Most Popular Steroid Cycle Techniques

Steroids are not easy to use or administer into the body. A lot of people think that taking steroids is as simple as popping a pill into their mouths or injecting some substance into their shoulders, but it actually takes a lot more than that to gain muscle. Getting ripped isn’t as easy as 1-2-3.

You have to plan and prepare carefully and wisely before taking steroids. What’s more important is you have to work out, lift weights, and follow a strict diet before you decide on taking steroids. Because really, steroids don’t do the entire job of growing your muscles. They won’t even work without a proper workout and diet plan to start with.

Once you know the importance of the right diet and workout regime, you can now plan your steroid cycle. A steroid cycle refers to the pattern, frequency, and schedule of usage of anabolic steroid/s. After each cycle, there is usually is a period of abstinence from the steroid/s being taken, which is more commonly referred to as “off-cycle”.

Planning your steroid cycle minimizes the side effects that you can potentially get from steroid usage. This also helps you achieve your fitness goals faster than just sporadically taking steroids anytime you like.

Here are the most popular steroid cycle techniques and their brief descriptions:

  • Cycling is the most basic steroid cycle technique. It is the consumption schedule in which a single form of steroid is used in multiple doses over a particular period of time, then paused for a specific off-cycle period, and then administered again over another time period.
  • Stacking is pretty much the same as cycling; the only difference is that two or more steroids of various forms are involved. Usually, oral pills and injectable steroids are taken together in each cycle. Stacking is done in the belief that taking two or more steroids can hasten muscle growth and performance enhancement.
  • Pyramiding can either be an offshoot of stacking or cycling, but the frequency and dosage differ. In this steroid cycle technique, you can start at a low dosage and/or low frequency and then gradually increase them over time until the desired peak is reached. After that, the dosage and/or frequency again taper off until they reach zero or off-cycle.

Before you decide on which steroid cycle technique to follow, make sure that you do in-depth research about the steroid/s you are going to take, their side effects, risks, and disadvantages. With this, you can be better informed and prepared. You should also study which steroids can be taken together in one cycle and which ones cannot.

You will find a lot of steroid cycles on the Internet, but you should be cautious in following them. Some steroid cycles are so extreme that only a few professional bodybuilders can handle them without encountering problems. If you’re just starting out, try searching for Beginner Cycles and you can take it from there.

Also, remember that you have to be consistent and dedicated when you follow your steroid cycle.

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