Jessica Biel and Steroids: Does Jessica Use Steroids?

Jessica Biel Muscle

Man, we had to do an article on her, didn’t we? This girl is incredibly sexy, who wouldn’t want to be dominated by her? Mhm… But let’s look at her muscles, do you think she did this naturally? Honestly, no she didn’t. I can tell by looking at her, in my opinion, I believe she has used NPP (a version of deca that is fantastic for females).

And have you seen this girl’s ass? She obviously spends a lot of time squatting and lifting heavy weights. It’s obvious she has used not only Npp, as I mentioned above but also Anavar. Anavar is a fantastic and extremely safe steroid for women that builds lean muscle mass and strength.

I’d also go as far as to say her routine is focused on all the heavy compound lifts, this much is obvious since she has such a GREAT body, however, she obviously does a lot of PULL-UPS as well as deadlifts, you can tell this by the way she has built her back and of course her incredibly sexy arms. This girl, while she may have had “anabolic assistance,” in my belief it doesn’t matter because she has worked her ass off to get this way, quite literally and what an ass it is!

She deserves all the credit in the world. To get Jessica Biel muscle you need to work hard. How many girls out there want to look as good as her? How many guys out there want to do her? Exactly! Jessica Biel muscle is not easily achieved and is something you need to work very, very hard for.

Also, being a martial arts fan, I absolutely love her photos with the sidekick to the face while not really practical or even that great, it looks incredible and there’s just something sexy about a girl who can kick ass isn’t there?

Her photos show her training her ass off in the gym. Honestly, she looks better than most guys, and notice something SHE IS LIFTING weights! Yes ladies, if you want a great ass, sexy abs, and low body fat, do weights. Fuck those stupid cardio machines that do nothing for you! Just check out plenty of figure models and females who look fucking sexy lifting heavy weights all the damn time and guess what? They don’t look weird they look incredibly sexy! Do the same!

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to wake up looking like that? I know every guy here wants to wake up NEXT to someone who looks like that and who can blame them? Fortunately for me, my girlfriend hits the gym every day and looks fantastic I don’t think I could do with a woman who wasn’t as strong as her! But alas, this is me.

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