How to Use Tamoxifen for Bodybuilding

So you want to know how to use Tamoxifen for bodybuilding correctly, mhm?

Tamoxifen, also known as Nolvadex or nolva for short, is commonly used in MOST PCT regimes out there. However, it should NEVER be used in a PCT program if you have used TREN, under any circumstances. I won’t go into the science behind that as that’s for another article entirely, but I just wanted to point this out.

Now, obviously, when we talk about Tamoxifen bodybuilding we are talking about its use for lowering and removing estrogen from the body, it will NOT build muscle mass under any circumstances it is NOT an anabolic steroid.

It was actually created to treat and help women with breast cancer, Yep you’ll be taking a product that was created to help cure breast cancer in your PCT. Why does this work? Because we want to remove all that bad horrible estrogen and prevent ourselves from well-getting bitch tits, and make ourselves leaner and prevent fat gain.

There are a lot of worries about people using Nolvadex now in the bodybuilding world, as though it was shown to remove estrogen from the breasts, it’s now believed it MAY put more estrogen and raise it into the bones and even the heart which throughout time can be fatal. So while some out there are claiming that Nolva, or Tamoxifen, is the perfect wonder drug for PCT, this simply might not be the case.

“However, tamoxifen exhibited two conflicting characteristics. It could act either as an anti-estrogen or as an estrogen. Therefore, while tamoxifen is anti-estrogenic to the breast, it also acts as an estrogen to the uterus and, to a lesser extent, the heart, blood vessels, and bone. So, although it initially showed the tendency to counter breast cancer recurrence, it would soon be revealed that it also promoted particularly aggressive uterine and liver cancers, caused fatal blood clots, and interfered with many other functions.”

The above certainly shows some really bad conflicting issues, doesn’t it? If it only removes estrogen from the breast tissue, unless you are suffering from gyno it could make the product absolutely useless.

Not only this but there are also guys out there who preach that Tamoxifen actually promotes your testicles to work correctly after an anabolic steroid cycle, this is absolutely 100% wrong and this CAN NOT happen under any circumstances. Swedish trials indicated a 400% increased risk of endometrial cancer for those 5 years on tamoxifen.

With longer use, the risk might be higher as “duration (of use) is more important than dosage” said Flora van Leeuwen of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. What she said is easy to understand: few smokers get cancer from tobacco in five years; it takes time. A five-year study would probably pronounce nicotine as safe as nectarine. They want to dose us with Tamoxifen for life but only count the corpses for five years. The bottom line is that the longer you take this “preventative” the more likely you are to die of cancer!

Just a bit more information on Tamoxifen that I believe we should all know, I plan to do more articles on this updating you in full depth on the possible dangerous side effects of this drug and what other drugs we could use to prevent this problem from occurring in ourselves and our clients.

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