactly when to stop using it in time for your doping test.

If you’re planning to join professional sports or you’re at risk of undergoing a standard doping test, then you should stay away from long-lasting steroids. Deca steroids, for example, can stay in your system for as long as two years, and traces of these substances can be detected for up to four years.

If you really can’t abstain from using steroids, you can use other methods and techniques to conceal the steroid substances in your body. Some of these methods include using fast-acting oral steroids, detoxifying your body with the use of diuretics, using masking agents, taking designer steroids, taking epitestosterone, and using urinators and other artificial help.

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