Female Muscle Bodybuilding

So, you want to build muscle mass and you are female, well guess what? This is incredible! Honestly, there are so many girls now who look skinny, weak, and well, let’s be honest, it’s not sexy, is it? When I see girls and they have quad muscles, or some nice arm and abdominal muscles, I’m always in glee, I’m always not only finding them sexually attractive but I always respect and admire the dedication and hard work they must put into look this damn good.

Especially in a world so ridiculed and fake. In a world where men are SCARED of strong, sexy women, and where women tend to believe in general that they should stay small and “weak” this is wrong and for anyone who wants to look damn good, I encourage them and help them. Tons of my clients are female, and we have tons of females here who work hard to build muscles.

So you probably wonder if it’s safe to take anabolic steroids? Of course, it is, in general, the best anabolic steroids for women are the following.

  • Turinabol also known as t-bol
  • Anavar
  • Deca
  • NPP
  • Primobolan

When you are comfortable and know what type of results to expect you should try out a testosterone product ONLY if you wish at a lower dosage, I’ve seen girls get some of the most incredible gains known to women by doing this. Again, a good plan is needed and it should be no different from anything I’d recommend to a male athlete. You should be doing heavy squats, heavy deadlifts, heavy bench presses, heavy pull-ups, and of course heavy overhead presses.

My girlfriend is an incredible female athlete, and she can squat well over 300lbs, her next goal is to hit 400lbs, she is carrying very little body fat this moment in time and to be frank, she looks damn good, she looks incredible and I’m very, very proud of her, and you know what I’m proud of all Female Muscle Bodybuilding.

Go out there and build the body of your dream, girl, look better than the rest. I’ve seen girls with muscle at the beach stand next to their friends who were still nice/attractive and everyone is just staring at the girl with muscle because it makes her so commanding, so sexy, There is a reason men like strong women, wonder woman, etc. These have stood the test of time!

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