How WWE Stars Looked After Getting Off The Juice

Vince McMahon may say all he wants about breaking the glass ceiling and grabbing the brass ring, but the truth of the matter is that McMahon likes big sweaty men. This is not necessarily a bad thing considering that some of the most prominent WWE stars were bigger athletes. This infatuation can lead to problems when the WWE pushes for bigger stars against their wishes. And even worse when the wrestlers believe they have to use illegal means of bulking up.

Professional wrestlers have always had to be able to make big, bold statements. This is not only Vince McMahon, but many other fans. This puts great pressure on wrestlers, who must look their best and stay as muscular as possible. Many stars have turned to PEDs and/or Human Growth Hormones to build their bodies.

Many WWE Superstars were busted for using PEDs or suspended because of the WWE Wellness Policy. Fans have noticed the effects of stopping steroid abuse, even though the policy has discouraged many. Some superstars’ bodies have changed drastically after taking steroids. This has not always been for their good. This article will discuss some of these wrestler physiques. These are 8 wrestlers that looked horrible after taking the juice and 7 who actually looked much better.

#15 Roman Reigns

The Big Dog made a lot of news lately due to Roman Reigns, the owner and potential client of a nutrition company being held in prison by the feds for his steroid distribution network. Reigns denied the allegations. The allegations surfaced again after Reigns was suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy in 2016. Reigns was alleged to have tested positive for Adderall. Although Adderall is not a steroid, it can mask pain and fatigue. It is also banned by the MLB and NFL.

While there is no evidence to support the claim that Reigns was using steroids, these allegations about his involvement in the ring bust and his previous wellness violations led to speculation about Reigns’ willingness or inability to use PEDs. Reigns may have been taking steroids, which could explain why “The Guy”, as he is known, looks so gassed when he matches. Reigns is naturally big, but his chest plate appears to be covering his growing stomach without keeping the juice in check. “Believe dat!”

#14 Triple H is Better

Hunter Hearst Helmsley was not as big as he was when his first WWE World Title was won. In 2010, Triple H would appear a little less muscular during his D-Generation X revival days, when he was partnered with Shawn Michaels. However, the King of Kings looks even better at the moment.

His body is constantly changing, and he has not denied that he juiced in an interview in 2002. The fact that Scott Steiner called WWE on his refusal to test if Triple H did it as well suggests that the COO had at least tried juicing before. The wellness policy is so strict that Roman Reigns can be suspended, it would make sense for Triple H to have to take the test before he meets with WWE officials. Triple H is sure to look better on them if The Game is as good as he claims.

#13 Dynamite Kid

If you think about The British Bulldog, you immediately think of Davey Boy Smith. But The Dynamite Kid was part of the original British Bulldogs. Dynamite Kid shared the same size as Davey Boy and had a tremendous physique. Dynamite Kid was a great athlete but his career wasn’t as successful as that of The British Bulldog. He suffered from injuries and issues with his management.

Dynamite Kid looked awful towards the end, but it’s difficult to determine if this was due to steroids, injuries, or heavy drug use. After losing nearly all his muscle mass, Dynamite Kid was in such poor shape that his tights were barely able to fit him by the end. Dynamite Kid, who has been using steroids and other drugs in addition to previous injuries from wrestling, is currently in very poor health. He also suffers from paralysis and heart problems.

#12 The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is the rock when it comes to exercising twice daily, starting at four in the morning and ending at eight in the afternoon. The Rock, who was a tough Brahma Bull in his youth, is now a true beast and posts videos and photos of his extreme workouts. Amazingly, The Rock now looks better than he did at the height of his career in wrestling, and that’s without any enhancers.

The Great One tried PEDs before he joined WWE. Rocky claims that he tried them, but they didn’t work and he hasn’t used them since. He deserves to be praised for his great health and fitness if we believe The Scorpion King. He probably has more time to bang and change, as he is not on the road for 365 days per year. With The Rock only wrestling once a season, it’s clear that he is training for size, not cardio.

#11 Scott Steiner

Would you be surprised if Scott Steiner admitted that he used steroids? Big Poppa Pump’s physique is amazing, and Steiner has never been shy about mocking Hulk Hogan by claiming that he has the biggest arms in the world. Freakzilla was a professional wrestler with incredible power and an impressive look. That look would eventually fade over time, but it was a highlight in WCW.

Scott Steiner was brought to WWE. He looked great. As Triple H refused to take him for a drug test, it was clear that he was still taking steroids. Steiner has looked terrible in his recent appearances on Impact. Big Poppa Pump needs to get some air. His chest looks so flat that he must cover it with a shirt.

#10 John Morrison

John Morrison, a Miami Herald, is not the greatest wrestler. His love for parkour makes him an odd client of juicing. Sports Illustrated identified the Prince of Parkour, who was a recipient of five drugs from a busted Signature Pharmacy. WWE would suspend JoMo, but it had little effect on Morrison’s career or appearance.

John Morrison is a big fan of parkour and crossfit. The Shaman of Sexy, who was suspended for a while, returned to his normal appearance and looks great. Morrison looked completely natural, regardless of the reason he used them in the past.

#9 Lex Luger

Lex Luger was a tough workout to maintain his superhero-like physique. Lex admitted that he used steroids to keep it that way. But once the star power and juice were gone, Luger became a total pipsqueak. Although Lex Luger has suffered a lot from injuries and other health problems, his muscle mass was already declining before any of these health issues.

