Beginner’s Anavar Cycle

This cycle is for a novice who wishes to use anavar in a cutting fashion. The idea is to cut calories dramatically, while Increasing cardio. You will also keep your strength, and in an ideal world, get stronger. Not bad, eh? This is the cutting cycle.

Remember this is for someone new to anabolics or someone who is, at the very least, new to Anavar.

This is for novices who wish to start with Anavar in pill form only.

What is required?

Winstrol 10mg Tablets
Anavar 10mg Tablets
Clenbuterol 40mg Tablets

It is always recommend by us that you use something to protect the liver. While Anavar is probably the safest steroid around, I still recommend this, better to be safe, no? I recommend good quality milk thistle and I recommend that it is used before, during and after the use of Winstrol to effectively kill any toxins and help with the regeneration process of the liver.

Recommended dosage and duration? How about this: Winstrol and Anavar to be taken in divided doses throughout the day, only Winstrol, while some recommend missing doses on a Sunday or a non training day to give the liver a break. This is stupid and ineffective. Why? Think of it this way… if a smoker says “Ah, tomorrow I won’t smoke for the day,” it won’t prevent them getting lung cancer. If you are dosing these too high, or not doing what I recommend here, it is your own fault. Follow it properly, and i’m extremely confident you won’t run into ANY problems.

Now, on to Clen!

Clenbuterol is best taken before breakfast, (First thing in the morning) or before training, but under no circumstances would I take it past 5 pm. Otherwise, you simply won’t sleep!. Clenbuterol weeks have been marked different. A 2 day on 2 day off scheme to milk the results is recommended.

Anavar will be taken at 40 to 50mg per day for 6 weeks.
Winstrol will be dosed at 40 to 50mg per day for 6 weeks also.
While, finally, the Clen will be dosed at 120MG in a 2 day on 2 day off scheme.

Overall I hope you enjoyed the information given here, as this is a basic but effective cutting cycle. And I highly recommend it to anyone afraid of needles.

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