Christian Bale Steroids

Now I know what you’re about to ask me did “Christian Bale Take steroids in his career?” Perhaps he took them for his roles as Batman? Surely he did in Batman Begins I hear you ask? Well I plan to answer these questions in further detail below.

I’ve already done an article about Christian Bale before perhaps you can read it below if you are interested.

Did Christian Bale Take Steroids?

As I’ve previously mentioned Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors on the big screen at this moment in time, not just for his GREAT acting skills as he’s shown off in so many different films such as American Psych, Batman Begins, Terminator and let’s be honest, we could go on and on couldn’t we? Christian Bale has admitted being “tempted” to use anabolic steroids but the fear of his testicles shrinking caused him to run away.

Obviously such a big Hollywood celebrity is NOT going to admit anabolic steroid usage nor could we expect him to. But anyone who trains often with any idea what so ever is going to know he used anabolic steroids.
Just take a look at some of the photos I’ve provided here

Do you really think he went from that change naturally when he’s admitted to never using a gym in his life? I know some will shout out “personal trainer” “noobie gains” I’ve trained with some of the best Olympic coaches in the world and they can’t do that naturally. You know why? Because it’s not natural.

Yes, Christian bale used steroids, especially for his roles in American psycho and of course Batman begins where he had to look as big as possible for his “training” scenes.

Christian Bale Steroids Is a common question to be asked on here and you can understand why. What I love about him and I’ll give him all the credit in the world on is that he trains his ass off and considers it a vital part of his character development.

He knew Bruce Wayne was a driven angry man so he portrayed this role to a T he trained with weights as hard as he can up to 6 times a week, DESPITE having to film his movie role 7 days per week. His nutrition during this time was amazing as was his overall work rate.

He had a bit of leeway in that he did not need to get “lean” as long as he didn’t look fat. His main goal was to be as big as possible this allowed him to do a longer “Bulking cycle” especially when he’d just filmed The Machinist where he portrayed himself at just under 100lbs!.

His bulking cycle would have been the following:

Testosterone 18 weeks 700MG per week
Deca 16 week 500MG per week
Anavar 10 weeks 100mg daily

This will allow him to add as much muscle as possible while keeping any fat related side gains down to a minimum along with any kind of bloating.

Another thing about Christian Bale is he actually tried to learn some martial arts so he could perform at a higher level with some of the fight scenes despite having a stunt man offer to do this for him. Again, He is not known for taking the easy way out.

His training routine as he said himself consisted of heavy squats, heavy dead lifts, heavy bench presses, heavy over head presses, he mainly stuck to the big compound lifts, adding in drop sets where needed and supersetting accordingly.

I am a huge fan of Christian Bale and enjoyed writing this article. Hopefully I’ve managed to answer a few questions with it and I plan to do more articles like this. If you’d wish for me to do so, please get in touch and let us know who’d you’d like to see us do an article about Christian Bale

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  1. Christian Bale never used a gym in his life? That’s an utter lie. For American Psycho he admitted that he was so obsessed with the role that he worked out all the time to gain the body that was described in the movie. On the Reign of Fire his body is again perfect. Haven’t you heard about muscle memory? That helped him rebuilt his muscles after the Machinist. As for ”he never went to a gym in his life”, there are plenty of paparazzi photos showing him coming out of gyms. Last but not least, his body in the movies you mention has no marks of steroid use. So use some other actor to speak about steroid use.


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