Cycles of Taking Steroids

Steroids are stimulants that enhance muscle growth. They require discipline while you are taking them to avoid negative effects. Due to this reason, steroids are taken in cycles. There are steroids that are used by beginners and others that are used by people who have been taking them for a while. Stimulation levels for steroids that are taken in different cycles vary. Different bodies have different reactions to steroids. There are some that are slow while others are fast in responding to the steroid stimuli.

The steroid cycles change in weeks and also vary in the amount of steroids that an individual takes. Most of the steroids are induced into the body by injection. An example of a beginner’s cycle would require the individual to induce 60 grams of steroids in the body in the first few weeks. They should exercise more often and they should adopt a new eating habit where they eat more healthy foods and in relative amounts.

After there is a visible change in the body, you should adopt a period in which you should be changing the amounts of steroid intake. You can determine this by considering the first period that you have taken the steroids and how long it has taken you to feel that there is a need for intake of more steroids. You should also consult a specialist who supplies you with steroids for guidance. The relative period ranges between 4 to 6 weeks of routine steroid intake, exercise, and correct eating. This period is referred to as a cycle.

If you have started the first cycle with an intake of 50 grams, you can change to 80 grams and within the first week, you will decide whether to reduce the intake but it is not advisable to add since it might be too much and it may cause abnormal growth of the muscle cells. Again, in the second cycle, you should make sure that you observe the routine of exercise and good feeding habits.

After another period of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how the body responds to the steroids and the changes that are visible, you can add the steroid intake to 100 grams. Adding steroids at reasonable levels is very important. Disciplined intake of steroids is also important to avoid side effects. At 100 grams, you are at the peak of the steroid cycle. You should not add more than that since it amounts to an overdose. By the third dose, you already have a clear schedule of how long your cycle will take.

After the third cycle, the fourth cycle entails reducing the steroid intake to 80 grams again. This ensures that the body is tuned to lesser amounts slowly so that the muscle cells can adopt to the change in the steroid level. After the 80 gram cycle you move back to the 50 gram cycle.

When you get to the lowest level, you induce the body to a lower intake of steroids for a duration of one cycle. This is called a bridge period. By doing this, the body muscle cell multiplication system adjusts to high and low steroid levels and this prepares the body for any level of steroids. After the lowest steroid levels, you start taking more again for the same cycle. At this level, you have already grown muscles but exercising is essential for proper nurturing. You take the steroids again up to the highest level of steroid intake and then go back to the lowest.

The average steroid intake cycle takes 26 to 30 weeks, including the bridge period. Always make sure you carefully observe all routines that are required while taking steroids.

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