Peptides bodybuilding

Ahh, peptides these lovely little things that have popped out of nowhere recently. Oh wait, they’ve not really popped out of nowhere but since “pro hormones” just got banned Peptides bodybuilding has become the biggest thing on the market since these can still be sold legally for now at least.

Let’s talk about Peptides bodybuilding, shall we?

Most peptides out there are bad. Yes, there it is, I said it, I was truthful I could try to sell you these products but I would be talking complete and utter shit. Most of you in fact 99% of you would be better off purchasing anabolic steroids rather than peptides, But I will explain the benefits to some Peptides bodybuilding that actually work.

The link above you can purchase all the peptides mentioned here a long with anabolic steroids and numerous other things.

So moving on with this article titled Peptides bodybuilding

The peptides I like are GHRP-2 and ghrp-6 I prefer 2 so for this article I will use GHRP-2 as an example, I will also use CJC in this cycle, and the CJC will be used WITHOUT dac

You want CJC without dac. Dac is useless and can cause growth hormone bleed (bad) among other things!

You want to start off with GHRP-2 and cjc-without dac

Now when using these you will want to take 10IU of each first thing in the morning. (30 minutes before eating) Then you want to take another 30 minutes before training again without eating.) And then one before bed (again without eating) eventually you can take this up to 4 times per day (give it one week to test it as you don’t want your sugar levels to drop too rapidly and put you in a hypo) after this do 5 times per day and eventually 6.

What can you expect from this?

Well you can expect a dramatic amount of fat loss and of course some muscle gain, it is a long term effect drug and actually improves the way OTHER steroids work. For example, let’s say you use testosterone and deca for 18 weeks. By using this for the full 18 weeks, if you were to normally add 20lbs of muscle mass, you can expect to add 25-30lbs of muscle mass and the fat loss will be MUCH MUCH less then you’d expect it to be!

Peptides bodybuilding go hand in hand together and can be added to your routine with ease. Until next time thanks for reading this article and be sure to comment below! We are always here to provide as much help and useful information as possible.

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