How Steroids Are Taken

Stacking Steroids

Stacking is an extremely common practice amongst athletes. This means taking more than one individual steroid during a cycle.

This practice is adopted by athletes to enhance the amount/quality of muscle mass gained from a cycle. A synergy exists in the use of certain steroids that will achieve greater results than if used separately. This synergy is thought to amplify the results.

Careful thought and research needs to be put into the anabolic steroids stacked together as certain types of steroids, when taken simultaneously, will result in pronounced side effects.

Stacking, for example, two strong androgens like testosterone and Anadrol 50 can result in a considerable amount of mass. However, a stack like this will have very strong and potent side effects that may not be suitable for everyone.

On the other hand, a stack of Deca-Durabolin alongside Dianabol is known to produce very formidable muscle mass gains whilst minimising side effects like water retention, acne and hair loss ect.

Whatever combination of anabolic steroids is used, side effects will exist. Combining strong androgen with mild anabolic is a compromise on results and side effects that most seem to accept.

Steroid Cycles

Steroids have long been known not only for their muscle-building properties but for the side effects that come hand in hand with the desired gains. Damage from long-term use is inevitable, which is why anabolic steroids are only administered for a short period, followed by a similar time recuperating.

Steroid cycling refers to the time frame a bodybuilder will use the anabolic agent for. A typical cycle would comprise of two months of use followed by a two-month break.

During the steroid cycle, the body’s natural testosterone production is suppressed due to the synthetic elements in the steroid. Relying on this synthetic testosterone is good, but when the steroid cycle is over, the body is in a state of shock as natural testosterone levels will be massively depleted.

The two-month break following steroid use is crucial to allow the body’s natural testosterone production to start up again. During this time it may also be necessary to take other supplements to support the body’s return to normal.

Using steroid cycles is the best way to minimize side effects whilst maximizing gains. Allowing the body time to recover after using synthetic elements is vital for the body’s natural processes of testosterone production to return to normal

Steroid cycle duration

Not only is the choice of steroid a very important factor to consider when using anabolic steroids, but also the dosage and the duration of cycle will greatly effect the end results.

Generally, the length of a steroid cycle will be kept to around 6-8 weeks in order to maximize results whilst limiting side effects.

After eight weeks of continual use of anabolic steroids, muscle gains will typically slow down when compared against the muscle gained in the beginning phase of the cycle. Not only can the gains slow down, but a plateau may be reached where all forward momentum has ceased.

After eight weeks, generally, not only will the gains slow down, but the cases of side effects and negative health issues can start to creep up.

The only option to maintain gains after eight weeks of continual use is to increase the dosage, but again, this can lead to more pronounced side effects and health issues.

For best results in both muscle gain and health preservation, cycles of anabolic steroids should be limited to 10 weeks, with a similar time off from the compounds during PCT.

Oral Steroids

Anabolic steroids have evolved a massive amount since their discovery in the early part of the 1930’s. Testosterone was the first steroid to be synthesised and injected, and since then, hundreds of forms of testosterone steroids have been created.

Scientists soon realized that anabolic steroids would need to be altered from their injectable form if they were to be taken effectively orally. By replacing the hydrogen atoms at the steroid’s 17th alpha position with a carbon atom, its structure would be notably resistant to breakdown by the liver. This process is called alkylation and was soon being utilized by many pharmaceutical companies.

This process not only makes it possible to create an orally active form of an injectable steroid, but it changes the action of the steroid due to the structural alteration. Therefore methyltestosterone, which was the first orally active form of testosterone, can not be regarded as an oral equivalent of testosterone. Typically, orally active compounds have a higher level of estrogenic activity, and also, can place stress on the liver.

It wasn’t long before a tide of oral steroids flooded the market. Soon after the discovery of alkylation, drugs like Dianabol, Winstrol, Anadrol 50, and Anavar came about, and were successful, in fact, still are to this day, as orally active steroids.

It is important to note that liver stress is part and parcel of oral steroid cycles. Most users will not notice any changes in their liver, but a closer examination of liver values can show the true picture. Therefore it is essential to protect your liver with the use of Milk Thistle, during and post cycle.

Injectable Steroids

Anabolic steroids only unleash their muscle-building potential once the active steroid is released into the bloodstream, therefore getting the steroid hormone into circulation as quickly as possible is crucial for a successful steroid.

There are many different routes of administration, each with various levels of success and potency. Steroids can be taken as pills, capsules, powder. Then they can be injected via intramuscular injections. Rubbed onto the skin in a cream, or even as a dissolvable tablet placed in the mouth. All in all, there are plenty of routes to satisfy the clinical applications.

The most common of all is the injectable version of anabolic steroids which come in vials and ampules. This route of administration is often claimed to be the most effective and fast-acting way of getting the steroid into circulation without being broken down by other bodily organs.

Oral administration runs into the problem of steroids having to pass through the liver before it is yielded to free, active hormones in circulation. The first destructive passing of the liver forces oral steroids to be methylated in order to become active in circulation and increases the risk of liver related problems.

Injectable steroids are often injected into large muscle groups, the prime example being the glutes or buttocks. Here, the muscle is large and deep with few nerve endings, providing an easier and less painful site of injection. Other muscles often used include the thighs, pectorals and even the biceps and triceps.

Injections and steroids have gone hand in hand for decades, but the rise in prohormones and designer steroids over recent years has called for more steroids to be administered in pills and tablets, like Dianabol, to attract a wider customer base. The amount of methylated compounds available now could lead to a big rise in liver problems amongst the younger, designer steroid market in years to come.

Transdermal Steroids

Transdermal delivery systems are a type of skin patch which is placed on the skin and delivers a specific dose of steroid to the body and into the bloodstream. The patches are generally adhesive and so stick to the body, giving the steroid time to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream.

This method is not hugely popular outside of a medical setting as the skin works as a very effective barrier limiting the amount of steroids able to enter the bloodstream. The most common use of this method is in nicotine patches which deliver nicotine through the skin to help smokers get their nicotine hit.

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