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Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

Are you confused about testosterone cypionate dosage and how much you need to take?

Knowing how much to take and for how long is crucial to determine your success, and it’s the only way to avoid failure and various side effects.

To help you out, we present here the top dosage options for beginners and advanced users.

What is Dosage and Why it is Important for Users

The reason why testosterone cypionate dosage for bodybuilding is important is you cannot simply take all the testosterone you want to build muscles.

Taking too much cypionate results in unpleasant side effects, while taking too little won’t result in gains.

But by taking the right dosage all these complications and problems can be avoided.

Advice and Tips

Before taking any of these, keep in mind that testosterone cypionate is currently available only in injectable form.

While it was originally meant for medicinal use, it has proven popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The dosages given below can be taken in different ways, and the only thing that matters is you complete the dosage within the week.

You can inject yourself with a single large dosage a week, but it’s often better to go with two injections a week: so if you’re taking test cypionate 500 mg a week, you inject yourself with 250 mg doses twice a week.

The main reason why most bodybuilders divide the dosage is it helps keep your blood at the appropriate level.

Furthermore, injecting yourself in smaller doses reduces the possibility of side effects.

Taking the dosage all at once won’t produce any more significant benefits than dividing the amount so there’s no reason to take it all in.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage for Beginner

To avoid testosterone ethanate side effects, you need to start with the lowest dosage.

Most would recommend starting with test cypionate only to give your body time to adjust, so commence with an injection of 200mg per week.

The 200mg dose is low and often used for treating cases of low testosterone and it’s unlikely you’re going to feel any side effects here.

If you’d like to stack cypionate with another anabolic steroid, you can try the following:

  • Testo Cypionate: 500 mg for weeks 1-12
  • Deca Durabolin: 200 mg for weeks 1-12

This is a 12 week cycle and as you will see the dosage for cypionate is more than double the 200 mg per week given earlier.

The reason is the 200 mg dosage is sometimes considered too low and that you’ll gain more by taking 500 mg.

Most men can handle 500 mg a week so it really should not be a cause for concern.

The testosterone and deca combination is ideal for beginners because when taken properly, leads to significant muscle gains and the side effects are minimal.

Furthermore, the slow release compounds don’t require a lot of injections and that’s always good news for beginners.

Last but not the least you can use this as a base for other types of stacks.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage for Intermediate

Testosterone cypionate dosage for muscle gain can take many forms, and the following is one that can be classified as for advanced beginners or the intermediate level.

A quick look at this stack shows that it is identical to the beginner’s stack except for the addition of 25 mg of dianabol.

Dianabol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids today owing to its fast acting properties, and unlike test cypionate, is available in oral form.

Dianabol is also good for gaining strength quickly at the start.

There is a lot of overlapping information when it comes to determining what is the beginner and intermediate dosage, and it’s easy to get confused.

However you can avoid a lot of the confusion by remembering the following: 100 mg to 200 mg is the absolute minimum but 500 mg is usually safe and 400 to 600 ng is sufficient to achieve gains without too much adverse side effects.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage for Pro

If you’ve gone beyond the beginner and intermediate levels and want more power, it’s time move on to the pro or advanced level.

If you look up testosterone ethanate for sale you’re going to see advanced cycles for it, and the same thing can be said for test cypionate.

There are of course a lot of options for an advanced cypionate cycle, but the following is one of the most effective.

  • Winstrol 50 every day for weeks 7-12
  • Trenbolone Acetate 75mg EOD weeks 1-12
  • Testosterone Cypionate 100mg every other day weeks 1 to 12

This is an outstanding cycle for toning your muscles and also for cutting.

Of course your diet and the amount of work you put in the gym plays an important role in getting yourself in shape, but with this advanced cycle you’ll be in much better shape and gain the features you’re looking for.

If you’re a power user, then the following cycle is for you. Again, this is only for advanced bodybuilders.

