Which WWE Superstars Are Likely to Have Taken Steroids

Of course, these are simply only “educating” and, well, “obvious” guesses, unless the actual athlete has actually failed a steroid test, such as Randy Orton has done. Here, we plan to discuss 3 WWE Superstars who we believe have used anabolic steroids.

WWE Diva, Beth Phoenix

Yes, you heard me correct Beth Phoenix.

One of the most muscular women of recent years to hit the WWE. Strong, beautiful, sexy. Beth Phoenix had it all.

While not hitting the size and strength of Chyna, there is still no denying she is one strong girl. Known for squatting heavily and training 5 days per week, along with a strict high-calorie diet, Beth Phoenix is one of the most impressive females the WWE has ever seen. We will go over what anabolic steroids she would use and what her training will look like.

Beth tends to train each muscle group twice a week and it really isn’t that big of a surprise to find out she favors compound movements!.

The squat, deadlift, bench press, good mornings, overhead press, bench press, all with dumbbells and barbell variations are the main stays of her weight lifting routine. It’s also believed she is a large fan of static holds. I.e., holding a weight heavier than she can actually lift for around 30 seconds. She’d repeat this for 8 repetitions.

Now on to the anabolics. While she hasn’t used testosterone, as I’d suspect Chyna evidently did and has. She has used anabolics such as Anavar to build a nice amount of lean mass. (Remember, Anavar is extremely safe and perfect for a female to use) I also believe she will have used Deca to add a lot of mass as well.

Other things worth noting are her supplements. Being a top WWE Superstar would allow for supplements such as creatine, protein powders, Omega 3, all to be easily added to her diet. Clen would also be a staple for her for energy and fat loss.

I believe she may have been tempted to dabble into other anabolic steroids and had it still been the “Attitude Era” where she was exposing her body more and the women’s matches actually meant something, then Beth Phoenix would of gotten much bigger, I believe.

Vince McMahon

Oh, he’ll hate me for this one, but let’s be honest, Raw was on last week and obviously he no longer has the ridiculously huge physique he once had. But what did he have? An extremely lean body. He still looked great for his age. But let’s have a look at him in his prime. At 50+ years old this is the body Vincent Kennedy McMahon possessed and I believe it’s completely fair to say, how many would die to have a body like that in their 20′s or 30′s?

Vince had his fair share of problems with anabolic steroids when Hulk Hogan infamously gave evidence against him. But even though, we are a “steroid supporting” website, I think even the most biased would agree that there’s really no problem with wrestlers using anabolic steroids and it’s just related to the media and the Government trying to put the blame on steroids. Why is this? Because they can’t stop the drug dealers, they have to blame someone right? Right.

Another pathetic thing is, in the war against wrestlers on steroids, the name “Benoit” is thrown around. I am sorry, but Chris Benoit had brain damage among other things and steroids had NO effect what so ever on the tragedy that took place.

Now, on to Vince McMahon. What anabolics would he need to take to get to the size he got to at such an age?

Anabolic steroids such as testosterone, deca, and tren would be the main staples. These would be his “building blocks” and he’d do cycles that last up to 24 weeks with minor off time when he was not on screen. Dianabol would have been used in the early days as a kick start, but he probably stopped using these as he started the longer cycles.

Human growth hormone would also be essential to keep, not only a “youthful” appearance, but to help burn body fat, strengthen the joints and muscles.

Finally, his training was 4 times a week pure bodybuilding with 5 days cardio. He’d train 2 body parts per session and I believe he’d use a program similar to the 5/3/1 bodybuilding program.

Overall, a lot of credit has to be given to Vince for the training, diet, and effort he puts into it.


We can’t have Beth Phoenix on this list and not mention Chyna, now can we? I know there’s Nicole Bass, but come on, no one really wants to remember her, do they?

Standing at almost 6 foot with a body desired by both men and women, Chyna had it all in her prime. Though she went through a few different phases from being super muscular, to lean and mean. One of the sexiest women in the WWE. Proud of her body, her strength and despite her impressive amount of muscle, she always kept her feminine side.

But what kind of anabolic steroids would Chyna need? Unlike most women, I truly believe she obviously used testosterone. Anyone who has seen the Chyna sex video and looked downstairs will also agree with this.

Testosterone would be run upto 500MG weekly which is extremely high for a woman. She’d run Deca at 600mg weekly again extremely high for a woman. And finally, anavar. This is what got her “huge” as time went by to keep the mass. She’d obviously lower her dosages dramatically as time went on so she “retained” what she already had. I think by the time we saw her in the more lean state, in the back end of her WWE career ,she was probably just on deca and anavar, with some clen here and there added to the mix.

Another thing worth noting is her training. Chyna LOVED high intensity training and would train up to 6 times per week.

She’d train body parts up to 3 times per week; Think BBB style training.

It’s really no surprise with the anabolics she used. She put so much work in that she could EASILY hold her own with most of the guys in there and commonly had matches with the guys. Anyone remember her match with Jericho or Jeff Jarret?

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