Video Games and the Desire To Be Big

There is always someone in this world who will strive for a better body, and even those who do not acknowledge the stereotype of male health and vigor as an idealized concept.

The male ideal is something often found seeping into all aspects of our media – the books we read, the shows we watch, the video-games we play, and in the magazines we look at. Above all, we want our heroes to be larger than life like most of us want to be, how we want the world to see us. It sets a bar, a shimmer of hope for all who look down upon weakness and glorify strength.

A note of focus, in particular, are video-games– an often endless parade of fiction and fantasy that ties into a fun and interactive format. The biggest factor in any game is the presentation of a society’s ideal.

Take for example, strength in body and realize what it means: Being strong enough to stand on your own two feet in the rough and prevail. Imagine the Rambo-style hero firing at and punching through his enemies… Plowing through opposition with their fists, holding a chain gun like it’s a chew toy, and fighting the good fight.

Strength is a full blown, wondrous pissing contest of manliness and the media often loves to play on that. After all, it does get them more ratings because that’s what people pay for, what they want to see. Why do you think your girlfriend forces you to rewatch Twilight for the 100th time? Perhaps because a certain Mr.Lautner has his shirt off? Do you feel she would be as interested if he weighed 120lbs? The producers certainly didn’t. This is why they threatened to fire the young actor did he not bulk up for the role.

We all know that male stereotype which is to be strong, independent, and brave. The ideal that strength is freedom, and freedom is glorious. To have muscles that bulge, like you combined two pro-wrestlers. To become one super wrestler who can step on all that is in their opposition. Video-gaming pushes this view well beyond the point of no return.

From the main character of Doom churning through waves of demons coming out of the Eye of Jupiter, to Kratos with all his strength and manly divinity– smashing through the world of Gods and beasts like everything is a powerless toy.

There’s even games like Street Fighter or Guilty Gear, which features strong men just as well as competent strong women. Strength isn’t just a male value, but rather the value of dominance that many seek. To be the stronger person in a fight, to protect that of what you live, and to impress those you want to protect.

With all this in mind, some of you may have a desire to impress those around you, look good for yourself, or maybe even just model yourself after your favorite Video Game Character… Well, I’m going to give you a very effective steroid cycle that can be implemented to great effect.

Now, as we all know, different steroids and cycles waiver different results, so just for the “fun” of it, I am going to name the cycle after a video game character.

I call this the “God of War Cycle” and I’ve dedicated it to Kratos

I’ve only used this with 3 of my athletes, and to say I’ve seen great results would be an understatement.

What you will need:

Danabol (dianabol) 50MG daily.
GP Test Enanth 250 (Testosterone Enanthate) 700mg weekly
GP Deca 250 Deca 500mg Weekly
GP Oral Tren (methyltrienolone)
GP Tren Enanth 200Trenbolone 100mg Every other day.

The cycle will look like this:

Dianabol 50mg, daily, week 1-8
Testosterone enthanate 700mg, weekly, week 1-16
Deca MG weekly, week 1-12
Trenbolene 100mg every other day, week 1-6

IMPORTANT: This is a 16 week cycle and is CERTAINLY not for novices.

Tren is one of the most powerful steroids there is. (if not the most powerful) Combine it with the rest of these compounds that are all incredibly powerful, and you are going to see results. I feel with a good diet and training regime, it would be unfair on Kratos to have your photo put aside him… As it is possible to put that much mass on during this. It’s common to see up to 30lbs of muscle mass gains in as little as 30 days with Tren. Along with 25lbs, to even 30 of fat loss.

Realistically, it’s hard for me to guess how much you will put on with this routine. (I’d need to know how many previous cycles you’ve had).

If this is your first cycle with Tren, I believe gains up to 45lbs-50lbs are quite easily attainable within the 16 week period. This is also, why I cant stress how important it is that you use a GOOD PCT.

So there you have it the “God of War Cycle.” Similar to his character in the game– is not to be taken lightly, but can make a spartan out of the skinnest individual.

Do you want to be strong like these men? Do you want to indulge in the male ideal and be independent and free? Our site can show you everything you need to know about building strength hard, fast, and with ease. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself. We can help!

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