Which Video Game Characters Took Steroids

#3 Jax Briggs from Mortal Kombat

One of the strongest video game characters alive today. In fact, he’s even had a robotic hand given to him to increase his strength. Even without that though, he shows off dramatic strength. But what Mortal Kombat does that many fail at is the strength isn’t too “silly.” Obviously in real life he couldn’t upper cut people 7 foot into the sky, but the objects he lifts and move are more than plausible.

“What would Jax’s training look like?” I hear you asking me? Well, for one thing he’d be more “powerlifting” with less volume. It’d probably take him slightly longer to build the physique he has. But due to the large weights he lifts and good diet, size would, of course, occur.

What would his training look like?

He’d be a lover of the 6×6 program. Now, another thing he’d love is, well, eating! And when you use a routine like the 6×6 program eating would be essential. But he obviously doesn’t just eat every damn thing he wants. He actually eats GOOD, healthy food.

Foods such as, rump and or sirloin steak, WHOLE chickens, turkey thighs, carbohydrates wouldn’t be too clean, he’d eat a lot of vegetables, But I believe it’d be common to see him eat a full chicken and fries, or sirloin and fries etc. We’d probably see him eat eat out a lot. He’d love a cheat meal once a week all you can eat buffets.

I’m sure his favorite cheat meals would be burgers. Oh and, of course, ribs! (Probably not together, but who knows?)

Now what type of anabolic steroids would he take?

As he focuses so much on strength rather than endurance and athletic ability, I’m sure we’d see him use anabolics such as





And of course, human growth hormone to help stay lean.

That’s the “main anabolics” we can realistically expect him to use and I believe he’d be a firm believer in the test-deca-tren cycle.

He’d also be a big fan of human growth hormone (hgh) and Insulin growth like factor-1 (IGF-1)

Overall Jax would be one of the strongest for pure “strength” on this list, but his stamina, and endurance would let him down against many.

Shao Khan

The strongest guy on this list by far. The only guy I’d say who would be stronger than Jax on this list. He also has a better level of endurance than Jax would.

Now, what would Shao Khan’s training look like?

Well, for one thing, he’d be doing weights 6 times per week. Not including his combat training. His favorite exercises would all be strong compound lifts with around 90% of his training on compounds and 10 on isolation, possibly 95% compounds.

Squatting 3 times per week. Benching twice, With dips once per week. Here are but a few of the exercises we’d see Shao Khan do on a regular bases.


Hack squats

Dead lifts

Leg press

Bench Press with chains

Dips with weight attached of course.

Over head press

Wide grip pullups with weight attached

Close grip pullups with weight attached.

Hyper extensions

Kroc rows

Dumbbell shrugs

Close grip bench press with chains

Instead of doing exercises like curls, he’d use the Olympic rings over a pull up machine. Think of how a gymnastic would and he’d do pullups with them as far in as possible to work the biceps (this is a great exercise that I LOVE to build huge biceps).

As you can see his training would not be for the week of heart and he would be taking A LOT of juice.

Testosterone, anavar, dianabol, Deca (Test Deca cycle dosage), human growth hormone, Igf-1, masteron, tren, Turinabol, Proviron, Just to name but a few.

I believe he’d be a fan of cycling all year round as many competitive strength and or bodybuilders do. His natural hormones would, of course, be shut down completely.

For intimidation Shao Khan would be the highest on this list, Yes, I’d even rank him above Kratos. He’s much taller and, of course, bigger. plus that mask he wears.


This wasn’t as easy as you’d think. And I’m sure some will be unsure if they agree or not. However let me explain why I picked him as my number 1.

Duke is one of the most muscular video game characters and he’s stood the test of time with his blond hair and his ridiculous signature red tank. Oh, and the black sunglasses, that not only does he wear indoors, but also at night!

He treats all women like sex objects and he says the corniest lines when shooting aliens, or when chatting up women!

The reason I picked him at number 1 would be his “I don’t give a damn attitude” unlike the others who’d study steroids and have common sense on how to use them, I feel he’d be the one to abuse them and possibly even get a mental addiction towards steroids.

Feeling he’d need them to do the job, and hell, the way he has sex with everyone we all know he’d be loaded up with test.

In fact, I could see his training not being up to the level it should be, But his abuse of the drugs being enough to keep him going.

Testosterone enthanate would be run at 2grams (yes, I said grams) weekly.

Deca at 1.5 grams weekly.

Dianabol at up to 80mg daily.

And he’d run plenty of others such as anavar, clen, anadrol, human growth hormone, igf-1 etc. The usual suspects. Oh, and of course tren.

Again, I’d see him as constantly cycling!

Another point I’d like to make is that despite his steroid use/abuse I don’t think he’d be anywhere near the level of anyone else on this list, Solid Snake, Kratos, Lara Croft, etc. would all beat him with pretty much ease in one on one combat.

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