Steroids Vs Testosterone Boosters

Today almost everyone knows what steroids are. But just in case if you do not happen to go any gym and whenever you see a hulk type guy in the street, you just are being judgmental and you suddenly suppose that that the muscular guy is certainly on steroids.

Seriously, every other one, How on earth?

Brush away that thought at once because my friend, not every good build guy is on steroids first of all and most of the guys are really good at maintaining their healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition balance & workout and some of them are likely to be on testosterone boosters.

That leads us to the question that what is the difference? Aren’t testosterone boosters and steroids are similar?

The answer is No; they are not the same thing.

Today, we will discuss the difference in both of them and then there will be a little information about some of the most popular testosterone boosters, so let’s start.

What is testosterone and what does it do?

Some of you are already aware of this question but we need to cater our every reader and that is why just to brush up your knowledge a bit, testosterone is basically an androgen hormone and normally it occurs in Leydig cells.

Additionally, testosterone is great at performing the roles that are primary and secondary and gender specific such as body structure, deep voice, dense bone structure, appropriate muscle growth and hair on different parts of the body.

Testosterone is also helpful in maintaining the right balance of some of the other hormones that are good for health and well-being of a human.

What are steroids?

Whenever you hear about the term “Steroids”, it accentuates three things.

  • Corticosteroids
  • Androgenic Steroids
  • Anabolic Steroids

They have good impacts on the immune system and they also happen to reduce inflammation. Basically, they are similar to the hormones that are produced in the adrenal glands to confront injuries and illnesses. Plus, these steroids are used for medical reasons.

Androgenic Steroids:
Similar to its name, it is a synthetic androgen that is invented to aid people who are suffering from problems that are related to sexual characteristics.

Anabolic Steroids:
This kind of steroid is brilliant for muscle growth; its effects are quite exceptional on anabolic growth, for instance, its usage in bodybuilding and sports.

In this article, we are going to mainly focus on the anabolic steroid that is mainly where the misunderstanding and confusion between testosterone boosters and steroids come from.

As per their name, anabolic steroids are keen on anabolism- it is a state of metabolism in which human body tends to organize compounds that are organic from simple one to create something more complicated in terms of structure like muscles.

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids:

If you happen to be a young bodybuilder who has recently started workouts, you are likely to get impressed by the highly visible effects of anabolic steroids and they may also seem attractive.

Why should not they be?

You are in the gym to make your body aspiring for others and you can see in form of anabolic steroids, the things that you have the desire to see in your body or even have not thought of are approachable by simply using these legal steroids.

What could have gone wrong?

Here, you are wrong my friend because we do agree that their results are really breathe-taking but they possess some deadly side effects too which are totally undesirable for any sane human.

The minor ones are acne, oily skin, & baldness and on the major side, it happens to provide testosterone from the outsource and your body for sake of you stop producing its own testosterone but when that outsource is not available there to support and your body is not producing testosterone either, in this confusion your T hormone levels get more down and these all things simply lead you to lose all the strength, muscle mass, and stamina too quickly.

There is another myth that anabolic steroids are not much addictive and that is why a lot of people keep taking them but unfortunately, they are addictive as much as all the illegal drugs are.

What are Testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are totally opposite what anabolic steroids are; neither are they complex to explain.

Basically, testosterone boosters simply enhance your body’s ability to produce its own testosterone hormone and it means your body is getting it in a natural way. They are more likely to be a gift for men as well as women because your body is aware of its requirements.

Most of the Testosterone boosters are likely to contain only one main element or ingredient that works as testosterone booster but the market is not short of products which are the combination of multiple ingredients, those ingredients usually ranging in number from minerals, vitamins, and herbs that target the health of male gender.

How do Testosterone Boosters work?

When men age, so only the number of age increases, the rest of the things are on declining. It is natural and almost everyone who crosses 30 faces this phase of their lives. Only because it is natural, it does not imply that you cannot do anything about it.

This is the main reason why supplement industry offers numerous testosterone boosters to give opportunity to old age people to feel better and young again

And any good supplement that is of boosting testosterone should be proving the following mechanisms:

  1. Facilitate the body by providing the compounds that can trigger the body to create its own testosterone
  2. Signal the right organ via chemical message to evoke the production of testosterone
  3. Regulate the secretion of testosterone in the bloodstream when it is needed
  4. Confrontation the hormones that are not so favorable and keep the T levels down
  5. Perform a key role in the mechanism that the body follows to use HGH (Growth Hormone) in different manners

Testosterone boosters happen to unlock a large number of benefits that are related to muscle growth and other crucial body functions.

  1. Bone density
  2. Enhanced Mental state
  3. Better stamina

Testosterone boosters that are ruling today’s supplement market:

There is no exaggeration in this claim and it is simply a known fact for so many who have already some information about reliable supplements, Testo Max and Testogen both come in the category of reliable supplements because their claims are not fake and they are not causing any side effects either because they are made up of all-natural ingredients and they place their valuable customers in a win-win situation once they (Customers) start using either of them.

They are created through the extract of Tribulus Terrestris; it also elevates the production of Luteinizing hormone and leverages testosterone hormone and provides marvelous strength, stamina, enhanced level of libido, and improved performance in the gym.

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