Muscle In Video Games

How could I not do an article about muscle in video games? Anyone young or old now will have noticed this, while movies seem to be going away from the typical masculine and muscular look, which I find completely ridiculous, apparently it’s easier to believe someone such as Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson is more likely to be able to beat you up than someone the size of the Rock!

Some of the best martial artists and fighters alive are no way near the size of the rock, But they LOOK much better than Robert Pattison. Hold in with the fact they had to ADD CGI graphics to give him a 6 pack in his movies and you can see why I laugh my ass off at the stupidity of this. Despite TV moving to a more “skinny” 6 pack look or “skinny pack” as I’ve seen a website say lately video games have gone in a complete reverse direction.

Muscle in video games

The guys in video games still look like they can KICK some ass and kick ass good. Let’s take a look at this guy, Solid Snake, from the hit video game series Metal Gear Solid. Despite being old and aging he still carries a lot of muscle as can be seen in this photo, he has low body fat and is portrayed as an amazing martial artist. They had real martial artists perform their moves and speak about the effective ways of using these to implement them in their video games. Here we have a guy who, just by looking at him, looks intimidating, looks strong, and looks like he can actually kick some ass!

Again, another guy added from the Resident Evil series. He has huge arms, perhaps slightly over the top, but it is actually believable he can run around CARRYING the equipment he carries. It is believable he can enter a building and outpower someone. Yes, he’s great with his fire arms but if it gets down to a fight he can intimidate someone and whip some ass this is ALL believable.

Gears of War

Full Gears of War team. Every single guy there is huge and muscular. Again, it’s believable you have a kick-ass team here, the only time you’ll ever see as much testosterone is if you watch the Expendables! These guys are great, and again it’s believable they can actually FIGHT!

Scorpion Mortal Combat

One of the best fighters in video games and most recognized, again, Scorpion as you can see here, comes holding a nice amount of muscle mass, and unlike many of the “TV stars” of today’s age. It’s believable he can fight and is actually STRONG. I give him a full 10 out of 10!

And the final one on our list is Batman!

Yes, he’s a video game character, he’s in the movies, he’s had TV shows, cartoons, anime, and of course comics! But his video game adaptations Arkham Asylum and Arkham city have provided one of the best and most muscular Batmans ever seen on the big screen. I gave him a 10 out of 10. He is athletic, muscular, and actually LOOKS like he can beat you up and take guys out, unlike the many guys who have played him in movies. Sorry, Adam West and Michael Keaton!

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