Luger’s 2003 bust probably played a part in his muscle loss, and his star power decreased. He had no reason to stay in the same amazing shape as before. Luger isn’t narcissistic anymore, even though he didn’t get off the ‘roids.

#8 Batista 

WWE gave Dave Batista the spotlight when he was wrestling for the company. After Brock Lesnar’s departure, The Animal was booked as the “Next Big Thing. He quickly rose to be one of WWE’s most popular stars. Batista, like Lesnar, was a huge human being. His moniker “The Animal” is very fitting. His amazing physique made him an ideal fit for both wrestling and Hollywood. Batista, however, has been accused of juicing.

Although nothing has been confirmed by The Animal, there were rumors that Batista was taking time off due to an injury in order to cover for failed wellness tests. His name was also discovered during the Signature Pharmacy raid, as a client for such substances. It’s easy to see that Batista was a freak of nature when he joined WWE. He’s not only still huge today, but he’s also a lot slimmer than he was in his Evolution days. Batista is looking fantastic and has probably lost more weight than he did during his peak in wrestling. He is clearly doing what he wants, no matter what he does.

#7 Kurt Angle

Unfortunately, WWE Superstar Kurt Angle, who promoted Integrity Intensity, Intelligence, and Integrity, is still subject to steroid scandals. Sports Illustrated named Kurt Angle as a client of a wellness center that was accused of being a front for distributing steroids. Angle admitted that he used steroids, but only as prescribed to him by his doctor for his fractured neck. WWE suspended Angle for using steroids under their WWE Wellness Policy. Angle was stopped at a traffic stop and found with HGH.

It was obvious that Kurt Angle wouldn’t use banned substances to perform, considering the way WWE treated Angle like a dog. Angle was a huge wrestler in the WWE. Today, the Olympic gold medalist is back with the WWE and still has it in his ring. But, the extra weight is not there. His arms look smaller, and the Olympic hero looks more like an Olympic has been.

#6 Edge

The “R” stands for “Roids” in The Rated “R” Superstar. Edge didn’t have the super-jacked body of a fitness expert, but he was busted for using steroids during his WWE run. Edge was a rising star on the edge of a major push, so it makes sense that he was busted for steroids. Edge wanted to be remembered as a top man in the company.

Edge looked great, even though he was off the ‘roids after his violation. His skin still looked natural and less puffy. Edge could even be said to have looked more champion on the substance than he did while on it.

#5 Chris Masters

Did anyone doubt that The Masterpiece Chris Masters was juicing? His genius gimmick was almost identical to Lex Luger’s Narcissist gimmick. We know how Luger’s story turned out. Chris Masters failed the Wellness Policy test and will be suspended for 30 days. The Masterpiece looked less masterful after the suspension ended.

Masters lost significant muscle mass, which was quite noticeable. To compensate for his lackluster appearance, the commentators had to call Masters “leaner” and “more meaner.” His gimmick didn’t work with the learner Masters and he was eventually fired from WWE. Masters is now even slimmer and more meaningful in Impact Wrestling. But that’s not a good thing. While Masters looks natural, his Masterpiece appearance is somewhat embarrassing due to the fact that he was dependent on steroids.

#4 Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion made a surprising return to the 2018 Royal Rumble as the 27th entry. Rey did all his moves flawlessly, and looked even better, both physically and ring-wise. Rey was able to seamlessly transition into WWE after he left WCW.

Rey might have been too perfect in his transition to WWE, bulking up and being busted for steroids. Rey, like many other former WCW stars felt the need to compensate for his smaller stature due to WWE’s lack of a Cruiserweight Division. Rey was served his suspension and returned to the ring looking as fit and healthy as ever. Rey’s 2018 Royal Rumble return is a testimony to his great fitness and the physique he has posted on Instagram.

#3 Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn’s WWE tenure was not memorable. Saturn can’t even remember the event because of all the drugs he took at the time. This is even sadder. Saturn’s body was damaged by the steroids he used to maintain his peak physical condition. His mind was also ripped. He lost it completely to Mike Bell, the jobber, and was punished with the Moppy gimmick which ended Saturn’s career. Saturn was released long before the Wellness Policy was implemented.

He wouldn’t have survived as long under the current policy. Perry looks terrible today after getting clean. His poor health, past drug abuse, and financial problems are major reasons for his poor appearance. But it is a shocking realization that Saturn appears worse clean than he did when he was using PEDs with a mop.

#2 Randy Orton

Legend Killer and The Viper. These are the names of Randy Orton, the 13-time World Champion and young stud from the stable Evolution. Orton, who was much younger than he was when he entered the Raw roster, was extremely swole and was one of many superstars in the pharmaceutical steroids ring. Orton’s first wellness suspension would leave him looking more natural than he was.

Orton looks great off the ‘roids. He used to look a bit chubby from the steroids but now looks more natural and athletic. Orton is adamant that he doesn’t need steroids to get to the gym or keep him in good shape. Orton clearly shows that he has a natural, clean, and effective workout that pays off.

#1 Ahmed Johnson

What the hell happened to Ahmed Johnson? After being promoted as a potential main eventer, the guy was a huge flop in WWE. He was dangerous in the ring, and he was also very injury-prone. He was also a massive juicer, which should not be surprising considering his size. It is not surprising that Ahmed Johnson is bigger than ever today.

The Pearl River Powerhouse did more than just get off the juice. He also stopped going to the gym completely. Ahmed Johnson has let himself go completely and looks terrible for it. He is now completely overweight. This was evident even during his brief stint at WCW. He is now much more like his former self.

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