Which WWE Superstars Are Likely To Have Taken Steroids

NUMBER 4 Brock Lesnar

One of the strongest athletes in the world. I’d go as far as to say, for pure strength, speed, agility and power that Brock Lesnar is the best the WWE EVER had, by far.

We are talking about a guy who could powerbomb the big show with ease, throw men around like rag dolls. Remember when he joined the UFC? Frank Mir got his head caved in and was saved by an extremely poor refereeing decision. Remember his rematch? Frank Mir left in a pool of blood? I do.

My point is, Lesnar is a machine. He loves to destroy. He’s an ass kicker and one of the best.

We know his training is very explosive. He loves doing things such as the prowler for his cardio. We know he loves the bench press, the squat, the dead lift, the over head press, and kettle bells for cardio.

Another point of interest, Lesnar always speaks about how he struggled to hit weight classes. He HATES dieting. This guy loves to eat. The positive to this is, he actually eats healthy, he just overindulges.

Now, what anabolic steroids would Brock Lesnar take?

  • Testosterone enthanate
  • Deca
  • anavar
  • Dianabol
  • cheque drops
  • masteron
  • human growth hormone
  • ghrp-2
  • cjc
  • clen

The doses would be high upto 1.5 grams of test per week for example a gram of deca (Test and Deca cycle for beginners) etc.

If you want a more in depth look on Brock Lesnar and my opinion on him, check out the full article I did on him here

Number 3 The game HHH

The son in law of the owner of the company, HHH, is by far, in my opinion, one of the biggest users of anabolic steroids.

Anyone remember when he joined as Hunter Hurst Helmsley? Yeah, he had some muscle and he looked good, but he’s pretty much TRIPLED his size. Hell, he doesn’t even look like the same guy.

HHH has one of the most impressive physiques in the WWE. His love for bodybuilding is something he’s expressed to the media multiple times. He’s won the WWE and World Championship countless times. He’s had 5 star matches countless times, and on top of this, he’s one of the toughest guys around. Tearing his quad and still finishing the match and entertaining the crowd is no easy feat.

But what kind of steroids does HHH use?

Testosterone, deca, tren, anavar, dianabol, and possibly anadrol are all huge elements in HHH’S life. Along with Human growth hormone, of course the “human growth hormone” belly as a lot like to call it is essential on HHH’S build.

But take nothing away from him HHH is one of the toughest guys out there.

What does his training look like? We know he’s a huge fan of pure bodybuilding, if you read his book, he tends to like training a muscle group twice per week 5 to 6 training sessions per week.

His favorite chest exercises are the bench press and dumbbell flies. For legs, the squat and leg press.

About 80% of his training consists of pure compound movement with 20% isolation, quite a good mixture that has allowed him to develop a very good body.

He’s done a few different transformations in his time. The first time he tore his quad, he came back BIGGER than ever. I mean it, this guy was absolutely huge. However, on his second injury, he came back nowhere near as big, but far leaner.

If you’d like to read more about HHH in depth, I’ve also done a full article on him, which can be found here

Number 2 WWE Superstar The Rock

The rock, one of the youngest ever WWE champions, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, The Rock is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted men in the world today. Charasmatic, Athletic, strong, hard working, entertaining, pie eating… wait, ignore the last part, The Rock is, without a doubt, a great entertainer. It doesn’t matter if it’s on WWE TV or in the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

But what separates The Rock from most WWE Superstars? Actually, scratch that—What separates The Rock from most MEN?

His incredibly huge build! I mean it, in Hollywood now, we have all these guys with the little 6 pack in the movies who are supposed to be played off as larger than life guys with bodies barely bigger than the average guy albeit they may be leaner, but certainly not that much more muscular.

This is where The Rock comes in. Remember the days of Arnold and Stallone? These guys had huge bodies and looked damn good doing what they did. Add that to the fact that when they kicked ass, you actually believed these guys could do it, unlike now. This is where The Rock comes in. He was never the biggest guy in the WWE, no way. Yet now, he’s by far one of the biggest guys. Not only in the WWE, but Hollywood. Hell, on the world level, this guy is an absolute monster who is going back to the days of the 80′s getting top roles (in fact, he’s just been signed on to play Hercules)

And I have nothing but the upmost respect for him.

But what anabolic steroids did the rock take to get this size?

Anadrol, testosterone, deca, tren, and of course, human growth hormone would all be stacked at the same time. Anadrol would give him the quick blast within 6 weeks, easily adding 20 to 25lbs. Once he stopped that, he’d notice the water retention dropping quickly. During this time, the tren will have built some nice lean muscle. Testosterone will have begun kicking in, by week 12 he’ll be starting to see the magic of deca and just getting bigger. I’d say it was a good 28 weeks cycle, in my honest opinion.

The Rock’s training would change slightly. While he’s always been a fan of explosive movements– box jumps, jumping pullups, wide grip pullups with the towel, the clean and jerk. He’d now have to go a more muscle building and strength building environment.

Heavy squats and dead lifts, weighted pullups and weighted dips would all be essential and a very important part of his training.

As with all the others, if you want to see a more in depth article on The Rock going over a lot more details, be sure to check out the article loccated here.

And finally

Number 1 WWE SUPERSTAR John Cena

The guy who denies it the most. While John Cena is loved around the world by many, it’s no excuse he is extremely unpopular backstage. His denial and condemning anyone who has used anabolic steroids is, quite frankly, pathetic.

Sure, I understand he’s the face of the WWE and the need to deny using it, but to condemn others when he’s obviously one of the guys who uses it the most is downright pathetic.

Anyway onto John Cena’s positives. If we see Cena what do we see? Of course, those huge arms or, more importantly, his huge triceps.

While most guys work the bench press, Cena, from a very young age, has worked the triceps. For example, he does close grip bench instead of the regular bench press we all do. And this shows in the incredible size of his triceps.

He’s also known for doing weighted dips, but keeping as upright as possible and forcing most of the weight onto his triceps. Again, this shows. Unfortunately, though, there are a few places cena lacks.

While I’ve seen this guy lift the Big Show with ease at 500lbs, his legs seem to lack size. I’m unsure if this is down to not training them enough or properly but, either way, it’s strange to me.

His chest size isn’t that great either. He has huge triceps, well developed biceps, great shoulders, a good back, but in my opinion, his chest and legs lack massively.

He claims to deadlift just over 600lbs, along with squatting a similar weight. I can tell you when I was squatting 600lbs my legs were FAR, FAR bigger.

Overall, though, John Cena is a great athlete with incredible levels of strength.

But what type of anabolics does he take?

Testosterone, tren, dianabol, human growth hormone (which is showing lately) Igf-1 will all be staples in this guys routine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw in some clen and primbolan from time to time or some masteron too.

Never the less, John Cena is still a great athlete and despite being shoved into our face as a child like super hero, you can not take away from his actual ability.

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