Did Christian Bale Take Anabolic Steroids for His Role

Did Christian Bale take anabolic steroids for his role in Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, and of course, the Dark Knight Rise?

Did Christian Bale take steroids? This is a question that is commonly asked due to him bulking up for his role in the blockbuster Batman Begins. As we can see here, Christian Bale was never one of the “biggest” guys around, in fact, he has quite a small, fragile frame.

Looking perhaps slightly lanky, and hardly intimidating in the slightest, (If this guy came down dressed up as a bat i’d find my self laughing hysterically) he’s hardly going to induce fear into drug dealers, rapists and muggers, now is he?

And obviously as the first hour or so of Batman Begins focuses solely on the training of Bruce Wayne, for this purpose it doesn’t matter how muscular Batman looks in the Bat-suit, or how intimidating he looks with that mask on or how fast he looks.

What matters is that when Bruce Wayne has his shirt off and he’s training he needs to look at least better than the average guy. You need to believe he can fight. And while he is nowhere near as muscular as he is in the comics, cartoons, tv shows etc., (with the exception of the 60′s of course), and in my opinion no way near as physically fit as he should have looked, HE DID put a decent amount of muscle mass on.

Christian Bale did put on a bit of muscle for his role in the film. While he isn’t insanely lean, or ridiculously big, I think this is the look Nolan was looking for.

After all, Bane was never “huge” nor lean really in the Dark Knight Rises. Anyway, first and foremost we need to go over why the question of did “Christian Bale take steroids ?“ is asked so much, While his body is not drastically big enough for us to normally ask this question we need to look at the short amount of time in which Christian Bale was able to put on the muscle mass.

In some of his photos you can see, he isn’t really muscular, in fact, he actually looks like a skeleton sometimes. What makes this so impressive is the fact no CGI was used and he actually looked this way. A story that isn’t as well known as it should be is that Christian Bale actually planned to lose another 10lbs but was told this would not be possible without putting his life at risk.

You have to give him credit. His commitment to his roles and acting is nothing short of impressive. So it was no surprise to see him bulk up and put some muscles on, despite it not being something he enjoyed doing.

Now the question, did he take anabolic steroids for this role? In my opinion, yes. How could he not? While at such a low body fat level and ridiculously skinny to the point of medically ill, he would be able to gain muscle quite easy. it’s scientifically proven, without anabolic steroids, 12 to 15lbs of muscle mass per year is usually the maximum would could expect. However, as stated above due to the starvation he could probably make some easy/quick gains, but nothing to account for the 55lbs of lean mass he put on. I’d say 20lbs was possible naturally.

What type of steroids would he use?

Christian Bales steroid cycle would look like the following.

Anavar 100mg daily ran for 10 weeks.

Why Anavar? Because it gives constant strength and muscle gains while little to no water retention. It is also one of the safest anabolic steroids out there for men or women. For more information on Anavar and to get a feel for why it would be so important to Christian Bale’s cycle, click here.

Now moving on, he’d also take testosterone.

Why? it is the “Building block” of any steroid cycle. He’d run this for 22 weeks. It’d allow him to constantly make gains. Around 35lbs of lean mass could be added with this and anavar. The gains would be extremely easy to keep. His strength and recovery would go up 6/7 times higher than average, meaning not only could he train with weights harder to get more muscular.

He’d also be able to perform more of his own stunts and martial arts as we know he made the effort to do. Again, a lot of respect has to go out to this guy. He didn’t overdo steroids, he used a very responsible cycle and got great results.

In fact he went from this to this:

But what would his training routine look like I hear you asking me? Steroids are great, but they won’t do the work for you. His training routine would need to be spot on and of course it was.

Training 6 times per week hitting muscle groups Twice per week. Christian bale was able to create a great overall body transformation.

Focusing on lifts like the bench press, the dead lift, the squat, the over head press, pullups, and dips. He was able to generate a lot of muscle mass fast. For biceps close grip pullups were an exercise he said dramatically helped him along with tricep extensions and dips for his triceps.

His rep range was between 8 to 10 reps for one session and 10 to 15 reps for the other session focusing purely on bodybuilding.

A 3 second eccentric portion of the lift followed by an explosive concentric would help lead to such a dramatic increase in muscle mass.

And finally, his nutrition. No matter how good his training is, and how good his routine equally is, without good eating habits, he will get nowhere.

His diet was, as stated by himself High protein, medium fats and medium carbs. He focused his carbohydrate intake first thing in the morning and pre and post workout. His last meals focused solely on higher fats.

So basically his first 3 meals focused on protein and moderate carbs, low fats. His last 3 high protein and moderate fats, no carbs.

By eating 6 meals a day and training this way he was able to limit fat gain while maximizing muscle mass and the anabolic hormones he was taking.

Overall, Christian bale deserves all the credit he gets. A tremendous actor whose hard work and dedication could inspire anyone.

Anyone who can do that for a movie role deserves all the acclaim they get.

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