Celebrities On Steroids: Taylor Lautner’s 6pack

Taylor Lautner, AKA Jacob Black, has become a household name with Twilight fans and girls everywhere. Now, I know what a lot of you are going to say. “He isn’t that big!” “I work out.” True. But are you lean? The 6 pack is where it’s at these days. It doesn’t matter how big or how muscular you are if it’s covered up by layers of fat, does it? Do you think women care how much you lift or how much it looks like you can lift?

Go on—Ask your girlfriend, or a random girl, the sexiest part of a man’s body. 70% of the time they’ll say the abs, the rest of the time you’ll hear arms or chest. But you’ll find the highest percentage is obsessed with the 6pack.

This is why Taylor Lautner pulls it off so well. He has a decent amount of chest muscle, his arms are decent as well, and he has a very low body fat percentage. While he doesn’t scream out “amazing body” to most guys, he does to women.

Do I believe Taylor Lautner used anabolic steroids? Of course, I do. It’s enough to take a look at those photos of him when he was younger.

He had very little to no muscle mass. However, he was a great martial artist. When he first started off in the Twilight films, as can be seen in the first one, he had NO muscle mass, whatsoever. In fact, due to the way he looked, he was going to be cut and dropped out of the film. A new actor would replace him.

At a mere 110lbs and the height of 5’9”, he didn’t have too much going for him in the looks department. Nor did he have a lot going for him if he planned to become a “sex symbol,” the way he is seen today.

Taylor Lautner knew exactly what was required of him. If he wished to keep his role in these movies, he had to dramatically change his body. He needed to get as much muscle mass on him as possible, while keeping his body fat at a bare minimum. He set out and began making a complete body change and he did it. Not only did he do it, but he did it within 9 months!

So if Taylor Launter can do this, why can’t you? Women love to run their hands over a nice, firm stomach—Abs of steel.

The goal of this article is to make sure your girl will no longer ask you “Why don’t you look like him?” Instead, you’ll have her saying such things as, “No one can compete with my man!” She will be showing you off to her friends.

Later on, I’m going to give you a training routine that I’ve used on my athletes, as well as a steroid cycle I believe Taylor Launter will have used.

First, we’ll go into a bit of his background.

(Feel free to simply scroll down if you wish to see the steroid cycle + training advice)

As a child, Taylor Lautner began training in Martial Arts and it wasn’t long before he was ranked number one in his weight class by the American Sports Karate Association. Taylor Lautner then, soon afterwards, began to get his acting career off and running. He started appearing in bit roles in comedy series. This went on for quite some time, until he finally got his big break, when he was cast as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga franchise.

The back end of the 2000s saw Taylor Lautner become a teen idol, and soon he began to rise as a sex symbol. After dramatically changing his body and adding a vast amount of muscle mass to keep his role as Jacob Black in further Twilight movies, this led to him generating media attention for his looks. In 2010, he was actually ranked 2nd on Glamour’s “The 50 Sexiest Men of 2010″ list. Not long after did he find himself finishing fourth on People’s “Most Amazing Bodies” list, this, among many honors he has received, has led to Taylor Lautner having one of the most desired bodies by men and women alike. Be it for different reasons.

Now we need to see what your body fat level is, and what the goal is. If you are 15% body fat or under, you will follow a completely different cycle than if you are 20% body fat or over. Why? Because, if you are at 15% body fat, with this cycle you’ll easily be able to drop to 8% body fat (as long as you stick to a good diet.) If you are 15% body fat or under, our goal is to cut as much fat as possible, while also adding a good amount of muscle mass—between 10-20lbs. If you are over 15%, it’s to lose as much fat as possible to get that 6pack coming. Then later you can do the second cycle to complete the task at hand.

Below is a simple Clen only cycle. This is if you are 15% body fat or more.

First week.
(Remember to take Clen first thing in the morning. within 30 minutes upon awakening)
Day 1,2,3 60MG
Day 4,5,6 80MG
Day 7,8,9 100MG
Day 10,11,12 120MG
Day 13,14,15 140MG
Day 16,17,18 160MG
Day 19,20,21 120MG
Day 22,23,24 80MG
Day 25 60MG

If you are under 15%, or you did the first cycle and now want to finish off, now comes the exciting part. You will be taking Clenbuterol and also Azolol 5mg (Winstrol tabs). Winstrol is one of the most effective anabolic steroids. Not only does it help keep, and even gain muscle while losing fat, it gives your body that hard, muscular look that all girls seem to love—and the great strength gains given by Winstrol are amazing. It’s also not bad for side effects. You shouldn’t get angry on it, as it’s not harsh on the liver, and you can take it orally. What’s not to love?

You will run the Clen at the EXACT same doses as the above, with one twist. You’ll be taking Winstrol daily for 8 weeks, which will look like this:

Azolol 5mg (Winstrol tabs) 50 mg daily 1-8 weeks

With good diet and Clen? Expect to lose about 6% body fat, and put on around 12lbs of mass. If your body fat is already low, say 8%, you might only lose 2%, but will notice more mass gain, as this is quite common.

Now for the training! We know Taylor Lautner is VERY serious on his training. He loved doing whole body workouts, up to 3 whole body sessions per week, with 3 cardio sessions on the other days.

Taylor is also a HUGE fan of using chains to improve his lifting experience—something I will be writing more about very soon!

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