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Wow, this question, this question drives me mad! Why? Because how the hell can I answer it… what is the best anabolic steroid is like asking what’s the best a girl with a big juicy backside, or a girl with some of the best breasts known to man how can you decide!?

But jokes aside the reason I can’t really answer it without telling you a pack of lies, and the reason no website cannot answer this without telling you a PACK of lies is simply down to the fact that there is no best anabolic steroid because a lot of the steroids do plenty of different things and it depends on what you are wanting to achieve..

For example let’s say you want to build up some muscle mass fast and you don’t care about bloat or a little bit of body fat.

Before we go any further I’d like to mention that all the anabolic steroids that are mentioned in this article plus plenty more can all be purchased from the link directly below!

A cycle of

Testosterone, Deca, and finally anadrol is pretty much impossible to stop! You can easily add up to 50lbs of muscle mass over a 3 month period but at the same time if you are wanting to drop 20lbs and have LEAN muscle mass and tissue then you want to try something completely different don’t you!

Something like


Testosterone and tren

Why? Tren is the most powerful anabolic steroid known to man, I’ve seen guys add 30lbs of muscle and lose 20lbs of fat on this substance.

On a cutting cycle of anavar, testosterone and tren, you will see some of the best results known to man, You will add muscle mass no matter what while the fat will just seem to “melt off” you will probably want to add in some clen if you are using a decent amount of carbs to make the fat loss even quicker, not that with tren you’d need it to be honest! But it will make it even faster.

Again, if you are just wanting to build muscle while losing fat a testosterone tren cycle can be perfect if you are just wanting a quick transformation.

I suppose many could consider Tren the best anabolic steroid due to the fact it can be used in a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle to give you the results required.

I however have to point out something while it is a Great anabolic steroid it is NOT for the novice, and it does need to be taken with Testosterone.

Likewise let’s not forget human growth hormone.

This can get you ripped and I mean ripped.

Human growth hormone is capable of removing 20-30lbs of fat off you within 6 months WITHOUT dieting and while you are EATING more, Yes, I’ve seen guys use HGH, who are on 6000 calories a day with a 6 pack and a ridiculous amount of muscle mass because this stuff is that powerful.

Human growth hormone



Depending on your goals can be the most powerful anabolic steroids stack known to man.

Again these are just basic examples and I just wanted to explain to you why you should never listen to someone who says “the best anabolic steroid is” because there simply isn’t one.

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