Did Batista Take Steroids?

Batista Steroids

As often as we get asked the question Batista Steroids, we commonly also get asked “Btw, do you think he’ll ever be back in the WWE!?” This one makes me laugh the most as we aren’t a wrestling website nor do we have any information to provide on this. I do believe he’ll return, to be honest.

He loves to live the big life. He might make a few million dollars yearly, but he spends a few million dollars yearly. His MMA career is not going to be that successful. I personally don’t believe him to be a natural fighter. A great athlete, perhaps a great bodybuilder, for sure, but certainly not a natural fighter, he isn’t a Brock Lesnar in my honest opinion.

Has Batista failed a steroid test?

Actually no, he hasn’t. In fact, he made some insane claims that while training in the WWE and bodybuilding he didn’t think protein was important and got big naturally. Oh, and now he claims he only uses milk thistle, whey protein, and a multivitamin to look the way he does.

Obviously, his training has changed dramatically, he’s using a lot more “circuit type of training this day to stay lean and fit. His routine is full of squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, weighted push-ups, and of course, weighted dips. These are just a few of the things he’d do. His rep range now goes between 15 to 30 reps as he’s training for endurance rather than muscle size and strength.

He needs to be prepared to fight in a cage for 5 minute rounds at a time while having someone grab him and hammering away with hammer fists and other punches, this is NO easy task. But not only will his training routine have changed from his “WWE days” where he focused more on muscle and strength, but he will now also need to refocus his anabolic steroid cycles.

For example, before he would have used drugs such as Anadrol, Dianabol to kick start his cycle, now he’d use things such as T-BOL and Anavar A.) for no water retention B.) for the fat-burning properties, and C.) for the lean muscle gains, oh and of course, D.) for the great recovery ability and enhancing endurance you get from these drugs.
He can also use them for up to 8-10 weeks as they are less harsh on the liver.

Injectables would be Testosterone, Masteron. He’d stay clear of tren and Deca for obvious reasons – one affects your endurance, the other bloats you.

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