Bodybuilding Tips For Skinny Guys

If you are skinny then it will be quite challenging for you to gain weight in this fat world. If you look around, you’ll notice weight lose products everywhere. Media is just advertising about fat shedding stuff but that’s the last thing you want to do. Most people think that being skinny is healthy, but this is not right. Weak people also have many health risks as well.


You may believe that you are weak because of your genetics, but the fact is probably you are not taking enough nutrients for you proper health. This can also affect your immune system.


Working out in poor health may lead to osteoporosis; a condition of thin and weak bones. So you must have excessive magnesium, calcium and vitamin D intake.


Believe it or not but your mind has power over your physical appearance. If you continue to think that you’re ectomorph, then you’ll continue to be skinny. But if you start to believe that you’re getting stronger then it’ll become your reality. There is a quote which says, “Anything is possible to he who believes it.” There are mindset exercises for you (like visualization) to practice and focus. Just keep in mind that your brain is the most important muscle to train in this field.


It may seem weird that you first have to bulk up and then cut down to gain good muscle. You have to eat a lot for your bulking cycle. It may cause mental discomfort but you have to be determined to keep moving forward. You have to take enough proteins and carbohydrates to promote your muscle growth.

If you are a hard gainer, then you need to take 2500 to 3500 calories per day. It means you have to take 5 meals a day. Each meal should be of 500 calories with ratio 40/50/10.

  • 40% calories from protein
  • 50% calories from carbohydrate
  • 10% calories from fat

Also eat something every 2-3 hours.


Working out too much can make you frustrated and wanted to quit or if a workout plan takes a lot of you time, then it’ll be more easy for you to make excuses for one day and then on and on.

You should lift heavy weights and of low reps. Lift heavy weight of 6 to10 reps instead of lifting of reps ranging from 15-16.

You have to work out properly and it will give you the feeling of being energized and powerful. You’ll experience less DOMS and exhaustion.


First focus on weight lifting and lift heavy weights. Also do pressing exercises like bench press, squat or overheat press etc


One most important thing is that you have to drink water A LOT. Drink about a gallon in one day as it makes 70% of your muscles. You should also take it during workouts.

Also drink carb and protein shakes during your exercises and weight lifting.

You can also mix this shake of carbohydrate & protein ratio in 2:1 and add one liter of water. Drink it and increase more calories in your system.


A hard gainer like you must need rest. You only have to work out 35 minutes per day.

It is much better that you workout only 4 days per week. You can choose 4 consecutive days or can do it on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You need time for muscle recovery.

Working out too much increases your metabolic rate and burns more calories. Reducing workout duration and intensity means burning less calories and thus gaining strong muscles quickly.


You should count and keep record of all the exercises you do during workout. Try to add more weights and reps along with time hours. Set your goals and do your best to reach them. Your strength will be increased and eventually the muscles will follow.


You can also take supplements for increasing your minerals and vitamins intake. Do take proteins powders as they certainly help in bringing better and faster result.


Prefer not to do aerobic activities during your rest hours. As your body is utilizing almost all of your power in bodybuilding, so it’s better to not disturb your resting time.


A quote says, “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.”

Don not quit bodybuilding after starting it once. Keep your morale high even if you’ve injured during muscle building or are just exhausted. Do some hardwork now and you’ll be proud of yourself for your whole life.


Be determined, eat big, lift heavy and become HUGE. Turn yourself from bony to beastly as it in your own hands.

Yes it is somewhat difficult but this pain of discipline will save you from pain of regret. Always remember that pain is temporary but pride is forever.

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