  • Testosterone Cypionate 1,000mg per week for weeks one to ten
  • Boldenone Undecylenate 800mg a week also from weeks one to ten
  • Dianabol 50-75mg a day from weeks one to five
  • Trenbolone 150 mg a day for the last six weeks
  • Winstrol 100 mg a day for the last six weeks

The side effects will be more pronounced during this level so you should take tamoxifen 10mg daily.

A simpler but no less effective method is to take Anadrol 100mg per day 6 days a week with 400mg of deca per week and test cypionate 400 mg a week.

These dosages work best when you take it with these anabolic steroids: if you’re taking others or want to place emphasis on test cypionate, adjust the dosage and increase accordingly.

At this point you’re probably wondering if it’s a good idea to take more than 1000 mg a week: there are bodybuilders who do that, but it’s only for advanced users and the type of steroids you’re stacking with it.

Best Stacking and Dosage Idea

Both cypionate and testosterone ethanate cycle can be combined with different types of stacks, and the information in the sections above shows the many options available.

Here is another stack variant that you can try:

  • Winstrol: 50mg a day for weeks 1 to 12
  • Testoterone Cypionate 500 mg from weeks 7 to 12

One of the reasons why this has become popular is adding winstrol towards the conclusion of any cycle results in significant gains.

Testosterone cypionate offers a lot as far as muscle gains are concerned, winstrol is just as important because it improves your performance – great if you’re an athlete – and also helps with cutting.

While bodybuilders often use the test and winstrol combination when prepping up for a competition, athletes can also use it when they’re dieting and don’t want to lose muscles.

Here are a few more cycles and dosages:

Here’s another one for bulking up:

Weeks 1 to 4:

  • Anadrol50 100mg a day
  • Testosterone cypionate 1,000mg per week
  • Sustanon 1000 mg a week

Weeks 5 to 8

  • Testosterone cypionate: 500 mg a week
  • Dianabol 50 mg a day
  • Deca 400 mg a week
  • Testaviron 1500 mg a week

Weeks 9 to 12

  • Testosterone cypionate: 500mg a week
  • Testaviron 250 mg a week
  • Deca 400 mg a week

During this cycle you’ll need to take Nolvadex 10 mg every day for the duration of the cycle as well as Clomid 50 mgs a day for 14 days beginning from week 10.

Some users also complement this by taking 2500iu shots of HCG along with Clomid.

  • If you’re after lean mass, take Trenbolone 75 mg every day along with 50mg of winstrol and Testosterone cypionate 100mg every other day for six weeks.
  • An alternative is the following: cypionate 500mg a week for ten weeks along with deca duro 400mg a week also for the first ten weeks. From weeks one to four you should take Dianabol 35mg a day and Winstrol 30mg daily for weeks 5 to 10.

Don’t increase the dosage for the advanced cycle until you’re comfortable with the original one.

Comparing Testosterone Cypionate Dosage with Legal Alternative

The biggest problem you’ll encounter with testosterone cypionate is finding it online as it is not allowed in many countries.

However the good news is you can buy versions and alternatives that don’t cost as much and more importantly, legal.

The bottom line is that testosterone cypionate, like testosterone ethanate fat loss, can be effective, but the side effects are real.

With legal alternatives such as Testo-Max available, there’s no reason why you should not use those.

The legal alternatives for testosterone cypionate are just as effective and doesn’t come with any side effects, so why settle for anything less?


  • Burn Fat,
  • Gain Lean Mass
  • Cutting & Bulking,
  • Al round Bodybuilding
  • Take for 2-3 months

Bulking Stack

  • More Crazy Gains
  • More Pumps
  • Bigger Muscles Mass
    -Strength through the roof
    Take for 30-60 days (or more)

Cutting Stack

  • More Crazy Gains
  • Gain Competition LEAN Physique
  • Shred Bodyfat
  • Take for 30-60 days (or more)
legal steroids


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