Female Bodybuilding

Something that always makes me laugh a whole lot is when girls are told things like “you shouldn’t squat, bench press, or deadlift, just use this.” Pink dumbbells are not for girls, they are to be used as doorstops, my girlfriend squats just under 400lbs, going to tell her that she shouldn’t squat? She’s won best “ass” contests and is modeling now, due to her success, female bodybuilding is brilliant.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a figure model, a powerlifter, a weight lifter, or a bodybuilder, whatever you want, you need to do the same things, you need to lift heavy, hard, often, and work your ass off! The main lift anyone wanting to either lose weight and or build muscle wants to do for female bodybuilding is the same as for men. You want to focus on the big heavy strong compound lifts.

The squat is a great exercise, you can find any other exercise that is capable of building or adding as much muscle mass as the squat. The squat burns MORE calories than any other exercise, the squat gives a bigger hormonal response than any other exercise, the squat works over 400 different muscle groups, if you want a good juicy sexy ass, a nice big pair of muscular lean legs, rock hard stomach, and just to look and feel sexy then you need to squat. The next exercise any girl serious about female bodybuilding should be doing is of course the deadlift

The deadlift is a fantastic exercise, for building huge legs, it really works the ass area, and the back of the legs, something all girls love, but a bonus point is it also works the entire back, And we all know there is nothing sexier than having a great sexy back is there? And tons of girls, are unhappy with their backs, try getting a good deadlift going and your back problems will fix themselves! We also have the Bench press, this is a great one for women, it works the chest, triceps, shoulders, and so many different areas in the body it’s perfect! Bench hard, and you’ll see those chicken wings on the arms disappear in seconds! And you will look fantastic! But remember you need to work hard at female bodybuilding to succeed!

The pull up, tons of girls can’t do this, but if you can build up to the chin up you will see just how dramatic the muscle gained can be, a Good chin up will work ALL the upper back, it will work the Biceps to perfection, and you will be shocked at the amount of strength and muscle you will build, likewise fat you will burn!

The other exercise too many forget is the overhead press, this is just as important for female bodybuilding as it is men, why? because by building those shoulder muscles, it makes your waist appear even smaller, your upper body bigger and gives off one of the sexiest looks going, + who messes with a strong looking woman eh?

These are just a few of the basic exercises for female bodybuilding that are essential and important if you wish to go to the next level of health and fitness.

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