Building Muscle After 40

So you decided it’s time to build muscle but you’re worried it’s a bit late in life, mhm? In your 40’s and you are wondering is it still possible? Well want me to tell you something?

I had a friend who was 50 years old. 240lbs of flab, he cut he began to train guess what? He just finished third in a few national competitions now at the age of 55 winning championships not damn bad mhm?

Building muscle after 40 might be hard, but it is damn well possible.

First off your testosterone is LOW. So you want to supplement there is 2 ways, if you find a doctor who will issue you testosterone injections to useful levels (good luck with this!) Unfortunately most doctors are no way near educated enough so you will wish to buy testosterone.

I recommend testosterone enthanate and injecting it at 500mg every 5 days.

Now by supplementing with testosterone what should you expect to achieve?

1 you should see dramatic fat loss

2 you should see a dramatic increase in muscle mass

3 your sex drive will simply be out of this world! A huge increase in sexual desire will occur.

Now if you are Building muscle after 40 you should also be doing the correct exercises this never changes this is the heavy compound exercises.

Below I’ll give you a list of exercises that will give you the biggest bang for your buck and build muscle at a very very fast degree.

The exercises below are

The squat

The deadlift

The bench press

The over head press

Weighted dips

Wide grip pull ups

Chin ups

Close grip pull ups

The front squat

Sumo deadlifts

Dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell over head press

The leg press

Close grip bench press

Weighted push ups

Barbell curls

These are just a few of the big lifts, but a routine that focuses heavily and highly on all of these will get you far in life.

Building muscle after 40 is not impossible and I honestly think one of the most impressive things I can see is a guy who is Building muscle after 40 why? Because I’ve seen guys be on almost suicide watch feeling they have nothing in their life, fat, depressed, unhappy, etc. and they’ve gone out got the body of their dreams got married and are ridiculously happy now.

Don’t rule out what bodybuilding can do for you and Building muscle after 40 can do for you.

I know guys in their 40’s 50’s who look better than most 20 year olds, I know some who have completely changed their life style and got a family and are extremely happy.

I also know others who go out and lay girls they are almost twice the age of. Whatever you plan to do it is upto you.

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