Alistair Overeem and Steroids: An Affair to Remember

When MMA super champ Alistair Overeem (source) was pounded with questions about the way his physique seemed to get conditioned a bit faster than his other colleagues, he said it was from a steady diet of weight lifting, protein, and horse meat. Speculation about his use of steroids by the time he turned heavyweight from light heavyweight remained just that, speculation.

Those whispers would eventually be drowned by Overeem’s signing contract with UFC in 2011. Demolition Man began to pile wins after another once more. Until that ill-fated, unannounced pre-fight failed a drug test in 2012 prior to a title bout against UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. It then turned official. Former K-1 Grand Prix champion Overeem was on steroids. The horse meat that helped him beat champions is fueled by testosterone. The acceptable T/E ratio for the competition is 6-1. Overeem overshot at 14-1. The normal average joe would have a 1 to 1 ratio.

A month after he tested positive with steroids, Overeem released an apology statement and explained that: “Prior to the UFC 146 press conference in March, I aggravated an old rib injury on my left side. My doctor prescribed, and I accepted, an anti-inflammatory medication that was mixed with testosterone. I was completely unaware that testosterone was one of the ingredients in the medication. Although I was unaware, I do realize it is my job to know what I am putting into my body.”

After testing negative in three drug tests spread within his 9-month suspension, Overeem got clearance from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to fight in UFC 156 – which he lost against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in Las Vegas. Although Overeem looked the same as chiseled when he fought, and lost, to Silva, everyone has the right to be worried.

Steroid withdrawal can turn an aggressive predator into sluggish prey. Prompted at the request of Nevada Commission Executive Director Keith Keizer, Overeem took a blood test. The result was overwhelming. The hunk frame of Alistair Overeem that once has a high level of steroid testosterone, now came back with a testosterone level considered to be “dangerously low for a competitive athlete.”

The only way for anyone, athlete or not, to go back to normal efficient stamina is a prescription of testosterone. Given the history of Overeem’s steroid use, the possibility of being granted an exemption is clearly against the Commission’s policy that spells out that if low testosterone is caused by withdrawal from steroids, the exemption is out of the question, even if it means re-energizing Overeem’s stamina and saving Overeem’s career, and life for that matter.

Moreover, the standing policy has raised controversy with the scenario now surrounding Overeem as “there is no real way to prove what low testosterone came from, whether it was due to usage of steroids, or a different medical issue.”

Overeem’s name in combat sports history as being the only fighter to hold both MMA and K-1 kickboxing world titles at the same time has been totally obliterated by his affair and abuse of steroids. Some say that if he had only come clean about his steroid use, instead of saying that he was totally unaware and ignorant of it, despite his unbelievable transformation, his fans could have been more understanding.

  1. Why was Alistair Overeem called Ubereem?

    Alistair Overeem earned the moniker Ubereem due to his enormous size and impressive physique, which many believed were due to performance-enhancing drugs – most notably testosterone. The Uber prefix referred both to its extreme or excessive nature as well as to his purported drug usage.

  2. What does Alistair Overeem eat?

    Alistair Overeem’s diet typically consists of high-protein foods like chicken, fish and lean meats; complex carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potatoes; as well as plenty of vegetables and fruit for their fiber, vitamins, and minerals content. He adheres to his regimented eating schedule in order to maintain both his muscular physique and energy levels for training sessions and fights.

  3. How much did Overeem weigh?

    Alistair Overeem has fluctuated between 205 and 265 pounds throughout his career, depending on which weight class he was competing in.

  4. Do UFC fighters eat healthy?

    UFC fighters generally must adhere to a diet that keeps their weight down and helps them compete at their peak performance. Although most UFC fighters must abide by a specific plan when it comes to diet and nutrition, there may still be variations between types of foods they eat as well as specific diet plans they follow.

  5. Why did UFC drop Overeem?

    Alistair Overeem remains an active MMA fighter as of March 2023, but has not been dropped from the UFC roster due to a loss to Ben Rothwell in 2009. After returning in 2011, however, he has had multiple fights.

  6. Did Alistair Overeem need surgery on his lip?

    Alistair Overeem underwent lip surgery following his fight with Jairzinho Rozenstruik in December 2019.

  7. Who is the undefeated man in UFC?

    UFC does not boast an undefeated man. While several fighters may have gone undefeated for periods, eventually losing one fight eventually due to fierce competition within the sport and difficulty maintaining a perfect record over an entire career.

  8. Who is the god of war UFC fighter?

    No single UFC fighter has earned the distinction of god of war, though that phrase often refers to fighters with an aggressive fighting style and reputation for toughness in the octagon – for instance Wanderlei Silva, Mark Hunt and Robbie Lawler have been called out by fans as such figures.

  9. Who has beaten Alistair Overeem?

    Alistair Overeem has been defeated by several fighters such as Antonio Silva, Travis Browne, Ben Rothwell and Francis Ngannou.

  10. Who is the fittest UFC fighter?

    Fitness levels differ among athletes and can depend on factors like age, training regimen and genetics; yet many UFC fighters prioritize fitness and overall health as part of their preparation and training for fights.

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