Results from an Anabol Only Cycle for Beginners

LEGAL NOTICE: Dianabol is legal in some countries, but requires a prescription to be bought in other countries.

Anabol is the first steroid to be manufactured and is very popular. It has greatly evolved. Generally, people like to take the new steroids a majority of the time. But Anabol only cycles are very popular and many people have used it since it was first introduced to the public. Anabol cycles mostly develop muscle mass and make you stronger. Since these are some of the main reasons that people use steroids, it has become one of the best choices for bulking.

This is because it provides plenty of benefits and reduces side effects. It is able to do many of the things that it does because it contains methandrostenolone. This is an active ingredient. Anabol is a popular choice for powerlifters and other athletes. They need it for their competitions.

Anabol Only Cycle Benefits

But Anabol only cycles are also beneficial for the average user. First, it helps you to work out longer. This is because it boosts protein synthesis in your muscle tissues. This then increases the level of nitrogen in your body. An increase in nitrogen gives you the ability to push harder during your workouts.

Anabol also raises your body’s insulin, which makes you feel a sense of relaxation and lightness. It also gives you a better appetite and helps you to sleep better. One of the best benefits of Anabol happens once the cycle has finished. It creates a temporary anabolic state in your body. It does not allow proteins in your muscle tissues to break down into amino acids. Your muscles will stay hard even if you are no longer working out in the last cycle.

Types of Anabol to Take

People can find Anabol in both oral and injectable forms. In order to reach the bloodstream, this steroid has been changed at the 17th carbon position and was placed in the 17aa steroid category. Individuals have to be careful when taking the drug since it is really hepatoxic and can increase your blood pressure. It will be really difficult to experience any ill effects in case you respect the recommended dosage of 10mgs per day. A study was made to see if any individual will experience any side effects.

The findings consist of a decreased plasma testosterone to nearly 40% of its usual value, plasma GH increased about 1/3 times, LH decreased to about 80% of its usual value, and FSH increased about a third as well. However, the dosage in this study was about 100mgs/per for nearly 6 weeks. Even though fat-free mass increased anywhere from 2-7kgs, the body fat did not increase in a notable way. Apart from increased fat-free mass, users have also experienced an increase in strength and performance. From my own experience, I can only agree with this study.

Anabol Cycle Results

You will have to include a fast-acting oral like Anabol and mix it with long-acting injectables in order to start the Anabol cycle. This should be done in order to obtain fast results, as injectable products may take longer to produce any noticeable gains. After you notice the first results in the first week of usage, you can continue with the injectables.

At the beginning of the cycle, it is indicated to consume 25-50mgs of Anabol for up to 6 weeks, and then stop the oral consumption when noticing the results obtained from the injectables. You will need 60 tabs of Anadrol, 25 tabs of Nolvadex, 4250 mg of Sustanon, 110 tabs of Anabol, and 3000 mg of Deca Durabolin.

You will have to recover your natural hormonal levels to pre-cycle levels if you want to efficiently bridge between cycles. You won`t experience any loss in terms of muscle gains, but rather a low dose of an AAS will assist you in sustaining these gains. Normally, it is recommended to use nearly 10mgs/day of Anabol in your cycle and mix it with an aggressive Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) course of Nolvadex and HCG.

You will be able to recover your natural hormonal levels with the help of the other compounds that you are using. Recovery is quite possible as the study has shown that the 100mg/day dosage did not suppress Test, LH, or FSH. If you use this drug properly and safely, you will be able to transform it into a reliable tool that can help you gain muscle fast and maintain gains.

Understand that Anabol is very strong and should not be taken for a long duration. This is because it is potent and can lead to high blood pressure and liver damage. You could also get have side effects that are associated with too much estrogen like your retaining too much water and getting man boobs.

Mass Building Cyles with Anabol

In this cycle you can use:

  • CYPIONATE 5000 mg or 50 ml/100 mg
  • SUSTANON 5000 mg or 20 ml/250 mg
  • OMNADREN 5000 mg or 20 ml/250 mg
  • DECA DURABOLIN 3500 mg or 18 amps/2 ml/ 200 mg
  • ANADROL 2100mg or 42 tabs
  • ANABOL 840 mg or 170 tabs

Doses for an Anabol Only Cycle

This cycle requires 492 tabs of 5mg Anabol. If you don’t want any side effects take this using the traditional pyramid scheme, meaning 3 times each day. It will be a ten-week cycle using just Dianabol. You have to take a break for four weeks after this cycle. If you want your muscles to heal faster during this time, take clenbuterol. It will help to maintain your muscle tissue.

Anabol is a very popular steroid by today’s standards. It is easy to buy from the most reputable internet sites, stores, and pharmacies. One of the best things about it is that you do not need a doctor’s prescription. Also, you can get it in all types of forms such as injectables, tablets and even in syrup form. Just ensure that you get it from a secure internet site so that your information remains confidential and safe.

SAFETY WARNING: Dianabol can cause serious side effects if used improperly. It is important to adhere to dosage instructions closely to prevent adverse reactions.

Other Uses of this Steroid

Can you use Anabol to bridge two separate steroid cycles? Or does it stop androgen receptors from cleaning out? Is receptor down-regulation an urban legend? When it comes to supraphysiological levels of androgen, downregulation of androgen receptors does not cause this. The only time this is the case is when it was proven that there were some issues with the test methods. There is no problem with whether or not receptors are clean or not.

It is possible to use Anabol while you have normal LH levels. This only happens when it is utilized only in the morning and not divided up during the day. Morning-only doses were once recommended for the early recovery phase, but recovery was usually much slower as a result. But for conditions where steroids are not used as much, just 50 mg a day or morning will continue to maintain your regular LH production. This may not happen all of the time, but it is possible.

Also, it can be done without the use of anti-aromatase. However, bridging is problematic if you are using orals in between cycles. If this is the case, how is your liver supposed to get a break from the alkylates if you are using them during the cycles too? Is the off cycle usage going to have the negative impact of not using them during the cycles? If you want to do this, then test your estrogen level and make sure that it is low.

See how it impacts the testosterone levels? In this case, you could say that you really don’t have to measure the LH levels because Anabol was not depicted in error as being testosterone. This is why an Anabol-only cycle is not as effective as when you stack it with Testosterone.

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