Bodybuilding for Dummies

Ahh, bodybuilding for dummies. Remember that old, annoying PC book windows for dummies? Well, this is basically going to be the exact same thing! I’m going to give you a list of exercises below that are the most effective at well-building muscle mass these are your MAIN big lifts and should be used often and correctly if you wish to build as much muscle mass as possible so enjoy reading this little article titled Bodybuilding for dummies I hope it provides you with enough information to turn you from a skinny/fat individual into the best and sexiest looking person out there.

So without further ado, it’s time to begin bodybuilding for dummies. Let’s start off with my first exercise.

Exercise number 1 is the squat

This exercise is one of the best exercises known to man, it works more muscle groups than any other exercise out there, the quads, hamstrings, and glutes are worked to an extreme degree, likewise, the lower back is also worked to a VERY, VERY high degree if this wasn’t good enough

It also works with more muscle groups than any other exercise out there, since I’ve called this article Bodybuilding for dummies. I won’t go into details on all the fancy names, but basically heavy compounds that work a lot of different muscle groups cause our body to release A LOT of natural hormones, such as testosterone, growth hormone, etc. These are very anabolic and allow us to get bigger and of course, make other exercises more effective. The squat activates and recruits more muscle fibers and motor units than any other exercise out there, it is a great exercise for your OVERALL body and performance. Oh, and it transfers over to sports well!

Exercise number 2 is the deadlift

Like squats, this exercise is another one of the best around, it builds the glutes to a tremendous degree, it can help with preventing knee pain and injury, and best of all it can also work the entire back, honestly, you want one huge incredibly big back? Then deadlift a big ass weight and it will come! Add in that when mixed with squats it gives you the most complete and sexy ass known to a man or woman and you can see why this exercise is loved so much by both male and female athletes!

Exercise number 3 is the bench press

Ah, I had to do the bench press for you all didn’t I? this exercise is a fantastic one for building muscle mass, and of course it works with a tremendous amount of muscle groups, the triceps, the chest, and the shoulders take the blunt of it, while the bicep and stomach do their share too! At building as good a physique as humanly possible!

Exercise number 4 is the pull-up

Wide grip or close grip I don’t care MAKE sure you pull up, they build the biceps, shoulders, and best of all the upper back, if you want big lats and want to look sexy then you NEED to USE THIS EXERCISE. I am a huge fan of it as are so many other athletes it’s incredible for making you look sexy.

Exercise 5 is the over-head press

This exercise is fantastic and I couldn’t do an article titled Bodybuilding for dummies without including it, you want big shoulders? You will NOT get them without doing this, it used to be how much you press rather than how much you bench, the overhead press in most of the world is still seen as the true test of strength rather than the bench press.

Make sure you add these to your routine. A routine that focuses on these exercises will get you VERY VERY far in life

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