Brock Lesnar Steroids

Brock was the youngest ever WWE champion. He dominated his high school wrestling team. Winning the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship and placing second in 1999, he was spotted at a young age by the WWE and was taken under Paul Heyman’s wings. Paul Heyman guided Brock Lesnar and helped him not only develop his in-ring skills and wrestling psychology but also made him the monster he is today.

He became the youngest WWE champion of all time and if this was not a big enough feat in itself, he did it all within 6 MONTHS of being on the active roster! After this, he decided to try out in American Football in which he was later cut, being told had he started earlier in his career as everyone else did he’d probably be one of the “best” in the world but he was a raw talent at an older age.

A funny story though is that Brock Lesnar was asked to take the bench press competition they do there. On average, guys would bench 220lbs for 2-5 reps. Brock Lesnar benched it for 25 with ease.

After this, he began his MMA career. After going through a few different promotions and picking up easy victories he joined the UFC. In the UFC, he was dominant. Does anyone remember him destroying Frank Mir? I honestly believe had he never gotten sick he’d still be in the UFC to this day and probably still be the world champion. Alistair Overeem, despite being a beast, would have lost to Lesnar, I honestly believe this.
Anyway, moving on to Brock Lesnar Steroids

Does Brock Lesnar Take steroids?

Let’s take a look at this guy, shall we? He’s absolutely huge, he threw the Big Show around at his weight of 500lbs with ease, and far more than any other wrestler has ever done. Another impressive feat of Lesnar is not only his “brute strength” but his intensity and the fact that he’s insanely athletic. He did a shooting star press off the top rope (basically it was a reverse summersault) and the technique he did was jaw-dropping for a man of his size and structure.

What type of steroids will Brock Lesnar take?

Anabolic steroids such as testosterone, deca, dianabol, Anavar, t-bol’s will all be huge staples of his steroid usage, as would Human growth hormone. Lesnar may even use IGF-1 to increase his size and strength to such dramatic proportions. He would NEVER under any circumstances use tren, due to its ability to affect his cardiovascular work, something he would NOT want to do.

Brock Lesnar Steroids is a fair question to ask, but no matter what, this guy is one of the hardest working guys on this planet whether he did or did not take steroids. Yes, I do believe he took them. Can I prove it? Obviously not, but anyone with a brain can tell he took them but it doesn’t matter. He spent hours upon hours, in the gym, he eats like a horse, he probably eats horses! He trains hard, he works hard and he’s ambitious. He doesn’t really like people. He’s a warrior and this is who he is.

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